18 Bedroom Chair Ideas: From Functional to Cozy Design


Davidrayhomes.com – A bedroom should be a comfortable room. It is a room where you sleep and rest. Therefore, you need to consider the most comfortable furniture to put in this room. The chair is one of the additional furniture in the bedroom. It is functional as a reading nook, dressing chair, or just chilling near the window. Many designs of chairs bring a different nuance to your bedroom. Here are 18 Bedroom Chair Ideas: From Functional to Cozy Design. Let’s discuss!

  1. Swivel Chair

A swivel chair is an interesting chair. This chair is quite comfy as a small sofa. It uses a wool seat or other comfy materials. This chair is short and has no legs. The main design is round and has short arms.

Swivel Chair

You can add it to your bedroom as a reading nook. Also, it looks comfortable as a chilling chair. The most attractive design is the blanket and comforter on the chair. Look at this idea. The pinkish pillows are stunning to match this grey sofa. Moreover, you can add a standing lamp to lighten this area while reading books.

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  1. Adding Woven Sofa

The woven material is quite comfortable for home furniture. You can use it as a comfy sofa in the bedroom. Pick the stunning color of sofa to match your interior. This sofa is interesting for decorating the white bedroom. It consists of two parts a sofa and a stool.

Adding Woven Sofa

This sofa has a special design. There are pillows and comforters to decorate this sofa. It is useful as a reading nook because there is a standing lamp. Also, it has a little coffee table in the corner. For styling up, add an ornamental plant near the sofa.

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  1. Comfy Sofa as A Reading Nook

This is another comfy sofa for a bedroom. It is a big size for a single sofa. The design is quite comfortable with low arms. Also, this sofa has a tufted design on the back. This design is attractive as a classic accent.

Comfy Sofa as A Reading Nook

Moreover, there is a wicker basket on the corner. It is functional as a container for pillows. The light brown color is showy as a decorative accent. Also, you can put a comfy pillow to decorate this sofa. The little table on the right is useful to load some small things.

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  1. Add A Blue Floor Chair

Sitting on the floor is chilling. Some people use mattresses to sit on the floor. Besides, you can use a floor chair to replace a mattress. It is a simple chair that you can move to any room. Look at this idea. The floor chair is way better than sitting on the carpet or mattress.

Add A Blue Floor Chair

It contains thick material that makes it comfortable. Also, many color choices that you can pick into your bedroom. This chair doesn’t need a coffee table but you can put one if you want to. Moreover, you can add ornamental plants to sweeten the interior.

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  1. Try to Add A Bench

A bench is a popular seat for the bedroom. Most benches are put near the footboard. It makes a luxurious impression on the bed. Some benches are functional as well. It is more than a decorative thing as a seat. You can put your pillows or run down the comforter on it.

Try to Add A Bench

Moreover, the trench is also useful as a bench. It can be an additional storage for your bedroom. Some designers make it stunning as long storage. Also, the material of the bench will bring a different nuance. The velvet material will make it luxurious. There is also a rattan or wooden bench to get a natural touch.

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  1. Long Comfy Sofa

A long seat is suitable for a bedroom. It can be your chilling seat near the window. The design is comfortable to put your feet on its comfy mattress. Look at this idea. The long sofa is like a small bed. You can even sleep on this sofa or take a nap.

Long Comfy Sofa

Besides, this idea is attractive to be your reading nook. The low arms are helpful to hand your book. Also, this sofa has a small pillow on the back to make it comfier. If you need a light then put a standing lamp near the sofa. Moreover, you can add a small coffee table.

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  1. Rattan Chair

Rattan is an interesting material for home design. It brings a natural impression through its colors and textures. Look at this rattan chair. It looks classic with a simple design. This is more classic with wicker panels on the back.

Rattan Chair

Besides, this bedroom chair matches other furniture. There is a wall mirror with a rattan frame. Also, there is another rattan chair on the side. You can add a small table between those rattan chairs. Put an ornamental plant to enliven the interior.

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  1. Sofa with A Little Stool

A bedroom sofa is helpful for many purposes. This sofa is luxurious with its tufted upholstery. The white color can bring a clean impression to this bedroom. The large back and low arms are best designed to relax your back. You can use this sofa as a reading nook or chilling.

Sofa with A Little Stool

Moreover, add a little stool to complete this design. You can use the stool to relax your feet. Also, it is easy to move the stool when you don’t need it. In addition, put a little coffee table between the chairs. It is useful to load small things like an indoor plant.

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  1. A Cute Sofa for Reading Nook

This is a cute sofa to decorate your bedroom. It can be a nice accent in the corner. Look at the beautiful low backrest and arms. These accents are stunning for your cute bedroom. The peach color will brighten the interior design.

A Cute Sofa for Reading Nook

There is a round little pillow on the sofa. It has a little accent that makes it more stunning. Moreover, put ornamental plants in the corner. Pampas grass is very popular for this interior design. Also, you can add a little stool to sweeten the design.

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  1. Drowning in A Bean Bag

The bean bag is a chilling seat. It is functional as a seat and decorative accent. Most people have the bean bag as a floor seat. Look at this bean bag. It is quite big as a floor seat. The comfortable material makes it fluffy as if you are stuck inside.

Drowning in A Bean Bag

This bean bag is interesting as a reading seat. You can enjoy your book while sitting peacefully. Moreover, you can take a standing lamp to brighten the sitting area. Once you need to change the spot, it is easy to bring out your bean bag.

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  1. Hammock Chair with Macrame

A hammock is very popular to tie on two poles or trees. It is a comfy swing chair when you enjoy the nature. Nowadays, many designers take hammock chairs indoor. It can be an alternative if you need a unique design for your bedroom.

Hammock Chair with Macrame

Using macrame is a common idea. Thus, take the strongest macrame to design your hammock chair. Maybe you need strong wood to help it stay open as a chair. Then, add a comfy mattress to create a seat. Then, add a comforter to enliven your hammock chair.

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  1. A Simple Wooden Chair

A simple chair is okay to complete your bedroom. You can take it as a common chair like what people have in the living room. Maybe you need it as a reading seat or just window sitting. This chair is made of wood and has a basic design.

A Simple Wooden Chair

It uses a wooden frame with two arms. The only mattress is on the backrest and seat. Sometimes, designers don’t add any pillow and let it bare. This chair is classic with its simple design. Also, you can add a standing lamp to brighten this chair.

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  1. Design A Bird-Cage Chair

This is a unique chair for the bedroom. The birdcage chair will attract attention to your bedroom. It is very eye-catching to decorate your interior design. The bird-cage is stunning with a golden frame and comfy little seat. There is also a cute bird doll.

Design A Bird-Cage Chair

Moreover, you need a professional designer to install this unique chair. It needs a strong installation like the swing chair and hammock chair. Once you get this hanging chair, you can decorate the interior. Add some little decorations on the birdcage.

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  1. A Round Rattan Chair

Rattan chair is an interesting idea to get a natural impression. It is made of rattan materials. Look at this idea. Rattan chair can make any shape. Look at this round rattan chair. It is stunning with a round frame and a comfy seat on it.

A Round Rattan Chair

The best part of this idea is the plants. A lot of green plants that enliven the design. You can use the rattan basket to thrive on those plants. Also, add a small table to load some little things. Moreover, take a standing lamp or wall lamp to enlighten this sitting area.

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  1. A Cute Rocking Chair

This is a rocking chair. It is not made of rock or stone. This wooden chair can swing up and down. The rocking chair is a common design for an elderly chair. Besides that, the rocking chair is as comfortable as a bedroom chair. You can relax on this chair and enjoy your time.

A Cute Rocking Chair

Also, this rocking chair has a comfy seat and backrest. There is a little pillow on the head. You can add decorative things like an ornamental plant in this room. If you put it in the corner, then install a wall lamp or standing lamp. These things will help you to create a nice sitting area.

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  1. A Versatile Sofa

The multifunctional furniture will help you to decorate your bedroom better. This is a versatile sofa for the bedroom. It consists of a comfy chair and a small stool. The main chair is functional as a common seat. You can sit on this chair with your feet touching the floor.

A Versatile Sofa

Meanwhile, the little stool is functional to put your feet on it. Therefore, it is more comfortable while sitting on this chair. Moreover, this chair has low arms for your hands. The low backrest is helpful to relax your neck. This design is more attractive with a coffee table and ornamental plant.

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  1. Wool Bean Bag with the Frame

The bean bag has various materials. There are linen, cotton, and wool materials for bean bags. If you want more fluffy textures then go on a wool bean bag. It brings a comfortable touch while sitting on it. Also, your back won’t get hurt by lying on this seat.

Wool Bean Bag with the Frame

Look at this cute bean bag. It gets a black frame to keep it stays still. Therefore, this bean bag won’t move any inch. Moreover, this design is simple and elegant. There is an indoor tree that makes a beautiful background. Also, you will see a nice standing lamp on the side.

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  1. Curvy Sofa That Fit Any Room

The last idea is the curvy sofa. It is a modern idea to get a stunning interior. This sofa has a curvy back and arms. The sunken back is suitable for people who want to relax their back. Also, the tufted upholstery brings a comfy touch. Moreover, the small pillow fits this sofa very well.

Curvy Sofa That Fit Any Room

For styling up, you can put a little coffee table in this room. You can make it a simple reading nook. Add some small indoor plants to sweeten the design. Also, put a wicker basket as a natural accent in this area. It is more stunning to open up the window when you enjoy your time on this chair.

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These are ideas for bedroom chairs. All of them are functional as a seat in the bedroom. Besides, some of them are interesting with unique designs. You can pick the most attractive chair to fit your bedroom. It looks stunning to take the comfy and versatile one. If your bedroom uses a floor mattress, a bean bag and floor chair will do best. Otherwise, if you want a luxurious impression, then take the bench or simple sofa. For more unique accents, you can install the hammock chair, swing chair, or birdcage chair. Hopefully, this post will help you to determine the best chair for your bedroom. Good luck!


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