11 Stylish Wall Texture for Living Room, Make Them Cool!

stylish living room wall texture

Davidrayhomes.com – Wall texture is an important factor while decorating our interior. To make them cool we need something new where it should be combined with other unique concepts to create a beautiful mix. A living room should be designed properly because it would be the most enjoyable place at home. We tend to stay there almost all day long. That is why comfortability must be considered here as it could help boosting our mood.

Many people feel confused about designing their living room. They often ask, how to design our wall texture to make it more stylish? We have the answer here as we will list many designs for you. While waiting for the list, we should know why we have to apply stylish wall texture and which concept would suit this one.

Why We Design Stylish Wall Texture?

The main point of these ideas is to create our wall texture looks cool since that would set the focal point in our living room. On the other hand, it will also help to lift the other furniture concept score. Not only that but also the increasing of living room’s ambiance where we could get an astonishing atmosphere in our living room.

The other reason why we need to design wall texture. That would be the main focus on our living room view. We must understand that flooring and wall texture is the main interior concept. Then, we can design our ceiling if it is necessary. It depends on our needs, but we will need to design our wall texture for a big start.

Is Stylish Wall Texture Look Cool?

Of course, it would look cool on every side. If you wish to amaze your guest or family member, we suggest designing a stylish living room concept. Hence, it would also make the homeowner look younger than before. We are sure, everyone wants to have something cool for their living room. That is why we must turn mine to have uniqueness where it would be the best masterpiece. Therefore, we would also need a stylish coffee table and chairs here.

11 Stylish Living Room Wall Texture Ideas

Now, we would like to share a stylish wall texture where you can try applying it to your living room. We hope this one can help you to create a stylish living room that amazes everyone who sees it.

Natural Marble

natural marble wall texture

Combining marble as wall texture is really genius and must be applied by us. We all know that marble is something elegant. It also looks beautiful. Then we must think about the best part for the flooring combination where we can use simple flooring just like the image above.

Brazillian Concept

brazillian stylish wall texture

This one is quite popular for Brazillian since there are many houses which use this kind of interior and so do we. Try to use this concept if you want to create a new atmosphere for your home sweet home where it can increase its aesthetic level.

Black & White Brick Model

bricked stylish wall texture

We can see the design above contains Scandinavian with a bricked concept. Anyway, we can also add some sofa there. However, using a lounge chair would also help increasing its simplicity where it looks clearer than adding a sofa.


contemporary wall texture

We should know that contemporary design is the most beautiful one on earth. About 80 % of people tend to love this one since it is easy to apply besides its simplicity. Unfortunately, it could cost our pocket. That is why, if your budget is quite limited then you must skip this one.

Contrasting Bricked

contrasting wall texture

Have you take look at the design above? You should feel something odd since the brick looks shinning there where actually it is just an art applied there. We can DIY this one if by using a little bit of white cement then texture it to the bricks

gold marble wall texture

Pastel Stylish

pastel stylish wall texture

If you love pastel colors maybe you could apply this one. We can also combine it with wooden flooring to make it more beautiful. To combine it, make sure you must take a look at your furniture set whether it could fit or not.


scandinavian stylish wall texture

To those who like Scandinavian a lot. You can take a look at the design above. The fireplace also supports this concept to look both stylish and elegant. Then, the stylish coffee table really increases the atmosphere of its living room.

Simple Stylish

simple stylish wall texture

This design is really cozy. Imagine while staying there and reading some books. It would certainly increase the coziness. It does not use too much decoration since the wall texture and flooring have been strengthened this idea.

Victorian Monochrome

victorian stylish wall texture

People who love victorian style should take a look at the design above since it is also combined with monochrome to increase its elegance. Automatically, it would feel cozy to stay there. This one is really the best concept if we wish to have a stylish living room wall texture. You can try to apply the texture itself then combine it with your own choice.

Contemporary Bricked

white stylish wall texture

Do you love this design anyway? This one is really common and can be found almost everywhere on every continent. If you love a stylish concept with a limited budget. We suggest using this one since it would certainly fit everyone’s needs.

Which One Is The Best for Us?

Once again, we could not say which one would fit you. However, it depends on your living room condition. You can choose the wall texture then imagine if it is applied. It is all of your own choices. We just give recommendations, no string attached here. We suggest you measure with your flooring style at first then furniture set.

Creating a stylish wall texture for the living room won’t be something hard anymore. We hope you can find out some ideas here and improve it to have a better impression. One thing to be remembered do your own choice. If you love writing home improvement articles. We open an opportunity for everyone who wish to show their own style. You can post your article by visiting the write for us page.


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