16 Ideas for Kitchen Countertops That Will Refresh The Ambiance


Davidrayhomes.com – The kitchen countertop is an important part of kitchen stations. It is where you prepare and cook before having meals. Also, the material of the kitchen countertop will make a big difference between those designs. The kitchen countertop will bring a different impression to the interior design. It is one of the big parts and its color matters. For example, the wooden countertop brings a traditional impression. It looks stunning to match any kitchen design. Here are sixteen ideas for kitchen countertops that will inspire you. Let’s read on the lists below!

  1. White Marble Countertop

The white marble is an elegant material as a kitchen countertop. It looks stunning to decorate a kitchen station. The marble material has a nice accent on its surface. Moreover, this countertop looks clean in white colors. Therefore, you will know when you must do a deep cleansing in your kitchen.

White Marble Countertop

Besides, this kitchen has a stunning interior. The kitchen cabinet is catchy in pale green colors. It matches the white countertops very well. Meanwhile, the kitchen backsplash gets both colors, white and pale green. This kitchen is quite interesting with its classic nuance.

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  1. Black Countertop for An Elegant Design

The next idea is a black countertop. It is a common design for an elegant impression. The black countertop matches any kitchen station. Look at this idea. The kitchen station has a catchy design with cream-white cabinets.

Black Countertop for An Elegant Design

This kitchen countertop is stunning to match the backsplash. There is a monochrome theme with black dots on white tiles. Meanwhile, the golden faucet makes an eye-catching accent on the black countertop. Moreover, you can install some wall shelves for displaying your kitchen stuff.

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  1. Bring A Clean Impression in White

The white countertop is a popular choice to make a clean impression. Its bright shade will match any color. This idea will inspire you to get a white countertop and white cabinets. The golden door knobs are stunning to decorate the white furniture. Moreover, this countertop looks interesting to get any display on it.

Bring A Clean Impression in White

You can arrange the kitchen tools near the backsplash. Take some things in the same spot like using a kitchen tray. Those things should be the most useful things for preparing food. Also, it looks fresh to get indoor plants on the countertop. Besides, you can match the white countertop with grey tiles on the wall.

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  1. Taking Grey Tiles for Kitchen Countertop

Tile is a useful material for any room. You can install the tiles as your kitchen countertop. First, choose glossy and strong tiles before using them as countertops. The glossy tiles are easy to clean by wiping their surface after cooking.

Taking Grey Tiles for Kitchen Countertop

Besides, you can consider the color as well. The grey tiles are stunning to decorate your kitchen. It brings a bright impression to the countertop. This kitchen uses the same tiles for the countertop and backsplash. In addition, cover up the rest of the wall with white tiles, if you want to make a full wall decoration.

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  1. Matching Black Marble x Cream Theme

Black marble is elegant for home design. You can take it as your kitchen countertop. The black marble countertop is stunning to match any interior. This kitchen countertop has a glossy surface and looks strong. The bright marks on its surface are attractive for this kitchen.

Matching Black Marble x Cream Theme

Meanwhile, this kitchen has a nice design. The cream-white cabinets are catchy to match the golden door knobs. This kitchen is more stunning with a bright backsplash. It is made of tiles that are easy to clean. Besides, it is more interesting to put some plants on its surface.

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  1. Wooden Countertop

The wood material is useful for all interiors. You can even take it as your kitchen countertop. The timber patterns are natural and bring a warm impression. Also, some wood materials offer different textures, strengths, and patterns. Therefore, you can consider the type of wood first before installing it as a countertop.

Wooden Countertop

Look at this kitchen countertop. It has a glossy wooden countertop. The warm brown color is refreshing in this kitchen part. Also, you can match it with a white backsplash and orange lights. Moreover, this kitchen countertop is more attractive with decorative stuff in a little tray. You can even grow indoor plants as well.

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  1. Stone-Like Countertop

The stone material is identical to the natural grey color. Some designers use grey color to bring a stone-like impression. You can try this idea on your kitchen countertop. This design is made of grey stone. It has a cool texture and soft surface.

Stone-Like Countertop

The smooth surface of that stone is easy to clean. You can wipe the dirt on it with a wet cloth. Besides, this material is durable. You don’t need to redecorate your kitchen countertops for years. Moreover, it is easy to sweeten this countertop with indoor plants and kitchen stuff.

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  1. Monochrome Theme for Countertop

The monochrome theme is very popular for home design. It is useful to decorate indoor or outdoor design. For this idea, it looks stunning to sweeten the kitchen countertop. The combination of white and cream colors is stunning. It brings a bright impression with a soft theme.

Monochrome Theme for Countertop

Besides, this countertop is quite attractive. The cream color is quite catchy so pay attention to your kitchen. Moreover, the countertop is easy to clean by wiping its surface. This idea is brilliant to use the same theme for countertops and backsplash.

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  1. Using A Classic Cream-White Theme

This is a classic kitchen design. It enlivens the traditional nuance by having lots of pale patterns. When looking at this room, you may notice the patterned backsplash. That point is quite striking in this whitish room.

Using A Classic Cream-White Theme

Meanwhile, the countertop has the same theme. That cream-grey countertop is interesting to cover the cabinets. The patterns are stunning and look like stones. Moreover, it has a glossy surface and looks fine to cook and prepare food. Also, you will love this design to get old-style details like curvy wall cabinets.

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  1. Installing Granite Countertop

The granite material is interesting for decorating any room. Most room designs have granite as a floor, wall, bathtub, and even the kitchen countertop. It has a sturdy texture and soft surface. Thus, granite is a nice option to make a kitchen countertop. You can take it into your notes before redecorating your kitchen.

Installing Granite Countertop

This kitchen has little stone patterns on it. The granite is stunning to match any decoration. Here, this kitchen has a white station and storage. Also, there are cream wall cabinets that fill the above part. Moreover, this kitchen is quite stunning with green plants on its countertop.

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  1. How to Match Kitchen Island and Station

Kitchen islands and kitchen stations are two useful things. Some kitchens have an island to serve food after cooking. Sometimes, it is useful as a dining table or another kitchen countertop. If you have both things, you can mix and match their countertops. It is okay to have the same theme.

How to Match Kitchen Island and Station

Besides, it is more stunning to get a different design. This kitchen countertop is attractive with warm colors like grey and wooden countertops. Most parts are brown and cream-white. Even the kitchen countertop is warm with wooden materials. Meanwhile, the kitchen island uses stone-like materials.

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  1. Colorful Terrazzo Countertop

The Terrazzo theme is an eye-catching design. It looks attractive to decorate your kitchen countertop. The cheerful colors will make it interesting. That theme is versatile because you can combine it with other colors. Besides, we recommend you have bright accents like peach, cream, or white cabinets.

Colorful Terrazzo Countertop

Meanwhile, you can connect the kitchen countertop with the backsplash. That backsplash is stunning to have the terrazzo theme as well. Moreover, the upper side has vertical accents on the wall. Also, it has a wall shelf to separate both patterns on the wall.

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  1. Natural Grey Countertop

The grey color is useful to make a brighter accent. This kitchen countertop will bring a natural impression. Look at this idea. The kitchen countertop has a stone-like appearance. It brings an outdoor nuance with its natural color. You can install it as a bathroom sink as well.

Natural Grey Countertop

Moreover, this countertop is more beautiful to get decorative accents. Take some kitchen tools in a tray. You can even add an indoor plant to that place. Also, that grey countertop is attractive to match the white backsplash. Both designs will bring a brighter nuance to your kitchen station.

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  1. Taking Warm Colors

Warm colors are useful to change the ambiance. There are orange, red, and brown that are quite popular to bring a warm impression. This kitchen countertop gets warm wood. It is stunning to cover the peach cabinets. The black door knobs are catchy to match the peach colors.

Taking Warm Colors

Besides, this kitchen is interesting with a colorful backsplash. Look at that wall. The colorful tiles are quite attractive for this kitchen. Moreover, there are decorations on the wall that are quite ornate. Meanwhile, the floor is showy with a colorful rug. This kitchen can bring a cheerful impression if you want to adopt this style.

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  1. Light Grey Countertop

The grey color has many shades. You can try the light grey color to decorate your kitchen countertop. This element is useful to get a brighter ambiance. That light grey looks perfect to match the white wall. Moreover, this kitchen has a very interesting accent in a tray.

Light Grey Countertop

Also, this kitchen countertop is a nice match for light brown cabinets. The wood materials offer nice patterns. The dark door knobs are interesting to decorate the cabinets. Moreover, you can install a wall shelf to add more storage in this room.

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  1. Charming White-Grey Countertop

The white-grey countertop is interesting for redecorating your kitchen. Those colors are useful to brighten that spot. This idea has a white countertop with grey patterns on it. The white color is the biggest part of that countertop. It matches the white wall as well.

Charming White-Grey Countertop

This design is catchy to decorate the bathroom sink either. The bright color will reflect lights better. Therefore, this countertop looks showy. Also, you can clean it once you see the dirt on its surface. Moreover, this white-grey countertop is durable because it is made of sturdy materials.

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These are sixteen ideas for kitchen countertops. The countertop is an important part of the kitchen. You need it to prepare and cook food. Also, it is where you install a kitchen sink and stove as well. Therefore, this place should be easy to clean. Some countertops have glossy surfaces that are easy to wipe with a wet cloth. Also, certain designs are interesting with beautiful patterns on them. Hopefully, this idea will inspire you to decorate your kitchen countertop. Good luck and happy decorating!


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