Japanese Low Style Dining Table For Informal And Formal Dining


Standard dining room in general, there should be a dining table with at least 4 chairs with the back and legs for small dining room, but for a larger dining room, it can use more than 4 seats. Determination of the form of dining table there can be a variety of there is a box-shaped, round shape, rectangular shape and even there is a triangular shape. The use of dining chairs there are also various types, there is a standard chair dining room, stool or sofa.

In this article we will discuss about low dining room. Where Low dining room is not eliminating the standard dining room in general but make dining table and chair is lower than the standard dining table size in general.

Low Dining Room

Low Dining table is basically a Japanese dining style. Where the Japanese people are accustomed to eating with low dining table and as a cushion using a pillow that is placed on the floor using traditional Japanese materials called tatami.

But in this modern era, low dining became very popular with its simplicity, comfort, freedom and togetherness while enjoying a meal and chatting with each other. So comes the modern decor for low dining room, which although impressed for informal dining but can also be used as formal dining.

Low Dining Room And Table Ideas

Here, we will share some ideas and inspiration for those of you who want to have low dining table or dining room in your home.

Low Square Dining Table With Unique Low Chair

Low Square Dining Table gives the impression simplicity, unique but does not rule out its function as a dining table. This can be seen with the shape of the legs of a unique dining table that can be used as a storage area of ​​the chair, in addition there are unique dining table type chairs, it can be called as mini or small ottomans with arch shaped and wood material.

This dining table is perfect for informal dining and for those of you who have a small dining room, or can be used as an addition to your informal dining beside your formal dining room, if you have a larger room. This is good ideas and concept for simple unique and futuristic dining table.

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Low Chair with Backrest and No Legs Dining Table

This design is the development of the Japanese dining style that uses a pillow as a base for sitting, where added backrest like a chair in general to be able to lean, so sitting becomes more comfortable than without using chair backrest. With the additional backrest for the dining table chairs, will give the impression of formal dining as well as informal dining.

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Low Dining Room Table Adorable Design Japanese Low Dining Table Nice On Round Dining Tables

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Low Bench Dining Table

This dining table is perfect for informal dining, using bench as a chair for dining table, will make no distance between people with each other while sitting and eating together or side by side. In addition, with bench as a dining table chair will provide freedom and comfort to sit down to enjoy food and chat informally.

Low Dining Room Table Stunning Decor Low Dining Room Table Of Well Low Dining Table All Old Homes Contemporary

Combination Low chair and Bench Dining Table

This is so clean and elegant decoration for formal dining with low dining table and low dining room decoration. But I think it is not only for formal dining, why? Because there is a bench in the dining table. With the bench, will make the atmosphere in the dining room will look informal because the sitting position is more free, can sit together and not personal. This idea you can use if you want your dining room is used as formal dining or informal dining.

Low Dining Room Table Magnificent Decor Inspiration Low Dining Room Table Photo Of Exemplary Low Dining Room Table Low Height Dining Remodelling

Low chair With Backrest And Legs Dining table

This Low dining table ideas is for formal dining. This can be seen with the form of a very comfortable seat complete with seat pads and backrest, coupled with the legs of the chair makes the dining table does look very formal. In addition, the determination of material for dining tablenya using materialmarble adds a more prominent formal impression. But with the white stone decoration as a table art will bring a natural impression with the art bandage that gives formal firmness.

Low Dining Room Table Cool Decor Inspiration Low Dining Room Table Photo Of Well Dining Room Great Dining Tables Cushions And Fresh

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Pillow Chair Dining Table

As mentioned above, low dining table or dining room is generally used for informal dining, although in Japan, it can be used as formal dining. By eliminating chairs and using a pillow as a seat for dining, the atmosphere becomes very informal ,very comfortable, relaxed, full of freedom and intimacy to enjoy food and conversation. If you really like informal meeting with Japanese style low dining table. Here are some dining table ideas and dining room decoration that you can apply to your dining room to make your low dining room look very comfortable and elegant. Determination of the color of the room, lamps and pillow and rug will greatly affect your low dining room.

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Low Dining Room Table Amazing Ideas E

Low Dining Room Table Gorgeous Decor Low Dining Room Table Low Dining Room Table Worthy Cool Low Dining Room Table Home Best Designs

Low Dining Room Table Fair Design Inspiration Low Dining Room Table Simple Japanese Low Dining Table Amusing Dining Room Decorating Images

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