10 Outdoor Decor Tips to Create a Summer Feeling


Turning your home into a summer oasis can feel easier said than done. With so many options, it’s easy to see how overwhelming a homeowner can easily become. From fun garden signs to bright string lights, here are some outdoor decor tips to create a summer feeling in your home!

1. Decorate with gifts. Did you receive any summer gifts last year? Use them in your decorating! Whether you put a basket filled with rolled beach towels by your back door or add that collectible dried starfish to one of the shelves of your outdoor dining space, there are lots of ways you can incorporate your gifts into your decor. Plus, when your guests come to visit, they’ll be excited to see their gifts on display! Since many people give home decor items as gifts, you probably have more items available at your disposal than you think.

2. Don’t be afraid of the outdoors. If you don’t have a backyard, you can still decorate like your living room is your patio. Switching out your accent furniture for wicker and other natural elements will go a long way in making your space feel more like summer. Add some beachwood or sea glass to go the extra step in transforming your space to a summer oasis.

3. Keep your dining area in mind. Don’t forget to decorate your dining area! Even if you plan on hosting a lot of outdoor events this year, there might be a chance for rain. Summer is notorious for severe weather, so ensuring that you have a rain plan in place is absolutely necessary for any summer events you’re hosting. If you haven’t paid your dining room any mind until the day of your event, then you’ll easily find that you’re going to be rushing around trying to make the most of a rained-out event. Plus, some areas are much too hot to be having outdoor events, so having a dining room that looks like it belongs in the summer issue of a home interior design magazine should be a priority on your decorating list.

4. Think about your drinkware and serveware. Part of a summer design includes light and fresh items. This includes your drinkware and serveware! Whether you choose to use solid color plates in a bright yellow hue or go for something with an orange blossom pattern, your drinkware and serveware should reflect the season they’re for. Consider getting items that are also built for both outdoor and indoor use so that you can seamlessly transition them from inside to outside. Mason jars are commonly used during the summer because they’re so durable! Plus, they look fun on an outdoor tablescape.

5. Invest in your garden. Depending on your schedule, it’s easy to let your garden go, especially during the winter months. If you barely spend any time at home, your garden is probably full of overgrown weeds and plants that are in desperate need of some TLC. Investing in your garden will not only increase your property value, but will also give you extra entertaining space! You can create a beautiful backyard oasis that is not only inviting but relaxing. Take a day or two and really focus on your backyard space. Put up a personalized garden sign, trim the shrubs and plant new flowers. Don’t forget to bring in some outdoor furniture! A patio set is always a good idea. Include a table, some chairs, an umbrella or shade and some outdoor lighting. Your guests will love it!

6. Rearrange the furniture. Sometimes, all a space needs to feel fresh is a simple rearrangement of the furniture layout. Flip the couch to the other side of the deck, or turn the furniture to face the fence line if you have one. Reorienting the space is a simple yet effective trick in making your space feel brand new and fresh for the summer.

7. Switch out the cushions. Switching out the cushions of your outdoor furniture is another simple yet effective way to make your outdoor space feel brand new. If you haven’t washed your current outdoor cushion covers in a year, now’s the time to do it. Save those as backups in case someone spills something on the new covers you’re going to put out. Adding a couple of fresh outdoor throw pillows is also a great way to upgrade your space. You can’t go wrong with bright colors, either, such as orange or yellow. Incorporate some neutrals, such as brown, to offset any of the bright shades you’re adding to your patio.

8. Stain the deck. Deck maintenance is an important part of outdoor decorating. A deck that’s in need of a serious stain can wreak havoc on your carefully thought-out outdoor decor plan. Before bringing in any new items, make sure to stain your deck. You can either do this yourself or bring in a professional – but either way, it needs to be done. That way, your new items will look perfect on a freshly stained deck. Staining your deck regularly will keep it clean, sturdy and in good shape long after you’ve moved out of the home.

9. Section off your yard. Your yard needs structure! Consider segmenting your yard to give each area purpose. Use natural sectioning tools, such as shrubs or flowers. You can also use pavers! That way, your guests have somewhere to walk and a pathway to use as they go between sections of your yard. Make one space your garden, the other for outdoor dining, another for any outdoor games and another for relaxation. The possibilities for sectioning your backyard are endless!

10. Add storage. You might think it’s not possible to create storage solutions outdoors, but you’d be wrong! There are lots of ways to create storage in your outdoor area. From ottomans and benches that lift up to store toys and built-ins around your deck railing to store grilling supplies, you can use a variety of tools and items to really maximize your storage.


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