19 Winter Bedroom Ideas for Celebrating Christmas


Davidrayhomes.com – Some regions celebrate Christmas during the winter seasons. The winter season has a cooler temperature that needs warmer designs. You can keep your house warm by decorating the rooms properly during winter. The bedroom design should get things that warm you at night. You may need a thick blanket, bedsheet, and comfortable pillow. Besides, your bedroom also needs a Christmas touch to celebrate that special day. Here are nineteen ideas for winter bedrooms during Christmas.

  1. Winter Bedroom with French Design

French design is identical to elegant furniture. Here, you can see the multiple layers from different accents. First, decorate the bed with a white bedsheet, then add a comfortable blanket and a comforter. Look at the footboard as you see the comforter with macrame edges. It looks sweet and matches the neutral colors.

Winter Bedroom with French Design

Besides, this bedroom has a catchy interior. It has a dark bench that is useful for storage. Meanwhile, the white chair in this room is cute. It is nice to decorate the corner near the window. Since it is winter, use more white colors like installing white curtains.

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  1. Install A Partition, Add A Nice Christmas Tree

Decorating a master bedroom needs the best design. This bedroom has an extra privacy. It gets a transparent curtain as a partition. The white curtains hang on the wooden plank on the ceiling. To bring Christmas vibes, it has conifer leaves on that wooden plank. Also, install a sparkling chandelier on the ceiling.

Install A Partition, Add A Nice Christmas Tree

Moreover, there is a Christmas tree near the footboard. That tree gets various ornaments like snowflakes, marbles, and other items. Also, you put some gifts under the Christmas tree. These decorations go in neutral colors that make a cohesive design.

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  1. Decorate A Rustic Winter Bedroom

The Rustic interior is quite popular to bring a warm impression. You can copy this design to redecorate your bedroom during winter. This room has a wooden frame for a comfortable bed. The white bedsheet and blanket are stunning in contrast. Also, there are bedside table and two wooden furniture on both sides.

Decorate A Rustic Winter Bedroom

This room looks warmer with a Christmas tree on the footboard. It is designed on a Santa-like chart. The simple wooden frame makes a perfect Rustic chart to load the tree. The Christmas tree is quite interesting with a bunch of ornaments. Also, the string light will enliven the warmness during winter Christmas.

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  1. Add More Candles

Lighting is one of the keys to warmer the bedroom during winter. Therefore, having more lights will be a nice solution for your bedroom. This idea tells you how to enliven the warmness of candles. You can pick orange-light candles to put in various places. They can be electric candles or conventional candles.

Add More Candles

Look at this idea. There are candles near the window and bed. In addition, you can hang string lights near the curtains. The orange lighting brings a dim ambiance that looks warm. This design works best in dark bedrooms. Besides that, you can bring warmth to your bed by adding more blankets.

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  1. Layering Your Beds with Blankets

Winter seasons can bring a frosty temperature to your house. Sometimes, the heater won’t work well, and can feel the cool air. Therefore, add more blankets to your bed. Layering yourself with many blankets will keep you warm when sleeping. Besides, you can use the attractive blankets as an additional design instead of taking random blankets.

Layering Your Beds with Blankets

Furthermore, take the blankets with patterns. Maybe you will love to feel classic then pick the old-fashioned ones. The floral pattern is a common design for classic style. Otherwise, it is cool to use the neutral colors on your bed. Also, arrange some pillows on your bed to get comfortable bed.

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  1. A Comforter to Sweeten Your Beds

Some people need a comforter to sweeten their bed. It is helpful to add accents instantly. Most comforter has a different color than the bedsheet. To make the best design, you can use a dark comforter on a white bedsheet. Let’s see this idea. The dark green comforter makes a nice statement on the bed.

A Comforter to Sweeten Your Beds

It has a pompom on the edges. Also, this dark green comforter sweetens the green-white interior. Look at the bed. You will see the green pillows on the bed with conifer tree images on them. Meanwhile, other pillows get stripped lines in green and white. Besides, it is more stunning to put a Christmas tree on the corner.

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  1. Blue and White Bedroom

A neutral theme is identical to soft colors like white, soft brown, soft green, blue, etc. Here, we see a nice bedroom with blue and white colors. The bold blue comforter is striking on a white bed. Other blue accents are decorative pillows. This bedroom looks warm with more blankets on it.

Blue and White Bedroom

Moreover, you can bring Christmas vibes to this room as well. Add some Christmas designs on the mirror and dressing table. It looks interesting to put a natural wreath on it. Also, add a string light around the conifer leaves ornaments.

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  1. Christmas Bedroom x Traditional Accents

Winter season is a time to redecorate your bedroom. You need extra blankets if you don’t have a proper heater. Besides, you can make it interesting by making a colorful interior. Then, add the traditional accents on your bed like comforters and pillows.

Christmas Bedroom x Traditional Accents

This bedroom uses traditional fabrics as comforters. It is okay to have two comforters in different colors. The pillows are more interesting with the same design as your comforters. Moreover, put a Christmas tree on the corner. Add string lights to make it alive.

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  1. Apply a Green-White Theme for Cozy Winter Nights

This is another green-white interior. There is a classic bedroom with a metal bed frame. It has a headboard that loads a romantic placard. Meanwhile, the bedding style is quite interesting. There is a group of green pillows. The white pillows make a nice separation between the green ones.

Apply a Green-White Theme for Cozy Winter Nights

Furthermore, the bedsheet is common in white. It gets a dark green sheet as a sweet accent. Also, there is a dark green blanket with white conifer tree patterns. It looks stunning to get a warm impression. Moreover, add a Christmas tree on the corner. You can enlighten it with string lights.

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  1. How to Make It Feels Classic

The classic interior will bring you back to the old design. It is a common way to feel the time. You can try to apply a classic design to your winter bedroom. First, clean the wooden bed frame. Then, add a white sheet and a striped line sheet. After that, add a soft green blanket to make it look warm.

How to Make It Feels Classic

This bedroom has several pillows to make a comfy place. In addition, there is a Christmas painting on the wall. You can add a Christmas tree in this room as well. It looks stunning if you put in some ornaments. Moreover, install dim lights in this room, then you will get a romantic ambiance at night.

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  1. Try to Make It Sweet with Pink

The pink color can bring joy into your bedroom. It is one of the sweetest colors to enliven a bedroom. You can redecorate your Christmas bedroom with pink decor. First, put on a white bedsheet and blanket. Then, replace the pillowcase with a pink-white color. Also, add a pink-white comforter to sweeten your bed.

Try to Make It Sweet with Pink

Furthermore, you can bring Christmas vibes to your bed by having a Christmas tree on the corner. It looks striking with ornate designs and string lights. Moreover, add Christmas ornaments on the wall and footboard. The Christmas wreath is very popular to decorate a room.

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  1. Let’s Design A Warm Bunk Bed

Do you have a bunk bed? It is one of the multifunctional furniture for kids’ bedrooms. Also, you can use multiple beds for guests. During Christmas days, it is interesting to decorate the bunk bed. Then, try to make it feel warm with orange lights. The orange lights are more beautiful to enliven a dark bedroom.

Let's Design A Warm Bunk Bed

Moreover, add decorative accents like a Christmas tree. You can decorate this tree with your family before having them in the bedroom. Besides, the bedding style is quite attractive. There are monochrome pillows and blankets. Add cute dolls to sweeten the bed.

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  1. Whitish Theme to Taste the Winter Vibes

White is one of the most popular colors nowadays. It looks too good with any interior design. Moreover, white is close to winter vibes as it is identical to snow color. First, pick the white paint to color all sides of the bedroom. Then, install white lights on the ceiling.

Whitish Theme to Taste the Winter Vibes

After that, decorate this bedroom with an interesting Christmas tree. You can add decorations like snow flakes and conifer leaves. For styling up the bed, add a white bedsheet and a thick white blanket. Moreover, you can add a fluffy mattress if winter is so cool in your region. Don’t forget to light up the fireplace to get warm.

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  1. Bring Christmas to Your Bed

Christmas is a blessing time to get joy and family time. You can bring Christmas vibes by decorating your bedroom during winter. This bedroom is catchy with a tray of Christmas stuff. There is a miniature white house that resembles the winter season. Also, you will see a conifer tree in green and wooden versions.

Bring Christmas to Your Bed

This bedroom will inspire you to get warm. There is a red blanket on the bed. The red-white pillows are stunning to steal your attention. Moreover, this bed has a cute green railing on the headboard. Look at the cute tiny socks. You will love to have them in your winter bedroom.

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  1. Cute and Cozy Red Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse design will bring a traditional vibe into your house. You can adopt this idea to decorate your winter bedroom. Let’s see this room. There are red accents on the white bed. The cute fabrics are stunning to be your pillow case as well.

Cute and Cozy Red Modern Farmhouse

Besides, use a Farmhouse bedframe to get a traditional touch. If you want more classic accents, install a white blind on the window. It helps you to filter sunlight into this bedroom. Also, get some Christmas stuff to enliven the interior design.

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  1. Move Your Bed to Window

Winter seasons bring snowy things outside. You may see the snowy view from your bedroom window. Thus, move your bed near the window. The cool temperature is perfect for enjoying the view with a cup of hot tea. This bedroom is one of the best spots during winter seasons.

Move Your Bed to Window

Look at the designs. The white bedsheet with stripped lines is simple. It gets a grey thick blanket that makes an accent. Moreover, there is a side table to put your small stuff. It is okay to get one more light near the window.

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  1. How to Make It Warm with Classic Theme

This is one of the classic bedroom designs. The floral wallpaper is a common pattern for classic rooms. This wallpaper is separated with a black trim. The half part on the bottom is grey. Their vertical lines are classic and make little accents.

How to Make It Warm with Classic Theme

Meanwhile, the bedding style is quite interesting. It gets some blankets to protect the dwellers from winter temperatures. Also, some comfy pillows are interesting for sweetening the bed. You can bring the warmness by having an orange light on the corner.

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  1. Neutral Interior for Bedding Style

It is a nice interior for a winter bedroom. This room has many neutral colors like soft brown, soft green, and soft grey. The grey wall is catchy to draw a mysterious impression. Then, add furniture with lighter colors like brown tables, white curtains, and colorful beds.

Neutral Interior for Bedding Style

The bedding style is interesting with various blankets. This bed gets a warm brown blanket. The floral accents are classic. Then, layering your bed with comforters. After that, arrange the various pillows based on the colors. Moreover, add Christmas accents like green conifer lines.

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  1. Design A Flawless Peachy Bedroom

Do you want a cheerful impression of a bedroom? You can try to use peach wall paint. It is a light color that reflects light very well. Moreover, design your bed with peach blankets and pillows. Look at multiple layers on the bed. It brings warmth to your bed during winter.

Design A Flawless Peachy Bedroom

To celebrate Christmas, you can put a Christmas tree on the corner. Then, add string lights to make a sparkling accent. It is more interesting with a natural wreath. Add the conifer leaves as well to decorate your bed frame.

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These are ideas for the winter bedroom. The interior design during winter is identical to Christmas. Therefore, you can bring Christmas accents into your winter bedroom. It looks interesting to have a Christmas tree, snowflake, conifer tree, decorative tree, etc. These elements will warm your bedroom interior. Moreover, add thick pillows and blankets to get a comfortable bed. Hopefully, this post will help to get the best design for a winter bedroom. Good luck!


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