Contents – The kitchen is an important room in a house. This room should be comfortable so people can prepare meals easily. The U-shaped kitchen layout is one of the popular designs for kitchens. This layout is versatile and works best for large and small areas. Also, the U-shaped kitchen has three adjacent countertops. Here, 17 U-Shaped Kitchen Design: Remodel Your Kitchen On-Trend Colors below!

  1. Beautiful Kitchen with Plants

The first idea is a common design for the kitchen. This room has many green plants on the windowsill. It is a beneficial indoor garden to store fresh vegetables. You can grow Basils, Mints, Cilantro, and other small herbs or vegetables. Also, you can grow an ornamental plant to sweeten this room.

Beautiful Kitchen with Plants

Besides, this kitchen has sunny windows. It provides enough sunlight for plants to grow better. Moreover, this kitchen is simple with a U-shaped layout and light color. White paint is a perfect color as the background. Then, you can add other kitchen appliances to the countertops.

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  1. Modern U-Shaped Kitchen

The modern interior is one of the popular designs for kitchens. It uses the most shinny accents like cabinets and wall shelves. Also, soft brown wood is quite common in a modern kitchen. Look at this design. It has wood doors for lower cabinets and wall cabinets.

Modern U-Shaped Kitchen

Moreover, warm lights are important to create a warm atmosphere. You can pick an orange-white light for the kitchen. Then, put these lights on some spots. Besides, put all kitchen appliances in the cabinets. You can display a few kitchen things on the countertop to sweeten the room.

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  1. U-Shaped Green Kitchen with A Small Island

A U-shaped kitchen is versatile for large or small rooms. Some homeowners prefer to add a kitchen island. It is a beneficial accent to put meals after cooking. Look at this idea. The green kitchen has a nice white countertop like a kitchen island.

U-Shaped Green Kitchen with A Small Island

The white and green theme is stunning for a small room like this. The wall cabinets are simple to put on a wall. Meanwhile, add some wall shelves on another wall. You can add some plants to sweeten the interior. Also, display some kitchen appliances on the white countertops.

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  1. A Cozy Beach-chic Cottage for Kitchen

The cottage interior is stunning to enliven a chic design. This U-shaped kitchen is interesting with a light color. The combination of white and blue colors is stunning for this kitchen. The white tiles are practical for a kitchen backsplash. Meanwhile, the blue accents are striking accents for this wall.

A Cozy Beach-chic Cottage for Kitchen

Besides, this kitchen has an attractive island. There are four white stools as an alternative to the dining room. This U-shaped kitchen is quite attractive with wooden planks on the ceiling. Also, it has a pair of cottage lighting to support the cottage-like atmosphere.

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  1. White-Soft Brown Kitchen

White and soft brown are catchy colors for a kitchen. Both are light colors that invite brightness. This U-shaped kitchen is a bright statement for this design. The white accents are walls, cabinets, and ceilings. Meanwhile, the brown materials are natural accents for the white color.

White-Soft Brown Kitchen

This U-shaped kitchen has attractive timber patterns on the countertops. There are kitchen appliances on this spot. Also, the wooden floor is perfect to enliven a natural impression. This kitchen is more stunning with sunny windows. You can install a blind for privacy.

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  1. Elegant Concrete Design for Kitchen

A concrete design brings an elegant impression to the kitchen. It is one of the popular materials for interior design. Look at this design. This kitchen enlivens a natural impression. The stone-like color is a perfect color for wood accents. Thus, there are wood accents like wood plank and floor.

Elegant Concrete Design for Kitchen

Meanwhile, the kitchen countertops are simple. Only a few things that you can see in this place. Moreover, there are two classic pendant lights on the ceiling. It will complete the interior of this concrete kitchen. Besides, this room is better with natural light from the windows.

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  1. White Kitchen x Skylight Window

The white interior brings an attractive kitchen. It is a stunning design for a U-shaped kitchen. Look at this idea. The wall is white which makes it perfect to get any colorful accents. This kitchen has a nice grey backsplash. Also, the wall cabinet is stunning over the countertop.

White Kitchen x Skylight Window

This white kitchen is quite attractive with green plants. You can grow some plants on the windowsill. They will get enough sunlight from the window and skylight. It will invite natural brightness into this room. Therefore, this kitchen interior is beneficial for all homeowners.

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  1. Classic White Design for U-Shaped Kitchen

A classic interior is interesting for the kitchen. White and other neutral colors are nice to enliven this room. It is more stunning with wood accents like floors and brown lampshades. Moreover, add kitchen appliances on the countertops. For example, there are plants, fruits, and some wooden trays.

Classic White Design for U-Shaped Kitchen

Furthermore, this white kitchen is more interesting with two small stools. These classic stools match the kitchen cabinet. You can use this kitchen island as an alternative dining room. Despite all that, this U-shaped kitchen looks simple for preparing meals.

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  1. Elegant Kitchen in Monochrome Theme

Monochrome is a versatile theme for any room. Let’s see this U-shaped kitchen with a monochrome theme. There are white and grey colors to make a stunning interior. White is the basic theme and grey put some accents in this room. You can pick both colors from light to dark shades.

Elegant Kitchen in Monochrome Theme

Besides, this kitchen is interesting with dark grey cabinets. Some plants decorate the countertops. Moreover, add some lights to layer the atmosphere. The warm yellow-white lights are stunning to enliven a warm ambiance. You don’t need to put ornate things in to make it interesting.

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  1. U-Shaped Kitchen with Neutral Palettes

Neutral color is a key to decorating a stunning kitchen. This kitchen has some colors like white walls, grey kitchen appliances, grey tiles on the floor, and brown countertops. There are attractive timber patterns that make a neutral statement. Even the wall cabinets and backsplashes get the same accent.

U-Shaped Kitchen with Neutral Palettes

This kitchen is beneficial to grow some plants too. You can grow herbs and small vegetables on the windowsill. This room is warmer and brighter with this window. In addition, put some ornaments on the wall to fill blank spaces. Also, install a big ceiling light to bring a neutral atmosphere.

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  1. Use Shiny Cabinets for U-Shaped Kitchen

It is another modern idea for a U-shaped kitchen. This room has shiny cabinets with neutral brown color. Almost all accents are soft brown. The interior is quite stunning from the floor to the ceiling. The countertop is made of shiny material. It reflects the tiny lights beneath the hanging cabinets.

Use Shiny Cabinets for U-Shaped Kitchen

Moreover, this U-shaped kitchen is clean and neat. It has no messy things on the countertops. Also, this room is easy to clean because every accent has a soft surface. You can save all the things in the cabinet or display them on a transparent shelf. This kitchen will bring a new level of modern design to you.

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  1. Modern Kitchen with Natural Accents

A modern interior looks stunning to match natural accents. It is versatile to combine with other designs. Look at this idea. This kitchen is super cool with wood accents everywhere. The wooden floor is the first accent to think of before adopting this style. Then, the wooden wall and kitchen cabinets will make a warm impression.

Modern Kitchen with Natural Accents

Besides, this room has a nice combination of black accents. This kitchen design has some orange lights in some spots. Ensure that you put the orange lighting in the decorative spot like beneath the cabinet. Also, this room has a white wall on one side. It is useful as a variation of wall designs.

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  1. Add A Simple Kitchen Wall Cabinet

The wall cabinet is a must-have thing for the kitchen. It is important to save kitchen appliances and store food ingredients. Some people install a simple wall cabinet for the kitchen. It is an additional cabinet above the countertops. This storage consists of shelves with or without doors.

Add A Simple Kitchen Wall Cabinet

Look at this idea. This kitchen has a nice wall cabinet. It has a long horizontal mirror as well. It looks stunning and a bit spacious with a reflection in the mirror. You can adopt this design for your wall shelf. Also, you can use some spaces above the cabinet for saving things.

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  1. Light Farmhouse Kitchen

The farmhouse interior has an interesting design for cottage-like nuance. This U-shaped kitchen has a stunning Farmhouse design. The white shade is one of the popular colors for classic designs. Almost all sides are white. This kitchen has light grey cabinets with a mild accent.

Light Farmhouse Kitchen

Both colors are stunning to make a statement of Farmhouse’s nuance. Moreover, it has a shiny window that invites bright sunlight. Besides, there are wood accents like the wall shelf and two seats. This design can be a nice option for your U-shaped kitchen.

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  1. Mid-Century Design for U-Shaped Kitchen

Let’s move to Mid-Century design. This U-shaped kitchen has a rich accent from the Mid-Century style. There is a showy backsplash that covers all the kitchen walls. Another accent is a black cabinet and kitchen island. Like a common Mid-Century design, this kitchen has some wood accents.

Mid-Century Design for U-Shaped Kitchen

There are wooden wall shelves, wooden planks for lights, and wooden trays. For decoration, you can put ornamental plants in an eye-catching place. There are plants on the wall shelf and kitchen island. Moreover, put two stools for this kitchen island. Thus, you will get an attractive Mid-Century U-shaped kitchen.

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  1. Modern Kitchen x Industrial Accents

It is another modern kitchen. This U-shaped kitchen has an open space design. It combines Modern and Industrial designs. The kitchen cabinets are modern and stunning with grey shades. Also, the kitchen wall is neutral with white paint.

Modern Kitchen x Industrial Accents

Besides, this kitchen gets an Industrial backsplash design with raw bricks. Also, this kitchen has bright skylights. This point is stunning to invite sunlight. Like other rooms, it is beneficial to grow some green plants. Meanwhile, for lighting, you can install two golden lights on the ceiling. It is stunning to use a showy accent for lighting.

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  1. A Homey Interior for U-Shaped Kitchen

This is a simple design for a U-shaped kitchen. It is for everyone who loves a homey interior. This white kitchen is interesting with wooden cabinets. The timber patterns are stunning for an eccentric accent. Moreover, the interior is quite simple. You just need to put kitchen appliances in blank spaces.

A Homey Interior for U-Shaped Kitchen

Then, ensure that it won’t make a cluttered design. Otherwise, you can save some kitchen appliances in the kitchen cabinets. Also, it is better to have a window. Add a white blind to make privacy in this kitchen. Besides, think of lighting that will bring a different nuance. You can pick orange or white lighting.

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Thus our discussion about 17 U-Shaped Kitchen Design: Remodel Your Kitchen On-Trend Colors. This kitchen layout is stunning to get any design. There are designs like Industrial, Modern, Classic, etc. that you can try for your kitchen. Despite that, maybe you need a reference to make an attractive interior. Hopefully, this post will help you to decorate your U-shaped kitchen.


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