18 Staircase Landing Ideas: Update Your Interior with Styles


Davidrayhomes.com – A staircase landing is an additional design for a staircase. It is a level floor where the direction of stairs changes, between flights of a stair or at a top star flight. A staircase landing is beneficial for changing directions. Also, people can rest for a while on the staircase landing. This place is more stunning with some decorations. Here are 18 Staircase Landing Ideas: Update Your Interior with Styles. You can choose various ideas that we will discuss according to the interior concept you want to create. Apart from that, you can also choose and combine them according to your wishes and needs. Let’s discuss it!

  1. Staircase Landing with A Simple Gallery

The first idea is adding a simple gallery for a staircase landing. It uses calming photographs or simple art on every frame. You can display 1-3 frames in the staircase landing area. Choose frames with the same proportion. Also, ensure that these frames have the same shade.

Staircase Landing with A Simple Gallery

It looks interesting to display frames that contrast with the wall color. Moreover, add a wall lamp to enlighten every frame. The orange light will bring an aesthetic impression along the staircase landings. Look at this idea. It has some lights on the wall. Also, it uses a decorative carpet to muffle the footstep.

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  1. Storing Books and Plants

Do you like to read books? If you have book collections, then display them on the staircase landing. You can make a mini station for books. Use a bookshelf or a cupboard. Then, arrange the books randomly on a shelf.

Storing Books and Plants

In addition, you can put some plants on that bookshelf as well. Add some green plants that match the space. These plants will be a natural accent between books. The books and plants on the shelf may take up some space. Thus, ensure that you put a bookshelf that fits the staircase landing.

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  1. Add Some Plants and A Wall Mirror

Growing some indoor plants are nice decorations. Some people add plants to make a fresh accent. Look at this staircase landing. There are some plants along the stairs. The occupant put a small plant on both sides of some stairs.

Add Some Plants and A Wall Mirror

On the staircase landing, you will see a small terracotta pot with a green plant. These plants grow well because there is a glass wall on the staircase landing. In addition, there is a wall mirror. The sunburst design is aesthetic to decorate the wall.

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  1. Wall Bookshelf for A Staircase Landing Area

This is a stand-out design for a staircase landing. A wall bookshelf can be an alternative to make a mini library. There are some books on the concrete wall bookshelf. You can access these books by stepping on the stairs. This mini book storage is neat with a horizontal setting.

Wall Bookshelf for A Staircase Landing Area

Moreover, this staircase landing has a wall frame before turning the stair direction. Also, there are more frames near a bookshelf. You can display some paintings and art in that place. In addition, put ornaments to make it more interesting.

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  1. Victorian Sitting Area

A staircase landing is a small space that needs a little touch. Here is a Victorian sitting area on a staircase landing. It has a classic chair. The beige seat and back are comfortable for resting. Also, it has a bookshelf and a small table.

Victorian Sitting Area

You can sit on this chair while enjoying the outdoor view. Also, there is a small table lamp, in case you want to sit down at night. To bring the Victorian atmosphere, use ivory white color for the wall, chair, and bookshelf. Also, contrast by installing a black-and-white rug on the staircase landing.

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  1. Staircase Landing with Winter Decorations

A seasonal design is one of the popular ideas to update your house. Look at this idea. You can adapt it to your staircase landing. The winter design uses more white accents. It represents the snowy and windy days. Also, add a cupboard to store the firewood.

Staircase Landing with Winter Decorations

In addition, put some green plants in the corner. It brings an outdoor accent to your house. Besides, you need some orange lights to create a warm atmosphere on the staircase landing. These decors are perfect for a white room.

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  1. Bohemian Floor x Hallway Decor

Bohemian design is an infamous design for indoor and outdoor. It looks perfect for mixing patterns and colors. This idea is one of the best Bohemian staircase landings. It uses a monochrome floor design as a striking accent. This floor has a mesmerizing design with dark wood and white paint.

Bohemian Floor x Hallway Decor

Moreover, the staircase landing has a simple design like an entryway. There is a hanging mirror and a table with candles. This staircase landing is functional as a simple dressing table. Also, you can put an ornamental plant in the corner. A fiddle leaf tree is a common plant to grow in Bohemian rooms.

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  1. Staircase Landing with Entry Way Decor

Some houses have a staircase that directs people to the entryway. This staircase landing is one of the inspiring designs. It has many green plants along the steps. Look at the handrails with string plants. Also, there are smaller plants on some steps.

Staircase Landing with Entry Way Decor

Meanwhile, the entryway has a quite clever design. The rectangular rug matches the wood floors. Next to it, you will see a simple hook for hanging the coat. This area also has a wall mirror. You can hang a mirror that fits the small space on a wall.

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  1. Mini Library for A Staircase Landing

This is a functional staircase landing. You can use this place as a mini library as well. First, ensure that your staircase landing is large. Use some spaces to put a cupboard with a bench. Then, start to arrange your book collections.

Mini Library for A Staircase Landing

Besides, prepare a comfy seat by adding a mattress or like. After that, decorate the bench with a neutral cover and cushion. If you want more artistic accents, put some ornaments on every shelf. In addition, install a ceiling lamp in this area so you can read books at night.

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  1. Decorating with Baskets as Art

The decorative basket is an interesting artwork. You can use a decorative basket for the staircase landing. First, collect some decorative baskets of different sizes. Then, look at this idea. It has a clever setting for a wall basket gallery.

Decorating with Baskets as Art

Moreover, these baskets match with wooden floor. Also, the white wall is perfect to make it stand out. This basket decoration is beneficial to decorate all rooms if you have an open space room. Thus, you don’t need to put any decoration on your staircase landing.

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  1. Add Black and White Photo Decorating

The monochrome design is a popular idea for home design. This staircase landing has an attractive monochrome design. It is a wall decor with a bunch of monochrome photos. Also, every frame has a different size. Then, hang these frames in one line.

Add Black and White Photo Decorating

It looks interesting to see all the frames while stepping the stairs. You can make a monochrome gallery on every turning. Also, this room has a neutral interior with white and light brown colors. The monochrome gallery is a nice accent on white walls.

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  1. Use A Table with Decorations

Ornaments are an interesting accent in home design. Let’s see decorations on this staircase landing. This staircase landing has a little table with various ornaments. There are dried flowers and a little miniature of a tree. Also, there is a white window wing and a wreath above the table.

Use A Table with Decorations

Meanwhile, other ornaments are on the floor. There are little candles on every step. Besides, there is a green and gold decoration on the handrails. Also, this staircase landing has a long curtain. Moreover, there are decorative frames on the wall.

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  1. Add A Simple Painting on The Wall

Some home designers prefer to put a simple painting than a crowded wall gallery. This idea is one of the simplest staircase landings. You can choose an attractive painting for this design. The painting will represent the atmosphere in this room.

Add A Simple Painting on The Wall

Also, you need to choose a big painting to dominate the space on the wall. It is an eye-catching accent so people will pay attention to this painting. Look at this idea. The monochrome painting contrasts with the white wall. This accent is on point for a staircase landing.

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  1. Put A Plant and Candle

Indoor plants are functional for decoration. This plant has different varieties and sizes. You can choose to grow small plants for a staircase landing. It is simple to put indoor plants in a pot. Then, add some candles to sweeten the design.

Put A Plant and Candle

This staircase landing is simple. The candle will enliven a warm atmosphere in this place. It makes a shadowy effect when you pass the candles. Moreover, the wood floors and white walls are calming for this room. Also, you can redecorate the staircase landing by adding more candles or trees.

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  1. Hang Sunburst Mirrors Along the Way

Sunburst mirror is identical to Bohemian design. It looks striking when you put them on a wall. You can display some sunburst mirrors to decorate the staircase landing. The sunburst mirror has a different color, size, and design. It makes the design more interesting.

Hang Sunburst Mirrors Along the Way

Every sunburst mirror can reflect everyone who walks on the stairs. This design is striking on the creamy white mirror. Look at this idea. The handrails are natural with dark brown colors. This idea will bring a calming and classic impression.

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  1. Install Some String Lamps and Candles

A string lamp is interesting for home decor. People use string lamps to add a flicker line at home. Look at this idea. The string lamps make a stunning decor for the staircase landing. You can form the string lamp into whatever you want.

Install Some String Lamps and Candles

This idea has some starry string lamps. It looks stunning to put one star on some steps. Also, add some little candles on every step. This design is stylish to celebrate an event or season. Then, add other ornaments like faux string plants. These accents will enliven a warm atmosphere along the stairs.

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  1. Staircase Landing without Decorations

It is the simplest staircase landing in this post. This idea has no ornaments to make it interesting. The staircase landing has dark wood steps and black handrails. It is an Industrial stair. These stairs have a perfect grey wall.

Staircase Landing without Decorations

The concrete wall and warm wood accents are stylish. There are white lamps as accents. It looks aesthetic when you turn on all the small lamps. These lamps are functional as striking accents. This design is a nice choice for a simple person.

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  1. Grow Some Indoor Plants

A staircase landing is identical to a glass wall or window. It is functional to brighten the turning point of the stairs. Thus, you can use this sunny place to grow plants. Put some plants on the windowsill. You can put a line of succulents.

Grow Some Indoor Plants

Also, grow some indoor trees or big plants in pots. This idea is easy to do. These green plants will bring a mini jungle atmosphere. It looks perfect for a wooden stair. In addition, you can add a curtain, in case you need privacy at night.

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That’s our discussion about 18 Staircase Landing Ideas: Update Your Interior with Styles. By using the various ideas above, you can create the staicare look you want. These are ideas for staircase landing designs. All of them are stunning and easy to design. You can update your staircase landing by having ornaments. Also, it looks interesting to use a seasonal design. In this way, the interior appearance of your home will be more conceptualized according to your desires and needs. Hopefully, this post is inspiring for you to decorate your staircase landing. Happy decorating!


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