19 Ways to Divide Rooms In A Studio Apartment: Create Multiple Rooms Easily


Davidrayhomes.com – Living in an apartment is interesting. You can decorate the apartment as you want to. Also, many types of apartments that will adjust to your needs. For example, if you manage to live alone and seeking a simple place, then choose a studio apartment. It has many rooms that you need, like a bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen too. You can make this apartment by using a partition to add rooms. Here are 19 Ways to Divide Rooms In A Studio Apartment: Create Multiple Rooms Easily. Let’s discuss!

  1. Install Sliding Doors and Curtains

The first idea is a studio apartment with sliding doors. You can install a sliding door if you want to make a private bedroom. The sliding door uses glass materials. Therefore, you can see through it when lying in bed. Also, it is more interesting if you use dark glass as the sliding doors.

Install Sliding Doors and Curtains

Moreover, this bedroom has extra curtains. It makes a perfect privacy for your room. Look at this idea. The bedroom interior is simple in white and black. Besides, you can create a different layout to put the bed. This idea put the bed in the middle room, but you can put it as you want.

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  1. Add Wood Shelves as A Partition

The wood shelves are an easy way to make a partition. It looks like a doorless cabinet. This partition has many shelves to put your stuff. Before installing this wood shelf, you need to measure the entrance. Ensure that the wood shelf is as high as your ceiling.

Add Wood Shelves as A Partition

It will be an entrance to separate the rooms. Therefore, it should get an ideal height and width. Then, add wooden planks to the shelves. It looks stunning to put various ornaments on it. There are ornamental plants that decorate this partition. Also, this idea gets some stuff like books and glasses.

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  1. Use Transparent Curtains To Divide Rooms

A curtain is a popular element to separate a room. Most people use curtains to make privacy on windows. Many types of curtains that you can use in home design. If you need a simple partition in your studio apartment, then try this idea.

Use Transparent Curtains To Divide Rooms

This apartment uses a long transparent curtain as a partition. It looks elegant to separate the rooms. Also, this curtain is versatile to display in any room. You can take this idea to makeover your studio apartment. The transparent white curtain makes a distinct area between the bedroom and another room.

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  1. Take A Versatile Wicker Partition

The folded partition is a popular partition in classic style. The folded design is versatile because you can take it into another room. Just open the folded wings and you will get an instant partition. This partition is a common stuff to make a temporary dressing room. It has various types of wings that can be transparent or full-covered.

Take A Versatile Wicker Partition

Meanwhile, this idea is made of natural material. The wicker wings are stunning to decorate this room. Also, the bright brown color is just perfect to enliven the natural accent. You can take it into your bedroom to separate it from another room. Moreover, this partition is easy to save in your cabinet or just leave it on the wall.

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  1. What About Having A Glass Partition

This is another glass partition. It looks interesting to separate the bedroom and living room. The glass partition brings a spacious impression because you can see another part of the room. Also, this glass partition is more stunning with a window frame. It makes your partition look like an internal window.

What About Having A Glass Partition

Besides, this partition is interesting for decorating any interior. Look at this idea. The bedroom is neat with a private space. You can design it with your original style. Moreover, it is more comfortable to get curtains in the bedroom. Therefore, you will get better privacy for your studio apartment.

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  1. Stylish Bookshelves as A Partition

Do you like to use a cabinet as a partition? If you do, this idea will help you to get attractive bookshelves as a partition. This idea is interesting with multiple shelves. You can put lots of stuff like books, ornaments, or ornamental plants. If you have many books, then arrange the books to fill the shelves.

Stylish Bookshelves as A Partition

Besides, you need to consider putting more stuff. The shelves are stunning with different things. This studio apartment is interesting with white fabrics for the bedroom. It looks brighter because there are windows. If you want to get all bright rooms, then don’t full-covered the bookshelves because they can block the sunlight.

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  1. Try to Grow Plants with A Trellis

The ornamental plants are interesting for making a natural partition. Many plants that grow well indoors. Therefore, you can choose the string ornamental plants. This plant can grow long like curtains. First, determine the ornamental plants that you will grow indoors.

Try to Grow Plants with A Trellis

Maybe you can grow Pothos, English Ivy, String of Turtles, or Scindapsus. These plants need adequate sunlight and are better able to grow in bright indirect sunlight. You can use a standing planter or trellis. Then, you can move it into the window sill where it gets sunlight. Also, these plants need regular watering and it is okay to mist them every morning.

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  1. Glass and Half Wall for Elegant Partition

Partition has various designs and materials. Most home designers use glass partitions to get a spacious impression. Besides, it is interesting to use a frame. Look at this idea. The partition uses black metal and makes it look like a window. This idea brings a neat design to this studio apartment.

Glass and Half Wall for Elegant Partition

This design is beneficial for people who need privacy. Look at the entrance. You can install a curtain and make a temporary door at the entrance. It is interesting to use a showy partition with patterns. Besides, make nice bedding by using striking colors. There are colorful pillows and dark bedsheets. It will bring a fresh accent to this bedroom.

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  1. Just Display An Eccentric Fabric

A home partition has various types. You can design it by using a fabric in your home. This idea will bring a simple design for your home partition. This fabric should be long and wide just like a curtain. Take the most attractive fabric to decorate your studio apartment.

Just Display An Eccentric Fabric

Besides, you need a standing frame to display this fabric. Ensure that you have a high-standing frame to separate the room well. Besides, you can hang it on the wall or other things in this room. Look at this idea. It is more interesting with ornamental plants. These pots are useful to cover the bottom part of the standing frame.

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  1. Use A Semi-Permanent Wall

The semi-permanent wall is useful to separate the rooms. This is a bit difficult to install the semi-permanent wall. Besides that, the semi-permanent wall is beneficial to make better privacy. It is sturdy and you can’t remove it easily. This partition is versatile because it fits any combination.

Use A Semi-Permanent Wall

If you want a little space to peek outside the bedroom, use glass walls. It looks better and is a bit spacious. Then, make it look like a little window in your studio apartment. Otherwise, you can add a curtain as a semi-permanent door. It brings more privacy for you in this apartment.

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  1. Compiling Wooden Boxes

The wooden boxes are multifunctional materials. Some people have wooden boxes in their warehouses and use them as decoration. If you have wooden boxes too, then pick them as a room partition. Arrange these wooden boxes vertically in the studio apartment. It is a nice idea to recycle the trash.

Compiling Wooden Boxes

Moreover, the wooden boxes are more stunning with colors. Use the various colors like blue, pink, orange, red, green, etc. Then, you can tie or nail them to make a sturdy partition. After that, put ornaments on every box. For example, the book collections, ornamental plants, statues, etc.

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  1. Add Bamboo Partition

This is another natural partition. This partition is made of bamboo instead of wood. The bamboo materials are stunning with bright brown color. It will invigorate your studio apartment. You can grow other plants near the bamboo partition.

Add Bamboo Partition

Look at this idea. There are succulents in attractive pots. The cactus is interesting to put in the middle part. Meanwhile, the small succulents look cute on the table. You can change the ornaments if you have other options.

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  1. A Stunning Folded Partition

This is another folded partition in the studio apartment. You will love to have it in your house. Look at that attractive partition with patterns. The soft brown accents match the white bedding. This folded partition is quite light to move into another spot.

A Stunning Folded Partition

You can use it as a bedroom partition, breakfast nook, living room, and many more. The brown color is quite interesting to make a perfect pair of white curtains. The partition is made of sturdy materials. Therefore, it makes better privacy instead of just using curtains.

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  1. Mid-Century Gallery

The indoor gallery is a creative way to decorate the studio apartment. Look at this idea. It has a white panel in the middle of the room. This white partition interestingly separates the rooms. It contains lots of photos on the side. As a gallery, this panel is attractive to display paintings.

Mid-Century Gallery

Besides, this gallery enlivens an old style of Mid-Century partition. You can see it looks perfect in this white studio apartment. Meanwhile, another side of it is the TV area. Therefore, there is a TV to decorate another side. Then, take some ornamental plants in this room.

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  1. Install the Blurred Glass Wall

The blurred glass is an efficient way to make a room partition. It won’t declutter the interior. The glass material is useful to reflect light. Therefore, it brings a spacious impression to this room. You can this partition to separate the bedroom and living room in the studio apartment.

Install the Blurred Glass Wall

Some people use metal frames to install the glass. It makes an interesting panel for this room. Look at this design. The glass partition looks elegant for this room. The living room is more stunning with wood accents on the wall.

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  1. Use A Curtain and Metal Frame

This is a simple idea for a home partition. The metal frame is useful to install the curtains for this bedroom. It makes a semi-private room as you can redecorate it every time you want to. The curtain is versatile because you can change it with other fabrics. For example, a traditional fabric is also nice for this bedroom.

Use A Curtain and Metal Frame

Meanwhile, this bedroom is fully covered by curtains. The curtains don’t cover up from the ceiling. Besides that, it is quite simple to get a private bedroom in an open-space studio apartment. After that, decorate the bed and put colorful accents. For example, there is an attractive wall decoration.

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  1. Golden Long Curtains for Every Room

Some studio apartments have an open-space design. Therefore, installing the partition will help people to separate the rooms in that apartment. Using curtains is a common idea for redecorating the studio apartment. First, you need to design the rooms that need a partition. Then, install the curtains.

Golden Long Curtains for Every Room

Look at this idea. The golden long curtains make a full partition for every room. It uses a soft and thick fabric. Therefore, you can see through it when taking in another room. Moreover, this design is easy to redecorate. Just pull the curtains to one side, then you will get an open-space apartment again.

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  1. A Sliding Door to Separate 2 Bedrooms

Living in a studio apartment will challenge you to explore the decorations. For instance, you can add a partition to make two bedrooms. It needs extra decor like making a wooden wall at first. Then, install the sliding door to separate the rooms. These sliding doors should be strong and thick.

A Sliding Door to Separate 2 Bedrooms

Besides that, you can replace the wooden doors with other materials. The glass doors or metal doors are interesting as well. Meanwhile, the interior design is versatile. You can decorate both rooms in different designs. This design is useful for a small family who needs more bedrooms.

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  1. Design A Half Partition for Spacious Impression

This is a cute bedroom with a half partition. The partition has a white panel on the side. It looks like a window because it has transparent glass. If the bedroom area is quite large, then you can add two panels on both sides. Otherwise, install one panel on the side of the bedroom that is narrow.

Design A Half Partition for Spacious Impression

This design is more stunning with white curtains. It looks sweet when you pull the curtains to cover the entrance. The white curtain is an interesting entrance door just like a hotel room. Moreover, this bedroom is warmer with windows on the side. Therefore, the white interior will make it brighter.

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These are ideas for home partitions in the studio apartment. The partition is useful to make an attractive interior. You can redecorate it by adding curtains or using a folded partition. These partitions are versatile and easy to change whenever you need a makeover. Moreover, there is a natural partition like growing string plants on the trellis or putting some plants on the shelves. If you want to be creative, you can pile the wooden boxes to make a partition. Hopefully, this post will give a refresher idea for you. Happy decorating!


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