17 Shiplap Ideas for Styling Up Your Kitchen and Update Old Design


Davidrayhomes.com – Shiplap is an additional decoration for the kitchen wall. It is also known as a backsplash. This accent is versatile. You can decorate it with various designs like Industrial, Minimalist, and Rustic. Also, the shiplap will make a big statement on your kitchen countertop. The common design is using tiles as shiplap. The ceramic materials are easy to clean. It will enliven your kitchen wall and bring an accent. If you want to renew your kitchen, you can try the shiplap. Here are 17 Shiplap Ideas for Styling Up Your Kitchen and Update Old Design that will inspire you.

  1. A Narrow Shiplap for A Small Kitchen

A small kitchen shouldn’t stop you from decorating the kitchen. There is always a nice design to try on. You can decorate a small kitchen with a narrow shiplap. It looks neat to use neutral colors for the shiplap. You can add textures by installing textured tiles.

A Narrow Shiplap for A Small Kitchen

Moreover, you can use light colors like white, soft brown, and soft green to enliven the shiplap. Then, put items that bring contrast to your kitchen countertop. Besides, arrange the kitchen set in the cabinets or wall shelves. You need to hide the big items in the cabinets because they will clutter the design.

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  1. Monochrome Shiplap in Black and White

The monochrome color is a popular color for designing a house. It needs to combine two colors in contrast like black and white. Both colors are catchy to make an accent. Here, the monochrome shiplap is one of the best designs for the kitchen. The black and white colors make an interesting accent.

Monochrome Shiplap in Black and White

You can use a backsplash to design the main color. The backsplash can be white or black. Then, add accents in a different color. You can arrange the black or white kitchen appliances. The easiest way to make an accent is the cabinet. Choose a cabinet with a contrasting color to your shiplap.

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  1. Install Vertical Cabinets

The cabinet is an important storage in the kitchen. You can install it on the bottom of the countertop or the wall. Some people use a wall cabinet and a bottom cabinet. Both are big accents to decorate the shiplap. Here, it is okay to put any design for your shiplap.

Install Vertical Cabinets

For example, the wooden vertical cabinet is attractive to add warmth. If the wood has a catchy brown color, then you don’t need to paint it. Otherwise, it needs a little touch by having brown paint to get a bold accent. Besides, it is okay to install a vertical cabinet in other colors.

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  1. Connecting Shiplap and Wall

Some designers like to connect the shiplap and the wall. They can use the paint or tiles to decorate a shiplap. Then, the ceiling gets the same design. It looks attractive as the countertop-to-ceiling has the same design. The accent adds a definition to the wall.

Connecting Shiplap and Wall

Furthermore, you can arrange the kitchen appliances on its countertop. It looks neat to use a tray for compiling kitchen items together. Meanwhile, the bigger items should be in the cabinets. After that, keep it clean by removing all dirt on the countertop. You can add a natural fragrance to refresh the atmosphere.

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  1. Shiplap x Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are common storage for a large wall. This accent takes up lots of space on the wall. Therefore, it is okay to have less design for your shiplap. It looks interesting with a plain white wall. Meanwhile, the cabinets are stunning as the contrast accents.

Shiplap x Shaker Cabinets

Besides, it brings a cohesive design for an old kitchen. Then, styling up your kitchen by the kitchen appliances. The dark items will make a stunning design. Also, you can put a fresh vase of flowers to invigorate the atmosphere.

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  1. Combining Textural Tiles

The textural tiles are quite popular for decorating a shiplap. It is stunning to get a rough texture on the wall surface. The common texture is stone and wood textures. Moreover, it looks more catchy with the real material. For example, the stone shiplap brings a natural raw texture to the wall.

Combining Textural Tiles

Also, the wood accents can give more than just a color. The natural timber patterns are important to bring a natural wood accent. This pattern will give a rustic impression to your kitchen. It looks warm to enliven the interior.

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  1. Add Decorative Tiles as Backsplash

Let’s talk about the patterns. The shiplap is a versatile accent to put on the wall. It looks striking to use decorative tiles for styling up your kitchen. For example, the floral patterns are nice to invigorate the kitchen wall. The colors of the tiles will play a big accent.

Add Decorative Tiles as Backsplash

For example, the rich colors are stunning to enliven the interior. For styling up, you can use an interesting design like Farmhouse, Industrial, and Rustic. The tiles can cover up the countertop to the wall and ceiling. Ensure that you pick the best colors to update your kitchen design.

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  1. Replace It With A Horizontal Window

A horizontal window is a versatile accent. You can see outside through this window. Also, it helps you to wipe out the smell while cooking. Maybe you need fresh air in the kitchen, then you can open the window. Also, it won’t declutter the interior because the horizontal shape is quite simple.

Replace It With A Horizontal Window

The horizontal window is stunning for a U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen that needs an update. It is a beneficial accent to get natural bright light. Therefore, it brings a spacious impression to your kitchen. Styling up this shiplap design and have complements like wood or terracotta finishes.

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  1. Layering Shiplap with Black Stone

The stone material is a stunning accent for shiplap. Some room designers use stone for layering the kitchen wall. It looks natural without decluttering the interior. There are black stones with a different color and natural pattern. If you prefer a dark stone, then pick the Black Onyx Marbles for a sophisticated and elegant look.

Layering Shiplap with Black Stone

Moreover, you can pick the white stones for Farmhouse or Rustic Impression. Furthermore, create a countertop that matches this wall. The shiplap kitchen will be a striking accent in this kitchen. Then, it is okay to make a simple countertop. This design is one of the best designs to renew your kitchen.

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  1. What About Add Textured Tiles

The kitchen wall is a large space that needs some decor. It is catchy to have the textured tiles on the kitchen wall. You can make a beautiful shiplap by installing tiles. First, determine the patterns like floral, leafy, or random patterns. Then, choose the best colors to enliven these accents.

What About Add Textured Tiles

The neutral colors will bring a vintage impression. Therefore, it looks attractive to play with some neutral colors like cream, soft brown, soft blue, pink, and soft green. Moreover, ensure that the textured tiles are easy to clean. The kitchen wall will be dirty after cooking and it needs some treatment.

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  1. Black Shiplap

The black kitchen wall is beneficial to declutter the interior. The dark color will hide some dirt on the wall. Besides, keep your shiplap clean by wiping it at least once a week. Here, you can install the dark shiplap near the stove and sink. Both areas get dirty too fast and need protection so they won’t declutter the wall.

Black Shiplap

You can pair the black shiplap with white cabinets. Also, it is okay to have wall shelves instead of cabinets, if you want to display kitchen appliances. Besides, the shiplap will be a focal point if you add contrast with the white wall, countertop, and ceiling. Therefore, it is a monochrome design.

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  1. Dark Wooden Shiplap

The wood material is another popular accent. Many types of wood to update your kitchen. The dark brown wood will bring a natural accent. It looks a bit Rustic and Farmhouse design. Moreover, the dark wood has an attractive timber pattern.

Dark Wooden Shiplap

You can start decorating the kitchen wall with dark wood. If you can’t find the best wood, use the tiles with dark wood colors. Moreover, it is interesting to match it with a wooden countertop and cabinet. For styling up, add decorations on the countertop. For example, you can put a decorative tray, ornamental plant, attractive kitchen appliances, etc.

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  1. Traditional Cottage Shiplap

The cottage design will transform your kitchen interior. It is a nice combination of shiplap, cabinet, wall shelves, and countertop. You can determine which parts to put in the kitchen. The first one is shiplap. The wooden cottage shiplap is the best idea. You can try to create a shiplap with vertical or horizontal lines.

Traditional Cottage Shiplap

It can be ceramic tiles with timber-like patterns. Then, add complements like wooden countertops and classic cabinets. If you need more space for kitchen appliances, then install wall shelves. This kitchen design is more interesting with natural accents like ornamental plants.

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  1. Layering Shiplap with Marble

A big fan of marble should try this design in their kitchen. The marble shiplap is elegant as you can see its random patterns. This shiplap has an invigorated design. Moreover, many types of marbles to use as kitchen shiplap. You can pick neutral colors like soft brown, soft grey, or white.

Layering Shiplap with Marble

The white marble is stunning with grey patterns on its surfaces. Also, this kitchen wall is easy to clean after cooking lots of meals. This marble shiplap can be your next idea to renew your kitchen wall. It will be a timeless idea for your kitchen shiplap.

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  1. Installing More Wall Shelves

Decorating a shiplap is not about getting the best tiles. You can decorate a kitchen shiplap by installing wall shelves. This storage is a simple idea for a narrow kitchen. Also, it looks attractive to add shelves from the wooden planks. It gives an open space design for your kitchen appliances.

Installing More Wall Shelves

Moreover, it looks spacious if you design it properly. If you need extra storage, you can add a wall cabinet. Then, the wall shelves take the gap between the cabinets. This is a common design to get easy access to reach the cooking needs. The wall shelves will make a cozy design for your kitchen.

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  1. Combining Neutral Tones

Color will bring a different impression to every room. Therefore, you need to determine the colors for your kitchen shiplap. It is better to pick the neutral tones. Many neutral colors like brown, grey, and white. These colors are stunning to tie together in the same interior.

Combining Neutral Tones

It is okay if you want to use one color like brown color for all rooms. The kitchen shiplap is striking to get the brightest color. Then, add darker brown for your cabinet and countertop. The two-tone cabinets are interesting to complement this design. In this idea, it is all about pairing accents in neutral colors.

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  1. Had A Vertical Window on Shiplap

This is another window for the shiplap kitchen. If you can install a horizontal window, you prefer to use a vertical one. The vertical window suits any room, especially the small kitchen. It provides bright light during the day. Also, you can open the vertical window to get fresh air.

Had A Vertical Window on Shiplap

You can pair the window with a kitchen shiplap. Besides, the window frame is stunning to get contrast colors. In addition, you can add a blind for privacy. This window is quite useful for the sink area. Therefore, it is beneficial to have a vertical window on the wall and above the sink or stove.

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These are seventeen ideas for interesting shiplap for the kitchen. You can design a shiplap that suits your kitchen interior. The shiplap is a versatile wall cover to decorate your kitchen. It can be Rustic, Modern, or Industrial design. You can match the shiplap with the countertop, wall, and ceiling. It can get dirty easily, therefore it needs a regular cleaning. The shiplap will create an accent but you can replace it with a window. Hopefully, these stylish ideas for shiplap will inspire you to decorate the best kitchen. Good luck and happy decorating!


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