How to Choose The Right Roof Hatches for Sloped Roofs


Your roof is equally as necessary with the structures inside your building, which is why establishment owners will always choose to install roof hatches for easy access to their roofs whenever they need repairs, checkups, or any emergency access needs.

Unfortunately, adding roof hatches for the sloped roof can be tricky. But we cannot deny that the sloped roof does have its numerous advantages. Here are some of the benefits;

  • Energy Efficient- Sloped roofs preserve energy by allowing natural ventilation between the outer top and flat interior layers. This feature eliminates cold and damp air from the roof space during winter and expels hot air from the area during summer.
  • Stability– Sloped roofs are more effective and stable when dealing with rain showers and heavy snowfall because this roof design assists the direction of water away from the establishment. It eliminates the chances of waterlogging because water cannot rest on the roof surface for a very long time.

If you’re sure you’re going to choose a sloped roof for your establishment, and you’re not sure what type of roof hatch to install, then this is the article for you.

How to Choose The Right Roof Hatch

The angle of the sloped roof can be a little tricky for you to choose the perfect roof hatch. This is why selecting a standard roof hatch for your roof is not the most suitable option, although it is possible. Having ordinary roof hatches has its pros and cons.

Pros of Installing Standard Roof Hatches

  • Low Cost– Compared to other customized or made-to-order roof hatches, standard roof hatches are more on the budget-friendly side. If your budget is a little bit on the tight side, you should opt for this option.
  • Immediate Shipment– Ready-made or standard roof hatches are readily available since it is already manufactured and are most likely in stock for immediate shipment. If your roofing project needs to be done as soon as possible, this option will be an advantage.

Cons of Installing Standard Roof Hatches

  • Cannot Install Roof Hatch Railing- Roof hatch railing provides convenience and safety to anyone who needs to access your roof, like the maintenance personnel. This equipment acts as additional support or safety handle when accessing the top. In addition, some site conditions may also require having roof hatch railing as requested by the OSHA.
  • Decreased Opening Area– Since your roof is sloped, the angle of the roof may cause the standard roof hatch to have a lesser tip of the opening area. This issue can be a drawback for you, particularly if you’re trying to transfer massive types of equipment to your roof.

What is the Best Option?

Customized sizes for the pitched roof are the best option if you want a more convenient and long-lasting roof hatch. By having your roof angle measured, the manufacturer can build an accurate roof hatch for your roof. Here are the pros of having a correctly pitched roof hatch for a sloped roof;

Pros of Installing Customized Roof Hatches

  • Larger Opening– Since the angle of your roof is accurately measured, manufacturers can create a roof hatch that will allow you to have a larger opening despite the slope of your roof.
  • Roof Hatch Railing Can Be Installed– Since your roof hatch is built with its customized size that will be preferable for the angle of your roof, roof hatch railings can also be made according to your roof’s measurement.
  • Less Demand on Hardware– Having customized sizes will give you the accurate roof hatch your roof needs; therefore, when installing, you don’t need to put so much effort into the hardware area.

For a broader idea of the best roof hatch for a sloped roof, consult your local roofing contractor or roof hatch manufacturer.


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