18 Floor Bed Design Ideas : A Comfy Bedroom in Any Season


Davidrayhomes.com – A bedroom is a must-have room in a house. People need a bedroom to sleep in and take rest after daily activities. A bed in a bedroom is the most important thing. You can have a certain design for the bed. A floor bed is the simplest design. Some floor beds don’t need a bed frame. It is okay to put a layer before having the bed on the floor. It will create a comfy bedroom for your house. If you need a fresh idea, here are 18 Floor Bed Design Ideas : A Comfy Bedroom in Any Season.

  1. Floor Bed with Natural Design

The floor bed is an interesting design. This idea has a white floor bed with a white blanket. It looks striking on the brown floor. The white color can reflect the sunlight from a window. Also, the color fits the white wall.

Floor Bed with Natural Design

This bedroom looks fresh. There are some green plants on every side. You can see these plants are various. There is a Monstera plant near the bed. Next to it is a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. Meanwhile, there are the hanging plants. It will be stunning to see the green string from the hanging plant.

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  1. Add Trim Light Under the Bed

The lighting in a room will bring a different nuance. The dim light is a calming one. Meanwhile, the bright light will help you to stay awake at the night. Look at this idea and see how light has a big impact. This bedroom is elegant with brown and dark accents.

Add Trim Light Under the Bed

Then, it has unique lighting under the bed. This is a bed plank to put on the floor bed. You can install the lights to create a shiny accent. Choose the attractive colors of light that fit your bedroom. The yellow-orange light is the most popular one.

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  1. Wooden Frame x Grey Floor Bed

A bed frame is an additional item. It is useful to create a neat bed. Nowadays, there is a simple bed frame for a floor bed. There is an example of a bed frame. A fresh wooden frame is attractive to create a natural impression.

Wooden Frame x Grey Floor Bed

The timber motifs are attractive. It even fits a grey floor bed. This floor bed is versatile because you can move it into another room without the frame. Also, you don’t need to worry if the bed gets dirty. The wooden frame is easy to clean and durable.

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  1. Matching Boho Room with Brown

The Bohemian design is a natural interior design. You can see many patterns and colors in a Boho room. This bedroom uses a brown and white theme. The brown accents are pampas grass, lampshade, bed frame, bedroom rug, and bedside table.

Matching Boho Room with Brown

Besides, the white floor bed makes a comfy accent. It has a brown sheet and a white blanket. Also, the bedding is interesting with brown pillows. This floor bed is catchy to complete the interior design. In addition, there is a painting on the wall.

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  1. Floor Bed in A White Room

The white room is a favorite color for a simple home. You can use it in a bedroom as well. The white floor bed is a nice choice for this idea. It creates an airy impression in the room. Moreover, this room has a vertical window that provides a fresh breeze.

Floor Bed in A White Room

Moreover, this room doesn’t have much furniture. The white floor bed is main furniture in this room. You can simply put the things on the floor. To keep the bed clear, you can use a carpet as the basic layer. Also, add a furry carpet to make a comfy traffic.

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  1. Spring and Summer Floor Bed

Do you like to remodel the seasonal bedroom? This idea will fit you who love a seasonal bedroom. The floor bed can be your first choice. It is simple and doesn’t need many details to design it. Just simply put the bed on your floor. Then, cover it with a bed sheet and blanket.

Spring and Summer Floor Bed

This floor bed is easy to decorate. You can add a thin wooden plank as the base. Then, put your floor bed on it. The design is simple and you can feel the breeze from the window. This design is beneficial to design in the spring and summer seasons.

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  1. Single Chic Bedroom

It is a small bedroom for one person. This chic floor bed is the important part. It consists of two beds. You can use them and create two-floor beds. Moreover, this floor bed is easy to move. Some people use this idea for guests or additional people in their house.

Single Chic Bedroom

Besides, it looks airy because there is no furniture. It only has a simple ornamental plant. Also, there is a bedside table to put the lamp and other. If your bedroom has two windows like this idea, you can put the floor bed between them. This position is useful to get a normal temperature.

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  1. Wood Frame with Few Plants

The ornamental plant is one of the useful things for the interior. They have an attractive appearance that improves the design. If you have an east-facing window, then grow some indoor plants. The warm place is the potential for growing them indoors. There are the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, spider plant, and many more.

Wood Frame with Few Plants

This bedroom has plants in every corner. The indoor plant can provide fresh air near the warm place. Despite this, growing indoor plants need nice maintenance. So, ensure that you will keep them healthy. If you fail to thrive on the plants, they will die slowly.

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  1. Double Floor Bed

Having more beds is useful to prevent the cold temperature on the floor. This idea has two-floor beds. It looks interesting and comfortable. Moreover, the bed is neat with a white bed sheet. This design is catchy for a Japanese or Boho interior design.

Double Floor Bed

Look at this room with warm wooden flooring. So, the white floor bed is striking in the middle of the room. Like a common bedroom, there is a bedside table to put things on. Meanwhile, there is a window that warms the room. Also, it let the wind blows inside the room. You will have an airy room by adopting this design.

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  1. Neutral Bedroom with Floor Bed

Neutral color is one of the popular themes to decorate a bedroom. You can apply a neutral color like this idea. It is a white floor bed with colorful motifs. The bedding is interesting as you can see the pillows and blankets. Also, it matches the white wall perfectly.

Neutral Bedroom with Floor Bed

Moreover, the floor bed gets a warm ambiance from the mirror lights. There is a vertical light with lighting as its frame. Then, look at this interior. There are simple decorations like a wicker chair, a vase, and a simple bedroom rug. Also, you can match the bedroom curtain with a neutral color as well.

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  1. Floor Bed x Shiny Window

The floor bed is easy to move. You can even move it into a shiny place. If your bedroom has a large window like this idea, you can decorate the floor bed against it. Then, add decorative accents like a beautiful bed sheet. This idea uses a green bed sheet, so the decoration in this room is green as well.

Floor Bed x Shiny Window

It looks more attractive to have two curtains. There is a beautiful combination of pink and green curtains. Then, add decoration to the window. Meanwhile, there are some decorations as well near the bed. You will see the comfy bedroom rug with ornaments.

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  1. Minimalist Floor Bed

The Minimalist design is popular. It has less furniture to create a simple design. The minimalist interior design can use any color. Look at this idea. White color is the main color of this room.

Minimalist Floor Bed

Also, there are some accents on the ceiling and window frame. This bedroom has a shiny location near the window. That’s why the white color is useful to increase brightness. This room looks spacious because there is only one furniture. Besides that, it brings an airy impression when the window is open.

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  1. Light Grey and Walnut Brown

Combining two colors will bring a different nuance. Here, are the grey color and the brown color. The brown bed frame is striking. Then, the grey bed is catchy to put on the frame. Even though this bed isn’t directly on the floor, it has a flooring impression.

Light Grey and Walnut Brown

Besides, this bedroom has an elegant interior design. There is an indoor palm near the window. This plant brings a fresh impression to this room. Meanwhile, there is a painting on the wall. You can replace it with other ornaments. This floor bed is more stunning with a long headboard as a bedside table.

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  1. Modern Bedroom in Dark Theme

A modern bedroom brings an elegant impression. There is trendy furniture to complete the modern bedroom. It is more stunning to use dimmable lighting in this room. The warm ambiance will make it easier to fall asleep.

Modern Bedroom in Dark Theme

Also, the decoration matches the warm floor. It uses a dark grey floor bed to create a comfy bedroom.  Meanwhile, there is a big artistic accent on the wall. It looks interesting to have a big painting or accent in your bedroom. In addition, the dark wall is helpful to build a warm impression.

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  1. Floor Bed with A-Frame

Let’s see the next idea. It is a bedroom with a concrete floor. It brings an Industrial impression to this room. Moreover, there is a grey floor bed on the white frame. Both are stunning to be a focal point. So, it is easier to decorate the bed in the middle of the room.

Floor Bed with A-Frame

Besides, this floor bed is attractive with contrast accents on the bed. The bed sheet and pillows are green. Then, you can match it with other green accents. Behind the headboard, you will see the black wall from the woods. There is an interesting ornament on it.

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  1. Designing Like A Mini Studio

Some people like to live in a studio apartment. It is a nice place and provides almost all homey things. You can find the bedroom, living room, and kitchen easily. Most studio apartments have an open space. So, it is simpler to have a floor bed as a bedroom.

Designing Like A Mini Studio

This floor bed is efficient to save on space and design. It won’t declutter the interior design, because you move it or redecorate it with a new style. Moreover, this bedroom has living room furniture. Look at this idea. The furniture is cute as if for a kid’s bedroom.

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  1. Neutral Brown Bedroom

The soft brown color is a popular chic color. It has an interesting theme. You can use the neutral brown color in a bedroom. This idea is an inspiring design. There is a floor bed with soft brown color. It looks neat with a brown bed frame, then add the white bed to it.

Neutral Brown Bedroom

The whole room is all brown. Even the curtain is brown and long, so it covers the windows perfectly. Moreover, this bedroom is more stunning with a wooden accent on the wall. There is a warm trim light on top. It brings a warm accent to this bedroom.

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  1. Floor Bed for Cabin Design

Do you have a cabin near the forest or lake? Here is a catchy idea for a private cabin. This cabin uses a floor bed. It is a simple design to get direct sunlight in the morning if you have an interesting glass rooftop. The cabin looks spacious and only provides a few items.

Floor Bed for Cabin Design

Near the floor bed, there is a striking standing lamp. You can change the lampshade with a new one. Then, there is a unique chandelier on the ceiling. This chandelier has many tiny lights. In addition, there is a stone-like accent on the wall. It completes the cabin atmosphere.

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Thus are 18 Floor Bed Design Ideas : A Comfy Bedroom in Any Season. Every floor bed adjusts the interior design. Some home dwellers use a bed frame. It makes the bed neater. Besides, some people prefer to put the bed directly on the floor. You can adopt the idea that fits you the most. Hopefully, this article will inspire you to decorate your bedroom simply.


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