17 Terrazzo Tile Ideas for Kitchen: Bring Every Kind of Chip Accents


Davidrayhomes.com – Decorating a kitchen is a challenging thing. You can design it by yourself and match your style. Some materials will make your kitchen more beautiful. For example, use the terrazzo tiles to bring accents. It is made of exposed marble chips on the surface. The terrazzo tiles are interesting to be your kitchen backsplash, kitchen flooring, and kitchen island. Before redecorating your kitchen, get new ideas and take a look at the ideas down below!

  1. Earth Tone Terrazzo Tiles

The earth-tone colors are interesting to redecorate your kitchen. It brings a natural impression to your kitchen. This idea will show a terrazzo kitchen for you. The backsplash uses eccentric terrazzo tiles. The chips are the best things to decorate your kitchen.

Earth Tone Terrazzo Tiles

This idea gets a smooth design as the backsplash and countertop are the same. The big terrazzo tiles bring a better design. This material has a rough surface that makes natural stone textures. Moreover, you can match it with light brown cabinets. Also, add the kitchen utensils on the countertop.

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  1. Colorful Terrazzo Tiles for Grey Cabinets

The colorful tiles will attract attention to your kitchen. This idea combines the grey accents and colorful chips from terrazzo tiles. The grey cabinets dominate the kitchen wall. It makes the biggest part as an interior background. There are some wooden accents on a countertop and wall shelf.

Colorful Terrazzo Tiles for Grey Cabinets

Meanwhile, the terrazzo tiles bring an eccentric accent. It looks stunning as a kitchen backsplash. The chips are big and small. You can make it more stunning by displaying some accents. There are green plants, some kitchen utensils, and a teapot.

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  1. Terrazzo Tiles for Kitchen Island

Let’s see another idea. This is a kitchen island with terrazzo tiles. The striking tiles will enliven the kitchen island. It brings a fresh design to this kitchen island rather than being plain. The tiny chips are helpful to add accents.

Terrazzo Tiles for Kitchen Island

Besides, this kitchen island is quite showy with colorful accents. There are orange and blue-green accents in the cabinets. Meanwhile, the wooden floor adds more brown colors to this kitchen. On the other hand, it is okay to leave the kitchen station plain. This idea will bring a balanced design.

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  1. Hit the Floor with Striking Orange

Orange colors are attractive to enliven an interior design. You can try to use orange when decorating your kitchen. Look at this idea. The terrazzo tiles are stunning to give color to this kitchen. The orange ceiling is the main color to guide this kitchen design.

Hit the Floor with Striking Orange

The kitchen backsplash gets stunning terrazzo tiles. The orange chips are useful for making accents. Also, other colors make it dense. Like other designs, the terrazzo chips put on bright background color. The white or cream background will bring out the terrazzo chips.

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  1. White Grey Kitchen Island

White and grey colors are the best match. Both will bring a natural impression and are easy to combine with any color. This idea will tell you how. The terrazzo tiles are interesting to give accents in your kitchen. There is a kitchen island with white-grey terrazzo ties.

White Grey Kitchen Island

Also, the kitchen backsplash gets the same tiles. It connects to the kitchen island as the interior design. Meanwhile, this kitchen has a stunning design with grey and white accents. The cabinets are shiny grey and most of the room is white. There is also a window that enlightens the interior very well.

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  1. Neutral Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are interesting for decorating a kitchen backsplash. Also, you can use this accent to redecorate the floor too. This kitchen is very inspiring with its terrazzo tiles. There is a stunning terrazzo backsplash. It connects to the terrazzo floor tiles.

Neutral Terrazzo Tiles

Both are interesting to add accents in this kitchen. The light brown cabinets match the terrazzo backsplash. Moreover, it gets string lights along the cabinets. It makes an eye-catching accent in this kitchen. Also, you can add black accents on kitchen stations like black faucets and kitchen sinks.

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  1. Eclectic Terrazzo Tiles

Eclectic is a popular interior design to revive old styles. It uses bold accents to bring out the classic impression. Look at this idea. The black chips are stunning to mark on the white floor. It is interesting to combine with light grey accents. The kitchen island and backsplash will make a brighter impression.

Eclectic Terrazzo Tiles

Meanwhile, you can open all windows to get full exposure to sunlight. This kitchen design uses wooden accents to fill another side of the floor. It brings a natural accent with its timber patterns. For styling up this kitchen, take some coffee chairs into the kitchen island. It is a simple design for a kitchen and dining room.

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  1. Extraordinary Cream Tiles with Accents

The cream color is a common choice to get a brighter design. This idea installs cream terrazzo tiles for the kitchen backsplash. It has dark chips that make a stunning pattern. The terrazzo backsplash also decorates the kitchen island. Both are stunning to make a full-patterned design.

Extraordinary Cream Tiles with Accents

Moreover, the kitchen cabinets are eccentric in soft green colors. It has the same shade to match the terrazzo tiles. Also, there are some ornamental plants on the countertop. You can arrange the kitchen utensils to sweeten the design. That will be nice to have some bulbs on the ceiling.

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  1. Grey Terrazzo Style Wall

Let’s move to the grey color. This is a kitchen design with grey terrazzo tiles. The grey tiles are more like a cream shade. The decorative tiles cover up the backsplash as an accent. It looks attractive with white lights below the upper cabinets.

Grey Terrazzo Style Wall

This kitchen interior brings out a clean impression. The light colors are helpful to brighten the room. Also, there is a nice lower cabinet with a wooden door. It is an eye-catching accent for the kitchen station. Besides, you can display some kitchen appliances on the countertop.

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  1. Monochrome Countertop x Colorful Kitchen

Monochrome is one of the popular themes for home design. You can bring this theme into your kitchen decoration. This is a monochrome kitchen countertop with terrazzo tiles. It looks striking on the kitchen station as the cabinets are white cream. The cabinets have a cute design with their wooden handles.

Monochrome Countertop x Colorful Kitchen

Besides, this kitchen has colorful accents. The backsplash gets red-orange, peach, and yellow tiles. These colors are stunning to makeover the side of the wall. Meanwhile, another side is full of windows. This kitchen is more interesting if you put ornamental plants in the corner.

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  1. White-Green Kitchen

The white color is versatile because you can use it for anything. This color is a nice match with green shades. Look at this kitchen. The light soft green is calming for kitchen cabinets. It brings a stunning impression between the white accents. The backsplash even gets the white tiles and string lights.

White-Green Kitchen

This design is more stunning with terrazzo tiles on the floor. The bright accents are helpful to make a spacious impression. Also, it is okay to have dim lights at some spots. These lights bring an elegant atmosphere.

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  1. Soft Brown Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is an additional station in the room. It can be the main station as well but some people use it as a simple serving table. This idea gets an attractive kitchen island. It gets terrazzo tiles to cover up the kitchen island. The soft brown color is neutral and matches any accent.

Soft Brown Kitchen Island

The kitchen island has a shiny surface. It looks interesting to be your dining table as well. Add decorations like an ornamental plant, a faucet, and a basket for fruits. Then, take some coffee chairs on another edge. It makes an interesting kitchen island for your new kitchen.

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  1. Attaching The Natural Stone

Stone has a natural pattern. You will see their patterns and look like marbles. This kitchen gets a stone kitchen island. It has the same shade as the kitchen floor. The terrazzo tiles are interesting for this elegant kitchen.

Attaching The Natural Stone

Moreover, this kitchen island connects to kitchen cabinets. Both have the same terrazzo tiles. It is more interesting to get some colors. There are dark green cabinets with golden frames. These colors are elegant to decorate this kitchen. You can add some lights to elevate a certain spot.

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  1. Calming Design for Classic Kitchen

The old style uses neutral colors. Sometimes, designers use pale colors to bring out that atmosphere. Let’s see this kitchen. The terrazzo tiles on the backsplash are an ideal choice. It gets along the wall shelf very well. There are small green plants to sweeten the backsplash.

Calming Design for Classic Kitchen

Also, the light brown countertop is a nice choice for pale green cabinets. This is one of the biggest accents in this kitchen. Therefore, the color of a cabinet is important to draw the interior. It gets the same shade as the terrazzo backsplash and enlivenes the interior. In addition, you can put white accents on the countertop.

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  1. Get to Match the Color Theme

The terrazzo tiles are better to match the kitchen interior. These terrazzo tiles decorate the kitchen backsplash very well. It matches the ceiling with bright colors. Look at this room that has two cabinets on the upper and lower part. Then, terrazzo tiles mark the best and most simple patterns for kitchen walls.

Get to Match the Color Theme

Moreover, this kitchen is neat with well-arranged kitchen utensils on a countertop. Always wipe on the countertop and kitchen backsplash to keep it clean. Also, you can add a kitchen rug on the floor. It is beneficial to keep your floor from any spoiled things while cooking.

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  1. Pinkish Terrazzo Kitchen

Bring a cheerful design that will change your mood. Maybe you need to makeover your kitchen with a pinkish theme. This idea has an inspiring design to add cheerful accents to your kitchen. The terrazzo tiles are eye-catching for kitchen interior design. It matches the pink cabinets and brings a cheerful impression.

Pinkish Terrazzo Kitchen

Also, this kitchen gets terrazzo tiles on a countertop. You can arrange the kitchen utensils on the countertop neatly. Moreover, the cabinets have eye-catching golden holders. These accents are quite striking to enliven the pink cabinets.

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  1. Match the Backsplash and Kitchen Island

The terrazzo tiles can bring a new dimension to the interior design. It has terrazzo tiles on the countertop. This accent adjusts the light brown tiles as the kitchen backsplash. This interior is quite simple with neutral colors. The kitchen wall is white and looks good to combine with any color.

Match the Backsplash and Kitchen Island

Moreover, this kitchen has some ornaments on the wall. Also, it is okay to put some indoor plants as well. These plants will bring a natural impression to the kitchen. Besides, the kitchen utensils can be your best option to decorate the kitchen countertop. Then, always clean the kitchen countertop and backsplash to keep it neat.

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These are ideas for terrazzo tiles for the kitchen. This tile has unique patterns like stone or marble patterns. Some home designers use terrazzo tiles for backsplash, floor, and countertops. These accents are stunning to enliven the kitchen interior. Also, the kitchen cabinets and some ornaments help decorate the kitchen. It is better to determine those elements to makeover your kitchen interior. Hopefully, this article will inspire you to add terrazzo tiles to redecorate your kitchen. Good luck with your decoration!


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