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Looking for a guest post for home improvement site? Do you have the article? If you are ready to submit it you have to read this article at first since we have regulation and accepted categories before the submission.

A guest post can be had a benefit as it can give a link to your website. It can drive visitors to your site or even giving authority but we do not publish all articles given as we have to sort it before publication.

How We Do Selection?

This is really important before you submit your article which is related to home improvement. You have to understand the selection process.

  1. Max 2 OBL per post
  2. 3+ Images
  3. 3+ Internal link to DavidRayHomes
  4. Informational Article
  5. No affiliate link

Once you have done about how do we select the article into publication. You can start writing based on the given information and you have to make sure that you should not against our rule or we will ignore your guest post submission.

Accepted Categories?

  1. Home Improvement
  2. Home Design
  3. Interior Design
  4. Exterior Design
  5. Gardening
  6. Landscaping

To submit your article, you may contact us through the following form.


To whom who have difficulties to contact us through the form, you can also send your guest post inquiry to this e-mail: [email protected].