17 Bathroom Wainscoting Ideas: Add Your Favorite Style to Renew Your Wall


Davidrayhomes.com – Bathroom wainscoting is a decoration on the bathroom wall. This is a design of wall paneling. Some designers install a bathroom panel to update the interior design. The bathroom wainscoting only covers the lower part of the wall. Meanwhile, the upper part of the wall is versatile. You can add another wallpaper or just let it be plain. The upper part of the wall is a nice spot to display some frames. You can add a painting or photograph to that wall. Here are ideas for bathroom wainscoting that will inspire you to redecorate your bathroom wall. Let’s get to the lists!

  1. Blue and White Timeless Wainscoting

The first idea is the blue and white timeless wainscoting for this bathroom. The blue and white wallpaper is interesting. It enlivens an outdoor impression in this room. This wallpaper is a perfect pair of muted blue panels. Look at the color combinations.

Blue and White Timeless Wainscoting

These accents are stunning to refresh the bathroom interior. After that, decorate this room with the same theme. There is a dark wooden cabinet with nice timber patterns. Its upper top is white and shiny. Moreover, there is a large mirror on the wall to complete the sink. This design will elevate your bathroom interior.

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  1. Trees Wallpaper x Muted-Green Bathroom

A green tree is a beautiful plant. It brings a fresh and natural impression to any room. Here is a tree wallpaper to cover the bathroom wall. The fresh green patterns are stunning instead of getting a plain wall. This bathroom also has a muted-green panel on the lower part of a wall.

Trees Wallpaper x Muted-Green Bathroom

It looks attractive to enliven the bathroom interior. This theme is stunning to match with white accents. Look at this idea. There are white sink, toilet, and cabinet. Also, put some golden accents on the wall like the golden wall lamps and golden frame on the sink.

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  1. Classic Brown Wainscoting

This is a cool design for bathroom wainscoting. The shiny brown panels make it look elegant. It covers the lower part of the wall perfectly. This panel is stunning to match any wallpaper. Look at the upper wall. It gets a flowery wallpaper that covers the wall and ceiling as well.

Classic Brown Wainscoting

It makes a spacious impression in the light color. Therefore, this bathroom wainscoting is easy to decorate. You can get white accents like a sink, toilet, and wall trims. Also, get more accents by installing a stunning lampshade on the wall. These accents make this bathroom look classic.

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  1. Cottage Bathroom Remodel in Green-White

The green wall paint contrasts in this bathroom. It is one of the striking bathroom wainscoting. The light green looks stunning to decorate this room. It is a perfect pair of white or cream wall paint. This half-green wall can be your choice to redecorate your bathroom wainscoting.

Cottage Bathroom Remodel in Green-White

Moreover, this idea is more interesting with other white accents. You can install a white sink on the green wainscoting. Using golden color parts will invigorate this interior design. There are mirrors with golden frames and a pair of wall lamps. These accents are helpful to enliven this green bathroom.

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  1. Cottage Style Bathroom Wall

The vintage style is one of the popular ideas for redecorating a room. You can try this idea on your bathroom wall as well. This bathroom has muted-green wainscoting. It is a common color to enliven a classic interior design. Moreover, the vertical lines bring a classic impression to the wall.

Cottage Style Bathroom Wall

This bathroom wall is more attractive with some trims. There are trims on every edge of the wainscoting. It brings a neat and interesting impression. Moreover, the muted-green color is perfect to pair with lighter colors. You can try white wall paint to decorate the bathroom wainscoting.

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  1. Moody Wallpaper

An attractive wallpaper is a simple to renew your bathroom interior. This idea gets a stunning wallpaper in green and white. The flowery accents are interesting to refresh your bathroom wall. Then, pair this wallpaper with a dark grey wainscoting on the bottom part. It makes a bold accent to contrast the lighter wallpaper.

Moody Wallpaper

The vertical bathroom wainscoting is interesting. Like other wainscoting, it gets some trims as well. Also, there are dark grey accents like wall lamps and chandeliers. Moreover, this room has enough white accents on the floor, wall, and ceiling. Having a window is also useful to get exposure to sunlight.

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  1. Charming Look with Soft Brown Wall

The soft color is quite popular for a modern interior design. Many soft colors offer a stunning impression. Soft brown is one of the best colors. It brings a natural design in a smooth shade. There is bathroom wainscoting in soft brown colors.

Charming Look with Soft Brown Wall

The panels are interesting to enliven an elegant impression. There are geometrical accents on the panels. It makes the wall look neat. You can add other geometrical trims on the edge of the panels. Moreover, the upper part of the wall is lighter and rough. This texture will make a unique accent.

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  1. Raw Brick Wall for Industrial Accents

The Industrial design is versatile enough to renew every house. You can always bring the raw materials to decorate the Industrial design. Look at this idea. The raw brick wall is stunning to enliven this bathroom interior. It covers the upper wall as if it is a new wall.

Raw Brick Wall for Industrial Accents

Meanwhile, the lower part gets the panels. Like other wainscoting, this idea uses panels and trims. The dark brown color is stunning. It brings a classic impression and matches the raw brick wall. You can decorate this bathroom by displaying some paintings or photographs on the wall.

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  1. Timeless Dark Green

The dark green is a bold color to make a striking accent. This bathroom gets a dark green color on the lower part of the wall. There is a panel that covers the wall perfectly. The curvy and geometrical accents are interesting to give textures on the wall. Also, it looks better with a shiny surface that reflects light.

Timeless Dark Green

Besides, the upper part of the wall is white. The small tiles are interesting with marble accents on them. Also, the ceiling is white and has elegant trim on the edge. Meanwhile, the floor is more alive with monochrome tiles. This bathroom is more comfortable with a shower curtain that you can fold off. The window on another side is useful to invite warm sunlight.

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  1. Geometrical Wall with Warm Lamps

The dark interior can bring a new dimension to your house. This bathroom wainscoting is something you will like to copy. The lower part of the wall gets dark grey panels. This design has geometrical textures. It makes the wall more stunning and shiny.

Geometrical Wall with Warm Lamps

Meanwhile, the upper part is more showy. The tiny tiles make a perfect design with many triangles. This wall design is more attractive if you put the warm lighting. The orange wall lamps are stunning to decorate the unique wall. Besides, this bathroom looks warmer with a wooden floor.

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  1. Gorgeous Navy Bathroom

The navy color is quite showy to decorate a white bathroom like this one. The navy panels make it look eccentric. It brings a bold color to contrast with white accents. Therefore, it is stunning to use navy and white colors. Then, decide on the navy and white area. It looks nice to separate the shower with a white theme.

Gorgeous Navy Bathroom

Meanwhile, the navy color decorates the sink area. After that, add some accents. For example, you can put a white cabinet to contrast with a navy wall. Also, add a wall mirror above the sink. If you want more accents, display a painting or photograph on the wall.

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  1. Get A Monochrome Theme

The monochrome theme is quite popular for modern home design. It consists of two colors in the same shades and sometimes contrasts. Look at this idea. This bathroom has a vintage impression. The white wall is interesting to combine with black panels.

Get A Monochrome Theme

The black panels get vertical accents as a bathroom wainscoting. Moreover, the floor has a wooden pattern that looks more interesting. Installing some orange lights will make it look warm. This bathroom is stunning with white bathroom appliances.

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  1. Install the Patterned Floor

The eccentric pattern can bring an eye-catching accent. This accent can be on everywhere. The bathroom floor will be a nice one. Let’s see this idea. The patterned floor is interesting with a cute accent. There are white, muted-blue and muted-green accents on the floor.

Install the Patterned Floor

It makes the dark green wainscoting more alive. This bold color is quite stunning to enliven this bathroom. The panels get geometrical accents to make a nice texture. Moreover, there are decorations like a short stool, an ornamental plant, and a painting. You can complete this spot by installing a wall lamp.

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  1. Light Brown Wainscoting

Light brown is a nice color for redecorating an old bathroom. This idea will show you how it works. The light brown wainscoting is a big change for this bathroom. It gives a new dimension to the white wall. Also, it gets stunning geometrical lines.

Light Brown Wainscoting

The light brown wainscoting is a nice background for redecorating this bathroom. Moreover, there are dark brown accents too. The frames of the mirror and painting make it stunning. Also, the dried plants on the corner will sweeten this interior design.

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  1. Dark Green Panels x Stunning Wallpaper

The dark green panels are commonly designed to cover the wall. It is a bold accent in the room like this bathroom. Look at this beautiful bathroom. The dark green wainscoting gets vertical trims. It makes a beautiful accent instead of making it plain.

Dark Green Panels x Stunning Wallpaper

Meanwhile, the upper part of the wall gets a nice wallpaper. The design consists of green and blue accents. It looks showy compared with dark green wainscoting. This bathroom has an artistic painting on the wall. Also, there are elegant things like a shinny bathtub, a small stool, and a few tiny candles.

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  1. Get the Light Wallpaper and Wainscoting

The wallpaper is a nice thing to renew your bathroom wall. Many designs and colors that you can take into your bathroom. This idea will inspire you to determine the wallpaper. The soft brown patterns are stunning to match the light panels. Both make a perfect pair for this room.

Get the Light Wallpaper and Wainscoting

Besides, this bathroom has square patterns on the lower panels. It has an interesting design and matches well with the wallpaper. Moreover, you can improve this interior by having a painting on the wall. Also, add more bathroom things to complete this design.

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  1. Make It More Alive with Patterned Floor

The patterned tiles are a nice idea to enliven the floor. You can redecorate your bathroom by installing the patterned tiles and wainscoting. Both are interesting to enliven your bathroom interior. The dark grey panels in this bathroom are very attractive. It gets the geometrical patterns on the surface.

Make It More Alive with Patterned Floor

Meanwhile, the floor matches the bathroom wainscoting. The light grey accents are showy and make a beautiful contrast. Then, two paint colors separate the walls perfectly. The dark grey paint and the white paint bring a different impression. You can add other accents like wall lamps or ornamental plants in this bathroom.

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These are ideas for bathroom wainscoting. The wall panels are stunning to redecorate your bathroom. It makes a new dimension on the wall. Many ideas of bathroom panels to cover the wall. You can get the more stunning panels to renew your bathroom interior. Also, you can makeover some details like displaying a painting, or photograph and installing an artistic trim between the half wall. Hopefully, this post will help you to decorate your bathroom wall. Good luck and happy decorating!


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