19 Bathroom Shelving Ideas: Find Best Storage Design from Narrow to Spacious Room


Davidrayhomes.com – The bathroom is an important room in every house. This room should have proper storage to keep all things neatly. Many people have started using some shelves or cabinets in their bathrooms. Therefore they can display, store, or keep the toiletries safe. Many dwellers want to make it comfortable as well. They can put other things to complete the decoration. The bathroom shelving will make the bathroom more stunning. It is better to have storage in any bathroom, even the narrow ones. Here are ideas for bathroom shelving for narrow to spacious rooms. Let’s check the lists!

  1. Wall Shelves and Basket

The first idea is wall shelves and baskets. This white bathroom is interesting with a few wooden shelves on the wall. It takes a small corner between the toilet and shower room. This position is ideal to get the toiletries from both sides. You can try this idea to redecorate your bathroom storage.

Wall Shelves and Basket

Moreover, it is more interesting to get some baskets. These wicker baskets are useful for loading dirty clothes, blankets, or other clothes. Also, you can thrive on indoor plants on the wooden shelves as well. Put some plants that love humid environments and tolerate low light. This storage will make an attractive point in your bathroom.

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  1. Add Some Trays

Trays are useful to put some things together. These containers are interesting as well. Many ideas of trays that you can put on your bathroom countertop. This bathroom shows some trays that load some toiletries together. Every tray is useful to classify the things in this room.

Add Some Trays

For example, you can put your skincare products in the same tray. Meanwhile, another tray is useful to load toothbrushes, tooth paste, and mouthwash. If you need more space, take the bigger trays. Then, you can store the toilet paper, towels, or other things. This bathroom shelving is suitable for narrow or spacious rooms.

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  1. Minimalist Wall Shelves for Tiny Things

Minimalist interior design is very popular. It suits every room with minimal things and fewer patterns. This design is interesting to get a useful bathroom shelving as well. Look at this idea. The bathroom shelving is neat and put on the wall like a built-in shelf.

Minimalist Wall Shelves for Tiny Things

Even though this bathroom shelving is narrow, it can load a few things. There are candles, small plants, and decorations. Then, arrange those things with spaces to make them neat. Moreover, this bathroom shelving won’t declutter the interior. You can try to have this one on your bathroom wall.

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  1. Add Floating Shelves

The floating shelf can be a solution for your bathroom shelving. It is aesthetic to fill your bathroom wall. This floating storage has many shelves. You can divide the storage with a mirror and another side for doorless storage. That storage has few shelves to load some things.

Add Floating Shelves

Meanwhile, the mirror is useful to replace the wall mirror. Some designers may design it as a sliding mirror. Therefore, it is possible to slide the mirror to open another shelf. Then, you will get more shelves to load more things in the bathroom. Moreover, you can use some plants to decorate this room.

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  1. Bathroom Shelf Ideas for Toiletries

Let’s move to a bathroom shelving for a bathroom with two sinks. This design is practical because it has two mirrors on the same wall. Therefore, you can use the sink with your partner, friend, or kid. Look at the countertop, then you will see some little containers. Those containers are useful for loading toiletries.

Bathroom Shelf Ideas for Toiletries

Besides, there is a vertical wall shelf in the corner. This corner shelf is simple to add more storage to this bathroom. You can put the small plants, decorations, or tiny toiletries that need more space. Moreover, this is a nice place to put your bathroom fragrance.

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  1. Start Arranging Your Stuff Neatly in Corner Storage

This is another vertical shelf for the bathroom. It looks simple because it doesn’t take up lots of space. This storage is in the corner of the room. Next to storage, there is the bathtub. The storage is like the built-in shelf that lines with a bathtub. Therefore, this design is simple and won’t declutter the interior.

Start Arranging Your Stuff Neatly in Corner Storage

Then, start arranging your bathroom stuff in this storage. Use the top side for small things like indoor plants. You can put a tray to collect some things or store your bathroom stuff. Also, put the clean towels on another shelf. That will make your bathroom shelving better.

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  1. Vertical Wall Shelves for A Small Bathtub

A small bathroom needs proper storage that fits its room’s size. Let’s see this nice storage for a small bathroom. There are few storage in this room but you may notice the vertical shelf at first. It is an interesting storage with narrow shelves. Every shelf loads a monochrome basket.

Vertical Wall Shelves for A Small Bathtub

Look at how neat this storage is. The basket is useful to classify your bathroom stuff neatly. It is interesting to keep all things well-managed. Meanwhile, there are other storage in this room. The wall storage near the bathtub is useful for your soap and shampoo bottles.

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  1. Take Twin Wooden Shelves

The wood material is useful for many pieces of furniture. Here are two wooden shelves that are put in the corner of the bathroom. Every wooden shelf is useful for loading many bathroom things. Since there are two shelves, you can add more things to that storage.

Take Twin Wooden Shelves

Look at the things inside them. Some towels and baskets take the place. Meanwhile, you can put your toiletries in the trays or baskets. Moreover, if you want more accents, it is okay to display an ornament or indoor plant.

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  1. Add Your Books Collections

Reading a book is a nice activity. Some people prefer to read their books in a calm place. Maybe you can try to do it in the bathroom. Here is a nice idea to make a bookshelf in your bathroom. The bookshelf is on the wall like a built-in shelf.

Add Your Books Collections

The bookshelf is near the bathtub. Therefore, you can enjoy your bathing time while reading a nice book. This activity will be more chilling at night with night sky scenery. Moreover, you can put other ornaments like plants, frames, and other decorations.

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  1. A Corner Shelf

This is an attractive shelf for bathroom shelving. It is suitable for narrow or spacious bathrooms. The corner shelf is a nice idea to add more space for your toiletries. Even though this bathroom is spacious and has some storage, it has a corner shelf for decoration.

A Corner Shelf

The corner shelf loads some small things. There are indoor plants, light displays, and nice trays. Moreover, it brings a fresh interior with unique furniture. Before adding this shelf to your bathroom corner, you need to determine the materials to use. This idea uses wood materials that look similar to another storage and keep a balanced theme.

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  1. Two Storage for A Spacious Bathroom

This is a spacious bathroom with nice storage. The wooden sink is a useful storage as the sink. It has a white countertop and wooden materials to form the cabinet. Also, on the left side, there is a toilet paper holder. This cabinet has shelves to store your bathroom stuff inside it.

Two Storage for A Spacious Bathroom

Moreover, there is a floating cabinet on the wall. This floating storage has a mirror. It is a practical design because it gets stored with a mirror in the same furniture. The mirror can be a door for the storage. Meanwhile, the shelves on the left are useful to display your indoor plants and other things.

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  1. Let’s Combine Wall Shelves and Bathroom Cabinet

A bathroom should have an indoor cabinet. Sometimes, it needs the wall shelves to get easy access for reaching bathroom stuff. This bathroom is useful with wooden wall shelves to load some baskets and trays. It makes the bathroom stuff neat and well-arranged.

Let's Combine Wall Shelves and Bathroom Cabinet

Meanwhile, the lowest part is a cabinet. It is a part of that bathroom storage. This cabinet fits the bathroom corner neatly. The cabinet is safer to store your bathroom stuff from dust. Moreover, you can display indoor plants to get green accents.

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  1. Traditional Ladders in Bathroom

A classic design will bring a new interior to your bathroom. You can take a ladder as a bathroom shelf. It needs your creativity to change the ladder as a storage. Look at this idea. The ladder has a few wooden shelves. There are things that you probably need to decorate a bathroom.

Traditional Ladders in Bathroom

You can put the toilet paper and towels on the shelf. Ensure that you put them on the right shelf, so they won’t declutter the toilet when you using it. Moreover, add some ornaments like indoor plants and attractive things on the shelf. Besides that, you will see the bathroom cabinet near the toilet. That storage is more stunning with green plants.

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  1. Wooden Cabinets and Wall Shelves

Many room designers use wood materials to decorate a room, especially the interior. This idea uses most wood materials for the bathroom shelving. The bathroom cabinet is the largest storage in this room. It can fit any room size, from narrow to spacious. Therefore, it is better to add a cabinet as a sink first.

Wooden Cabinets and Wall Shelves

Then, you can add vertical storage on the corner. It is interesting to fill the corner or empty side of your bathroom. Look at this idea. The wall shelves make a perfect vertical storage. Those shelves also have a cabinet on the lowest part. Then, decorate this storage with plants, towels, and your bathroom stuff.

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  1. Add Some Wicker Baskets

Baskets are useful things for some homeowners. They can take some baskets whenever they need extra storage.  Here are baskets that fill the storage in this bathroom. It can be a nice choice for a small bathroom that needs bathroom shelving. The baskets are useful to keep the bathroom stuff clean and neat.

Add Some Wicker Baskets

If you can a vertical wall shelves in the corner, you can add wicker baskets for extra storage. Those baskets will declutter the interior. Also, you can classify your bathroom stuff for every basket. Moreover, it is more stunning if you have some indoor plants on the shelves.

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  1. Multifunctional Wooden Bench

The wooden bench is commonly put in the bedroom or entryway of a home. Here is another function of a wooden bench in the bathroom. You can make it as a bathroom sink and cabinet as well. This wooden bench has one shelf to load a basket and some towels.

Multifunctional Wooden Bench

Meanwhile, the lowest part gets two baskets with its seals. Those additional containers are useful to keep some things. You can use it as a basket for dirty clothes. Moreover, the upper part of the bench is interesting with some plants. The green accents will make the sink look attractive.

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  1. Let’s Make It Aesthetic with Wicker Things

Wicker things are aesthetic to decorate a bathroom. Many room designers take some wicker baskets to add an accent. This idea will show an attractive wicker thing for your bathroom. It is a wicker cabinet to load some bathroom stuff.

Let's Make It Aesthetic with Wicker Things

This wicker cabinet has an arch design that makes it stunning. Also, it won’t let your bathroom stuff get out of the cabinet because there is a wicker wall. This storage is quite attractive to match a classic interior. Look at how it fits that bathroom. The wicker shelves are very eye-catching to load those things.

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  1. A Bathroom Frame Mirror as A Shelf

Are you looking for a unique design for bathroom shelving? This idea will give a new idea for you. There is a wall mirror with a useful frame. That big frame is interesting for loading some ornaments. There are indoor plants and little displays on the frame sill.

A Bathroom Frame Mirror as A Shelf

This bathroom shelving is optional and may help you to load those little things. Also, if you have more things to keep inside a bathroom, add some wall shelves. You can start decorating it near the bathroom sink or bathtub. That will give a nice solution to the lack of storage in the bathroom.

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  1. Use A Hanging Shelving

Hanging shelving is the easiest way to add storage. Every room can get a handler to hang some things. You can even have it in the bathroom as well. Look at this design. The wall handler has some hooks. Every hook gets things like a towel and cloth.

Use A Hanging Shelving

Moreover, the upper part of a handler is useful for loading little things. Here are useful for small toiletries, shampoo, soap, and skincare products. This idea will be more stunning with a little mirror on the wall. Make it the part of that handler like this one.

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These are nineteen ideas for bathroom shelving. Every shelf is useful for loading bathroom things. Also, every shelf has a unique design and is very interesting. You can add some decorations like indoor plants, photographs, paintings, or books on the bathroom shelf. Before taking the best storage, observe your bathroom size to determine what type of shelving to put in the room. Hopefully, this post will help you to find the best one. Good luck and happy decorating!


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