Creative Home Office Combined With Living Room For Apartment


When we need a place to work at home, whereas we only have an apartment. We have to design our apartment in more detail to make us work at home but still have a good standard as an apartment that has room like living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and bedroom. So we can combined it, between our office desk with living room

Create Workable Home office

Ideally home office design ideas can be very helpful in that it allows a space to relax convenient area do work. The place where we spend a lot of time while working, should be decorated the best as we can. This place should be comfortable and pleasant, and also we in it, during the performance of work in the comfort of your home, be relaxed. The living room is the perfect place if you do not have a separate room where you could store your working corner.

Create The Ultimate Living Room

In the absence of a dedicated home office, the next best option is to carve out some space out of another room. The living room is the best room to share with it, because as a function to receive guests, whether related to our work or not, It’s a centrally located “daytime” space that keeps work. The living room tends to be quieter compared to the family room which is full of entertainment. And it is not good to be combined with the bedroom, because we will not be able to sleep well, when we can still see our work, beside of that,  the bedroom atmosphere is good to rest not to keep working.

The ease and pleasantness of the living room, will give you the ability to finish the job in a pleasant way. Of course it is very important to handle this little working corner to edit, and to make it to fit into the rest of the interior of your living room.

Functional And Comfortable Home Office

There are so many ways how to perform this, you just need to decide where to set the desk. In our following examples, you can see a variety of ideas that will help you to find place for your working corner in the living room.

Behind Sofa

The desk’s position behind sofa is better to have communication with people in the living room and we can still work comfortably. In addition, this position can be faced or beside the windows though not too close but can provide enough light for us to work.

Faced To The Window

When our position is faced to the window, The importance of the natural light make us can work bright, easy and comfort.  We can have more ideas to work and relax while see the outside with this desk’s position. You can use white color for your wall or give the accent color like green, to give the relax atmosphere.

Faced To The Wall But Near The Window

With the position of the desk that faced the wall, it will make us more focused to work, because in this position, we will not see or pay attention to other things. But we can still get a natural light and look outside through window. There is something special for the position in the corner of the room that guests or other people who come can not see our work directly, vice versa to the position of the desk that is directly back to the sofa.

Faced The Wall

With this layout we can focus and concentrate more on work without interrupting by weather changes because we do not use too much natural light.

Faced To The Living Room

Just like the position with the table behind the sofa, which allows us to work while interacting with others, but unlike the position behind the sofa, this position provides a more open and interactive room atmosphere. This gives the room more free and spacious to work.




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