Davidrayhomes.com – A Bay window is a window design that creates a curvy style. Most of the bay windows look interesting for the exterior. It brings a castle-like window with a curvy shape. Meanwhile, a bay window adds a little space for the interior. Therefore, some people make it an alternative room for reading nooks, window seats, growing some indoor plants, and many more. You will love to see this interior in your bedroom. If you need fresh ideas for a bay window in a bedroom, read on the 17 Bay Window Ideas for Enjoying View from Bedroom below!

  1. Calming Bedroom in White Color

White is a popular color for the interior. It makes a spacious impression even in a narrow room. This color is quite good to enliven your bay window. Look at this idea. The bay window is interesting in white theme. The big windows dominate the wall. It even has a sliding window that goes up and down.

Calming Bedroom in White Color

Moreover, this bay window is beneficial to invite natural sunlight. It brings a warm impression that reflects on the white room. For styling up this room, you can add a beige or cream curtain. Also, arrange some chairs that fit the window. Meanwhile, you can add a decorative rug on wood-patterned floors. In addition, hang an Art Deco chandelier on the ceiling. These designs will make an attractive bay window.

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  1. Add A Comfy Chair

Furniture will change the impression of a room. You need at least one chair for a comfy bay window. This design is beneficial for a reading nook or resting nook. Therefore, you can add a chair in the bay window area, and then make a little design. Look at this idea. There are two comfy chairs and an extra little one.

Add A Comfy Chair

A coffee table is compatible with this resting nook. You can put on small things and some glasses. Moreover, sunlight will shine into the room through the window’s lace. These bay windows use a lace frame and a thin curtain. It is useful to manage sunlight that gets into the room.

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  1. Install An Attractive Window Frame

This is an attractive bay window. It makes a narrow room for resting. You can feel the breeze through its laces. Its frame is quite beneficial with a such design. Besides that, you can peek through the windows. It makes a good privacy from outdoors.

Install An Attractive Window Frame

Moreover, every bay window decorates one side of the wall. Then, add some chairs to fill this area. You can adopt a Bohemian design with rich colors. It is stunning if you put a Bohemian chair from a wicker rattan. Add some green indoor plants to decorate this place.

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  1. Make A Cozy Bay Window Seat

A window seat is of comfortable place for resting. Some people design a cozy window seat in a bay window. It has a little space to put a chair or couch. Look at this idea. This bedroom has a long comfy seat and a few cushions. It is against the window, so you can see the outdoor view.

Make A Cozy Bay Window Seat

Besides, this bay window has some blinds to make privacy. You can shut the window blind during a hot day. Moreover, it is beneficial to relax your mind by sitting at a bay window and seeing the rain or natural view. Furthermore, it is more interesting to match the interior. This light grey room is quite attractive with a white bay window.

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  1. Add Long Curtains for Your Bay Window

Decorating a bay window needs a calming accent. You can install a long curtain to create an interesting impression on the wall. The long neutral curtains will tell you why it looks catchy. This idea gets the best long curtain to cover its bay window. The color also matches the interior design.

Add Long Curtains for Your Bay Window

Moreover, this bedroom has a classic modern window. Every window frame has a nice cream color and sliding wings. This bay window is catchy to decorate your bedroom interior. Also, add a glamour chandelier to make a strong classic design.

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  1. Make A Small Room in the Bay Window

Do you want to add a little cozy space in your bedroom? This idea may help you to make it true. The bay window is quite small but comfy with a nice mattress. It is useful as a reading nook or resting nook. This design isn’t in line with the bedroom theme. It uses a pale green mattress to match a white seat.

Make A Small Room in the Bay Window

Furthermore, this bay window is more comfortable with deep green curtains. When you shut the curtains, it transforms the bay window into a small room. Also, it gets enough sunlight that brings a warm impression. For styling up, put an attractive doll and a patterned pillow. This small area will be your favorite one.

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  1. Simple Bay Window for A Narrow Space

This is another idea for a narrow space by decorating a bay window. It is made up of two big wardrobes on the wall. There is a short bench between these wardrobes. This bench has a storage beneath it or you can make it optional. Above the bench, is a comfy mattress.

Simple Bay Window for A Narrow Space

This bay window is quite simple to design. You can add a decoration like some attractive cushions. Moreover, you can install a blind to match the bay window. Pick the blind that gives enough privacy for you. Before installing a blind, you need to consider your window size.

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  1. Fall Bedroom Design with Neutral Colors

The fall season inspires some people to decorate their bedrooms. This seasonal design will transform the interior as if the fall season gets inside your room. You can start by decorating the bay window. Look at this inspirational design. The bay window has long brown curtains.

Fall Bedroom Design with Neutral Colors

The brown color brings out the fall season vibes. The window frames are simple in black. Meanwhile, the interior design is catchy, especially in bedding designs. There are dark brown pillows that match the white sheet. Also, the dark comforter only makes it sweeter.

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  1. Design A Simple Workspace near the Bay Window

Are you dreaming of a catchy workspace in the bedroom? This design will state to you. It has a simple workspace near the bay window. This place is quite interesting with many small windows on its curvy line. It seems that the workspace has a special space to enjoy an outdoor view from all sides.

Design A Simple Workspace near the Bay Window

This bay window is more stunning for a busy person who needs to do lots of work at home. Therefore, this catchy design will refresh their mind and ready to be more productive. Besides that, there are many window blinds to add privacy. The dark blinds are stunning color choices for this bay window.

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  1. Try to Make It Look Classic

A classic design will bring you back to a vintage style. It enlivens a nostalgic nuance with some modern touches. Look at this bedroom design. This room has a bay window in a stunning classic design. Brown, grey, and white change this room to bring an old impression. You can put grey color as the background on the wall.

Try to Make It Look Classic

Then, white is perfect for windows. You can add curtains or blinds if it is necessary. Besides that, the furniture is important to lead the classic impression. Therefore, add a classic couch and some tiny pillows on it. Next to the couch, you can add a coffee table to put an ornamental plant.

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  1. Design A Curvy Bay Window

It is a unique design for a bay window. This bedroom uses a curvy line to make a bay window. Look at how perfect the line is. It is interesting to install some white windows. This design matches the bedroom interior. You will see bright sunlight coming through the laces.

Design A Curvy Bay Window

Furthermore, add a few ornamental plants to decorate the white interior. It looks stunning to hang some string plants. Meanwhile, the interior design is quite attractive with a warm light and wall decors near the bed. Also, you can add curtains or blinds to cover it during sunny days.

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  1. Luxurious Master Bedroom with Classic Curtains

The master bedroom has a special design. Some people make a bay window for a luxurious master bedroom. This idea is interesting to enliven a classic impression. Look at the striking curtains. Most classic curtains get floral patterns to represent their style.

Luxurious Master Bedroom with Classic Curtains

Moreover, the neutral color matches any classic bedroom interior. You will love to use floral curtains to bring out this theme. For styling up the bay window, put some chairs with a coffee table. Also, decorate it with ornamental plants. It is more catchy to match furniture with bed sheets. In addition, add a classic bench near the footboard if it is necessary.

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  1. Design A Vintage Window Style

A bay window can be your option to invest in a vintage style in a bedroom. This area is quite attractive with a classic design. Look at this idea. The bay window has some long big windows. Every window has a classic frame that shows small rectangles.

Design A Vintage Window Style

Besides, this bay window is more classic with old-style furniture like wooden chairs. It is well-designed with curvy arms. This furniture makes the bay window look classic. You can add a striking carpet to decorate the floors.

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  1. Calming Theme for A Stunning Bay Window

The neutral color brings a calming nuance to a bay window. This idea will show you how. The soft brown curtains make the bay window more attractive. It enlivens a calming impression through its color. For the best design, choose the long curtains.

Calming Theme for A Stunning Bay Window

Moreover, add a comfy chair to fill an empty side of a bay window. This calming design needs a few brown accents like pampas grass or dried flowers. If you love to decorate more, add a rug to make a line around the chair. This idea is adaptive for any bedroom with a bay window.

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  1. Make It as A Reading Nook

Creating a reading nook is not difficult. You can take a little space from your bay window. This spot is stunning because it has an outdoor view to enjoy reading. Look at this bedroom. It has a bay window with a few wall storage. This design is practically a new room in the bedroom.

Make It as A Reading Nook

It even has a large mattress to read books. Also, there are other things in storage. You can display ornaments, and plants, and sort of. Therefore, this small bay window needs lighting to shine the area. You can add a desk lamp or wall lamp that you can plug in and out every time.

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  1. Bay Window Seat with Bluish-grey Theme

Blue and grey make an interesting combination for interior design. Both are stunning to decorate your bay window as well. This idea will show you how. The bay window is full of white. Meanwhile, the things around it are blue-grey. Look at the light grey sofa that makes an interesting accent near the bay window.

Bay Window Seat with Bluish-grey Theme

Nest to the bay window, you will see a comfy rug in blue-grey. This simple bay window is more interesting with green ornamental plants. You can add more plants if you prefer a mini jungle-like design. Moreover, it is okay to install some curtains too. You can choose white or light gray curtains.

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  1. Morrocan Bay Window with Lace

Moroccan design has a unique style. It represents the traditional style of Morocco itself. Look at this bay window. There are dark lace windows that make a Morrocan statement. It looks striking in a white bedroom. These windows make perfect privacy without making it look dark. Sunlight can get into the room through the tiny laces.

Morrocan Bay Window with Lace

Moreover, this bay window has two long curtains. The neutral brown color is useful to match the interior. Besides, the bedroom has a nice interior as well. Look at the cream bed that brings a calm impression. Also, another window against the bed is beneficial for inviting more sunlight. This bay window is compatible with a classic bedroom.

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These are ideas for bay window designs. Every design is interesting to make your bay window more alive. A Bay window is beneficial to add an extra tiny room in a bedroom. It is useful as a reading nook, resting nook, or decorating purpose. Most people decorate it by installing curtains, making a tiny room with a short bench, adding chairs and tables, and many more. All designs are stunning to inspire you to design the best bay window. Hopefully, this post is helpful to guide you in decorating a bay window. Happy decorating!


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