18 Daybed Ideas for Living Room: Make A Chilling Spot in Your Style


Davidrayhomes.com – A daybed is a multifunctional furniture. You can install a daybed to complete your living room. It is functional as an additional lounge in your house. Also, a daybed can be a comfy space to take a nap. You can put it near the window, in the living room, on the porch, and in other chilling places. If you need an inspiring design, read on the 18 Daybed Ideas for Living Room: Make A Chilling Spot in Your Style below!

  1. Daybed as A Modern Reading Nook

The first idea is a modern reading nook with a daybed. It uses a wooden bed frame with metal feet. The black mattress is interesting to contrast the wooden accent. Then, see the decoration on the bed. There are decorative pillows and furry accents on it.

Daybed as A Modern Reading Nook

As a reading nook, this daybed should get some decorations. The most important is a bookshelf. You can put a bookshelf in the corner, then it looks neat. For styling up, add decorations on the wall like a photograph, add an ornamental plant on the window sill, etc. These accents are helpful to make this reading nook comfortable.

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  1. A Comfortable Daybed

The white sheet is a common color to cover a mattress. It makes the bed look clean. Also, you will easily decorate it with colorful things like pillows. Here, you will love to see this daybed. It makes an attractive statement with comfy pillows and blankets. This mattress is quite large enough to be a bedroom as well.

A Comfortable Daybed

You can design it like an ordinary bedroom with blankets, comforters, pillows, and other bedding stuff. Also, add a rug to decorate the floor. This idea gets a soft-brown theme. Therefore, it has lots of soft-brown and white accents. In addition, add an ornamental flower to the table. You can hang some decorations as well.

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  1. Get The Mid-Century Look In a Small Daybed

The Mid-Century design will bring you to the classic atmosphere. It uses many old furniture to make it attractive. This daybed has a Mid-Century wooden frame. It is made of rattan and has a classic design with curvy edges. This daybed frame looks stunning to get a white mattress on it.

Get The Mid-Century Look In a Small Daybed

Meanwhile, the bedding stuff is simple. You don’t need to put other classic pillows to strengthen the Mid-Century design. If you make it as a reading nook, then put some books on it. Otherwise, if it is just a chilling bed, then add some comfy pillows to the bed.

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  1. Functional Daybed with Colourful Pillows

Let’s move into a showy design. It is a cute daybed design with colorful pillows. First of all, the white mattress or white sheet is an important base for this bed. Also, add some white pillows as the base before putting these colorful things. It helps you to make a showy design.

Functional Daybed with Colourful Pillows

There are colorful pillows with different patterns. Moreover, arrange every pillow to put on a white pillow. Then, leave the white mattress without a comforter and make it simple. For styling up this daybed, add a large rug on the floor. You can put some stools next to the bed. These stools are useful as tables.

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  1. What A Cute Bohemian Daybed

Bohemian design is one of the popular designs to decorate a room. The daybed in this idea will show you how to design with Bohemian style. It takes neutral colors like soft brown and creamy white to build an outdoor atmosphere. This idea looks better to get direct sunlight from the window. It makes the interior look warm.

What A Cute Bohemian Daybed

Besides, you can try to use natural accents like a floral bedsheet. It will invigorate your daybed like this one. The daybed gets two pillows with orange mustard and soft-brown color. In addition, you can make it more alive with a flowery rug. Moreover, you can put an ornamental plant to sweeten the interior.

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  1. European Daybed to Look Out from the Window

The daybed can be a chilling place at home. Some people put the daybed near the window. Therefore they can see outside the window and enjoy the view. This idea will inspire you to design a European daybed. There is a golden coffee table that separates two sofas.

European Daybed to Look Out from the Window

The design is simple just like an ordinary living room. It has some cushions in different brown and grey shades. As a daybed, it looks interesting with a low backrest and arms. Moreover, you can put an ornamental flower on the table. Also, add a small standing lamp to brighten this daybed for night reading.

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  1. White and Blue Daybed Design

White color can get along with other colors. Blue will be a fresh one to pair with white. This daybed is quite interesting to put in the living room or on the porch. It looks stunning with its clear and showy colors. This idea gets a white mattress as the base of decoration.

White and Blue Daybed Design

Meanwhile, the colorful pillows are showy on the bed. You can chill on this bed and meet your guests in the living room. In addition, decorate this daybed with other ornaments like small dolls on the bed. You can use a rattan frame and make it more stunning.

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  1. A Modern Daybed as A Living Room Sofa

A modern bed is a popular seat for a comfortable living room. It has a soft texture as it uses comfy upholstery. This idea will show the best design for a modern daybed. The neutral grey color is stunning to put against the window. The sunlight shines on the sofa when enjoying the day.

A Modern Daybed as A Living Room Sofa

Moreover, this daybed is quite attractive with various cushions. There are striped and plain cushions that match this interior design. This corner daybed is more interesting to get ornaments. The wall waiting can be your choice to decorate the wall. Also, add an ornamental plant to sweeten the coffee table.

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  1. Rattan Daybed in A Living Room

Rattan will bring a classic and natural accent to your interior design. You can pick a rattan daybed for an additional sitting in the living room. It is easy to decorate a rattan daybed. This is one of the best furniture because you don’t need to change it every year. Its durable material will stay cool in your living room.

Rattan Daybed in A Living Room

For styling up, this daybed gets an ornate design. It loads a neutral striped bedsheet. Therefore, the decorations around it are very colorful. Look at the two curtains behind it. These fabrics are as interesting as the background.

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  1. A Floor Daybed

The mattress daybed is one of the best solutions for hot days. It looks calming to feel the cooling floor rather than using a bed frame. Also, this daybed is easy to move anywhere you want. If you want to get a higher daybed, then use two daybeds on the floor. In addition, you can use a rug first and make these daybeds stay still on the floor.

A Floor Daybed

This idea will inspire you to create a comfortable spot in the corner. Then, design it with some green plants. Ensure that it gets enough sunlight so it will grow properly. Moreover, put some things that you need while chilling on the daybed. For example, having some pillows will make it perfect.

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  1. Make A Relaxing Nook

Designing a comfortable nook will transform your living room interior. Maybe you can make a chilling spot by having a daybed on it. Start making it by choosing a comfortable long sofa. The armed sofa is preferable for this design. Then, add comfy pillows on the sofa.

Make A Relaxing Nook

The stripped pillow is a common design but looks nice tho. Moreover, add some fresh plants to invigorate the interior. You can add a group of lilies in a vase. Besides, put a cute coffee table next to the sofa. Then, put books or other stuff that you may need in this seat.

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  1. DIY Wooden Daybed

This is a great example of a DIY wooden daybed. It looks simple and just like an ordinary bed frame. These daybeds get two bedframes. The second daybed is useful as an additional seat or bed. Both are interesting with their natural brown colors.

DIY Wooden Daybed

Moreover, it looks simple with a white bedsheet. The soft comforter is an attractive accent for the daybed. You can pick a contrasting comforter to make a showy accent on the bed. After that, arrange some pillows along the bed. It looks stunning to put a different pillow that is still in the same shades. For styling up, put a decorative wall painting.

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  1. An Ordinary Sofa as Your Daybed

Do you prefer an ordinary daybed? You can take this idea into your living room. This ordinary daybed is a kind of simple sofa. It is okay to use a comfy sofa as a daybed. Some people like to chill on this daybed. Then, you can decorate it with cushions.

An Ordinary Sofa as Your Daybed

For example, there are small cushions in square and round shape. It looks even cuter if you get more attractive cushions. Beside the sofa, you can add a standing lamp to lighten the sofa. Also, add some ornamental plants near the sofa. Then, hanging some photographs can decorate your wall.

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  1. Mattress as A Comfy Daybed

Mattress is a simple choice to make a comfortable daybed. This idea is very simple because you don’t need to use a bed frame. It needs a daybed to make a comfortable design. Look at this idea. It uses two comfy mattresses on the floor. The soft brown color is a key to getting a calming impression.

Mattress as A Comfy Daybed

Also, these mattress has a unique pattern. It is interesting to get some macrame accents on its bed. The pillows on it will complete this cute decoration. Moreover, there are some ornaments on the wall. You can display a cute photograph and a string ornamental plant.

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  1. Get More Natural Accents

Natural accents will transform the decoration to look fresh. This idea will show you how to put it in the room. Look at that daybed which is made of rattan. It makes a large frame that looks attractive to load the white mattress. Then, the white pillows are catchy to cover up the background.

Get More Natural Accents

Meanwhile, this daybed gets a natural table from a big tree. It looks majestic to match this daybed. These natural accents don’t need any additional decoration. Just let the brown color decorate your room. By having this table, you can put more stuff near the daybed.

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  1. Showy Daybed with Patterned Fabrics

The patterned fabrics are simple elements to change your daybed. You can find a bunch of fabrics that look cute. Ensure that you take a fresh design to make a new statement. This daybed has a striking red color. It looks like a single bed with a headboard.

Showy Daybed with Patterned Fabrics

It is more than a daybed. This stuff is an accent to put more ornate fabrics. Look at how colorful the pillows are. Also, the classic patterns will make a showy daybed. You can add a standing lamp near the bed. Then, a simple coffee table to put your favorite stuff.

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  1. Let’s Put More Mirrors

The mirror is a functional thing for home design. You can use a mirror to make a nice dressing room, bathroom, and even the living room. This idea gets three mirrors on the wall. These things are functional to make a spacious impression. Just put these mirrors near the daybed where people can see them.

Let's Put More Mirrors

This daybed is perfect in a white theme. The white sheet is helpful to get a clean and spacious impression. Moreover, it has some pillows on it. The classic style of the sheet changes the atmosphere. It looks gorgeous with wavy edges. Then, there are neutral pillows that make the best statements.

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  1. How to Make An Ornate Design

Some people may prefer a simple design. Besides that, you shouldn’t take it as otherwise. The ornate design is an interesting style too. It needs many colors and accents. Look at this daybed. Many accents that you see in this room.

How to Make An Ornate Design

The white daybed is like the basis before decorating it. Look at that classic bed frame. It matches well with the neutral pillows on the background. Besides, it is more stunning with two candles above it. You can add other accents like a coffee table, a lantern, and a wall mirror. These things are showy for your daybed.

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These are ideas for a daybed in the living room. The daybed is an alternative seat for the living room, porch, backyard, bedroom, etc. It can be a chilling spot. The best area to put a daybed like in a corner, near the window, and the wall. Most of them are stunning with decorations like pillows, bedsheets, and comforters. Also, many people love to put decorations like a painting, an ornamental plant, a mirror, etc. Hopefully, this post will inspire you to create a comfortable daybed in the living room. Good luck and happy decorating!


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