5 Colorful Living Room Ideas


The living room might be the easiest room in the house to decorate because the options are almost endless. You have the option for a variety of lounge furniture such as sofa and accent chairs to work with, storage furniture such as credenzas and bookshelves to display sentimental objects, a broad set of lighting that is easy to accommodate such as ceiling light fixtures, table lamps or floor lamps, and of course soft, comfortable decor such as pillows and blankets that you can stow away for different occasions.

Simply put, there’s a lot of ways to add color to the living room. Here are five favorites of ours.

1. Accent Pillows

Simple, affordable, and easy to accommodate for different times of the year – accent pillows can be used in any household or apartment.

The trick with accent pillows is knowing how to contrast with your other decor. So, find a color that pops, but doesn’t confuse by contrasting it with your sofa or area rug.

2. Contrast Your Lounge Furniture

This living room is working with several different colors, but the most notable are the light purple sitting chairs. While they compliment the rug that has light blue accents, they contrast with the brown leather sofa – yet it works. Symmetry is playing a part here that brings the room together. So – consider how your additional lounge chairs work with your sofa or couch, and what degree symmetry might play in bringing your room together.

3. Embellish With Your Rug

If your living room has many softer tones in its main furniture, a colorful area rug can add an interesting dynamic to the mix. This room, for example, has soft colored curtains, seating, and incorporates white potted plants and white shaded table lamps. While it has a modern, formal theme, the rug provides texture and character with its many colors. Sometimes, you only need one colorful piece in a room to take it from bland to individualistic.

4. Go Green

Natural elements just look good together. Take this room for example – it uses potted plants, natural wood seating, leather upholstering on the sofa, a natural fiber rug and ceramic pots on the shelves and fire mantel, and it blends seamlessly. The great thing about using natural elements is that there is a certain timelessness to this look.

5. Make Use of Your Side Tables

iWhether it is a credenza or a side table, the living room is a natural place to add the decor that you love for your friends and family to see. Consider adding color in these areas along with your sentimental items and picture frames.

6. Tie Together All of the Decor

This living room perfectly demonstrates what it looks like when one chooses a color theme and runs with it. From accent pillows, coffee table decor, the area rug, and wall art, this room and its soft-white walls and white sofa pop.

So, there you have it – five ideas on how to add color to your living room. There are many different ways to do so – whether working with your decor, your furniture, rugs, or walls – and it’s possible for just about any dwelling type.


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