18 Soft Palette for Living Room Wall Paint to Create A Livable Space


Davidrayhomes.com – Wall paint is an important element in interior design. It determines the atmosphere and brings a different perspective. So, you need to choose the wall paint to describe the nuance. The soft palette is ideal to create a calm impression in your living room. It brings a spacious impression and is easy to design. Here, we have 18 Soft Palette for Living Room Wall Paint to Create A Livable Space.

  1. Light Blue Living Room

Blue is the color of the ocean. It brings a calm and natural impression. Here, is the light blue wall paint. This blue shade is almost faded and looks grey. Besides, it looks catchy to brings a spacious perspective. This design enlivens a classic nuance.

Light Blue Living Room

You can choose a palette with the rich color of blue if it is too pale. Look at the interior. This living room gets brown furniture and brown carpet. There are ivory accents, such as the pillows and desk lamps. You will also see the vertical frames between the mirror.

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  1. Soft Green Living Room

Try another fresh color. Here, is the soft green wall paint. Let’s peek at this room. The soft palette is a neutral color to create a spacious impression. The soft green wall is interesting to match white accents. Thus, there are few white accents in this room.

Soft Green Living Room

The white curtain is sweet to give privacy from the outside. Moreover, the white window will strengthen the white accent on the wall. This living room has a white ceiling too. Meanwhile, the furniture is a light grey sofa and a comfy stool. In addition, put a few cushions and a decorative frame on the wall.

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  1. Light Grey Wall Paint

Light grey is a calming color. You can choose light grey to create a soft palette living room. This color is neutral, so it fits any decoration. For example, the light grey living room is stunning with white accents. The white shade is the best companion for a soft palette.

Light Grey Wall Paint

It is more useful when having more light. If you have a large window, then open it and invite sunlight. You can add a pair of white curtains to create privacy. Meanwhile, the furniture is attractive with a neutral color. Maybe dark grey or white sofa will be the best.

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  1. Peach Theme for Boho Living Room

The peach theme is one of the popular colors for a soft palette theme. This color has a bright impression with light shade. The peach color is useful to improve brightness in a room. Then, the room designer put furniture with the same theme.

Peach Theme for Boho Living Room

This idea is an interesting Boho living room. This peachy room has a few wood accents. The wicker accents will add a natural accent. Also, you will see the soft pink comforter and cushions are catchy. This Boho living room has an ornamental plant in the corner of the room.

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  1. Grey Living Room with Greyish Accents

The grey color is a mysterious palette. It fits white and black accents. This living room uses grey color for wall paint. The grey atmosphere dominates this room. It is a bit gloomy but catchy. The best color companion is white.

Grey Living Room with Greyish Accents

The white accent can invite a brighter atmosphere. Look at this idea. There are white accents on a window frame, curtain, door frame, and other accents on the wall. Meanwhile, the furniture is a soft grey sofa with black cushions. Also, it has a wooden coffee table in the mid.

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  1. Matching Grey and White in Living Room

The grey color is the best match for white. The grey and white can create a monochrome design. This living room is an example of grey color with white accents. The light grey is dominating the atmosphere through wall paint. Also, you will see the sofa with navy cushions.

Matching Grey and White in Living Room

Meanwhile, the white color is on the ceiling. It creates a balanced design for the room. Moreover, this room has a few white decors. The fireplace with the wallshelf is white. Also, there is a white cabinet and another wall shelf.

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  1. Use Beige Wall Paints

The beige color is a combination of grey, brown, and white color. It is another soft palette to decorate your living room. The beige living room is interesting for people who love a calm atmosphere. This theme fits any color, especially white and black.

Use Beige Wall Paints

The beige living room is stunning to have contrasting accents. Maybe you can add a sofa with cushions, a coffee table, carpet, a comforter, and others. If you like to thrive indoor plants, then put a few plants in the living room. The soft palette wall paint is perfect for these all.

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  1. Impressive Dark Grey

Dark grey is an elegant color. It brings a mysterious impression to the room. Dark grey can be your choice to repaint the wall. You will get a soft palette in a darker shade. Look at this idea. The dark grey wall is stunning to decorate the large wall.

Impressive Dark Grey

Moreover, it gets exposure to sunlight from two sides. Even though this room is darker, it has a calming nuance. This room reduces bright accents to create a calming dark atmosphere. Even the furniture is dark. See the blue sofa and dark cushions. These elements are stunning to decorate the living room.

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  1. Add More Wall Accents

The wall accents are useful to improve a room’s design. Even in a calming living room, the wall accents can improve the decoration. Let’s see this idea. The wall accents are on the wall area. The fireplace gets many ornaments. These tiny items fill the upper area like a crowd miniature.

Add More Wall Accents

Besides, the other accents are in the wall cabinet. This cabinet is inside the curvy wall storage. Moreover, this living room gets a few ornamental plants on the table and near the fireplace. In addition, there is more than one lamp, so it looks a bit crowded. This design is suitable for people who love ornate interiors to create a comfortable room.

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  1. Calming Brown and Black Theme

The brown color is an earthy tone palette. It has a bold to soft color. This is a brown living room with black accents. The brown wall paint is the main element in this room. This paint color is a bit bold, so they bring a warm impression.

Calming Brown and Black Theme

Moreover, this living room has brown flooring too. The light brown floor is more interesting with a black carpet for the living room. The furniture is in dark color too. Near the wall, there are an indoor palm and a wall painting. This living room is stunning to revive the calm atmosphere.

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  1. Ivory-White for A Scandinavian Room

It is another calm palette. The ivory-white color is common used as a calming accent. It looks catchy to cover the living room wall. This palette fits any room, like a Scandinavian living room. The concept of simplicity and nature is perfect with ivory-white.

Ivory-White for A Scandinavian Room

This living room has a few natural accents, such as a wood cabinet, coffee table, and chair. Also, it is interesting to put a comfy sofa with a comforter. Moreover, this living room has few ornaments to enliven the design. There are dried grass and a fresh Alocasia. Also, you can hang a few frames on the ivory-white wall.

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  1. All Brown Theme

Using one theme is perfect to decorate a living room. You can try the brown theme from floor to wall. This idea will show you how. First, use the wood element to cover the floor. The wood flooring is easy to combine with any design.

All Brown Theme

Then, repaint your wall with brown paint. Pick the shade that fits your floor. It is okay to use bold to soft brown. After that, design the furniture with a brown theme as well. There are a brown sofa and wood chairs. The dark wood chairs will be a striking point in this room.

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  1. Add Furry Brown Carpet

Most living rooms have additional accents. For example, a comforter, carpet, and cushion. Here, is a furry brown carpet for the living room. This element is comfortable to put on the living room floor. It brings a comfy step when walking in the living room.

Add Furry Brown Carpet

Moreover, you can choose the color that fits the room. Many carpets with attractive designs and colors. In addition, put cushions or comforters on the sofa. This comfy object is useful for a sweet accent. These elements will complete your airy living room with a soft pallette.

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  1. White Living Room

The neutral color of all time is white. You can match a white color with any color. It works well in a living room too. This idea represents the white wall paint for a soft palette living room. The white wall can reflect the colorful accents from other elements.

White Living Room

This living room has a large window that invites sunlight. In this room, you will see a beige sofa with cushions. It contrasts with the white wall. In front of it, there is a white furry carpet with hexagonal patterns. Also, it has a glass table with a metal frame.

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  1. Calming Peach Wall Paint

The peach wall paint is a cheerful color. It brings a bright impression to the room. Look at this idea. The peach wall paint is calm and fits any decor. This living room has an ornate design. There are green accents near the wall, like ornamental plants and a bold green sofa.

Calming Peach Wall Paint

It has a calm nuance with an ornate design everywhere. Look at the floor. The light wood is perfect to match the peach wall. This color will enliven a natural impression in this room. Besides, this room has a Boho-Classic nuance. The rich patterns like a carpet, cushion, eccentric indoor slipper, and wall decor.

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  1. Peachy-Pink Color with Plants

The peach color is easy to combine with other colors. There is peach and pink wall paint. It creates a calm and cheerful impression. This wall paint will brighten the interior. Take a look at this idea. The living room has some ornaments near the wall.

Peachy-Pink Color with Plants

It is an idea for a cabinet living room. This look is what you get when decorating with plants. There is a mini Alocasia in a pot. On another side, there is a big indoor cactus and a green hanging plant. The peach-pink room is a common design to get more than one plant.

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  1. Soft Brown for A Warm Impression

Let’s jump to the soft brown idea. It is a neutral wall paint to enliven an earthy tone nuance. The soft brown is perfect to bring a spacious impression. Here, is a soft brown living room with many ornaments. This room shares the same wall as the kitchen.

Soft Brown for A Warm Impression

Thus, both rooms get the same theme. Look at the wall. There are tiny green plants and miniatures on the wallshelf. Some candles shine on the wall and create a warm impression. Meanwhile, the furniture gets brown cushions in different shades. A few mustard accents are stunning to put in this room.

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  1. Vibrant Peach with Accents

The peach theme is a vibrant color to decorate a room. This is a nice idea to show a peach theme for you. It brings a spacious impression to the room. The peach color is interesting for a charming living room. This idea uses a short sofa and lets the wall empty for a larger impression.

Vibrant Peach with Accents

There is a Monstera plant in the corner of a peach wall. Even this green plant uses a peach container. This living room has a soft beige sofa with cushions. Also, there is an ornate carpet on the floor. Next to it, there is a striking coffee chair.

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Thus are 18 Soft Palette for Living Room Wall Paint to Create A Livable Space. Most of them are stunning to combine with any design. Even the ornate design won’t change the calming nuance. The wall paint dominates the entire design, so it is the key before designing a living room. Hopefully, you will find the best idea to apply in your living room. Maybe this article will help you to design it. Happy decorating!


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