How to Transform Your Home From Summer to Fall


Can you smell the pumpkin spice in the air? That’s when you know that the summer season is coming to a close and the autumn leaves are about to fall. Undoubtedly, fall is a lovely time of year. Get your home ready for the warm and cozy vibes. To update your decor, you don’t need to change out everything at once. A few quick and easy swaps will help you transition into the season. You can even continue to build your fall decor until you get to Thanksgiving. Here are a few ideas to get you rolling.

Add a Rug for Warmth

Swapping in an area rug is a quick way to bring a fall ambiance into your home. Try an earth tone or a warm neutral such as cinnamon, latte, or ivory. Adding texture into a space will make it feel more cozy. If you want to keep your current rug, consider layering to create visual interest and a fresh fall look. The living room and bedroom are the perfect places to enjoy the comfort of a rug, but don’t forget about areas like the kitchen or porch. Chilled feet will appreciate the extra warmth. Whichever room you decide, make sure to get the right size to best complement the space.

Bring in Fall’s Beauty

One of the most distinctive traits about fall is the autumn foliage and seasonal elements. If you have faux greenery in your vases, swap them out for plants with autumn tones or darker leaves. Integrate a bare branch aesthetic. Sunflowers or mums are cheerful and will smoothly change over a summer-to-fall look. Reserve a vase or mason jars for fresh flowers. As fall social activities come up such as back-to-school potlucks, fall birthdays, or Thanksgiving, you’ll be ready to go to receive guests in style. If you prefer to keep a neutral palette, Pampas grass in a tall vase or on the wall is effortlessly chic.

Plush Accessories

Mixing up your throw pillows is a fun way to shift the mood from summer to fall. Add updates to your sofa or bed. Consider fall colors such as mustard yellow, blood orange, or wine red. You could also opt for fall-inspired patterns, or bring in rich textures like velvet. When it comes to throw pillows, variety adds depth to the look, so experiment with different sizes or a mix of solids and patterns. If you have a monochromatic look going on, pillows in varying textures are great for adding a sense of warmth.

Light the Nights

Create instant coziness with candles. Candles will enhance the fall mood in several ways. They’ll create a soft warm glow to any space, and you can choose colors to complement your fall palette. Most of all, scents have a strong impact in transporting you right into fall. Some delicious scent ideas to choose from are maple, spiced apple or pumpkin, warm vanilla, nutmeg, or rich coffee aromas.

Seasonal Food

We all look forward to our family’s Thanksgiving meals, but you can also use food for decoration. Gourds are the essence of fall. The classic orange pumpkin is an option, but don’t feel like your home needs to look like a recreation of The Nightmare Before Christmas. You can find pumpkins in elegant whites, browns, or light peachy hues. These can pair well with neutral decor for the indoors or for your front porch. Adorn tabletops with bowls of apples, plums, or cinnamon sticks. These are lovely visual elements that will also add pleasing fall fragrances into the air.

Cozy up the Bedroom

Bring warm layers into the bedroom. With dropping temperatures, now’s the time to add heavier textures. A throw blanket is your ticket to fall style. Consider a chunky knit, a fluffy sherpa style, or a sumptuous faux fur. Using neutrals like cream or taupe will help transition you from summer to autumn. Keep on your bed to nestle into or drape over a bedroom chair. Other ways to restyle your bed is by adding a charming, homey quilt or zipping on a duvet for a whole new look. These extra layers will add luxury to your room and keep you warm on those crisp fall nights.

Autumn Kitchen/Dining Table

Embrace the season by changing up your table. Start with the table lines. Use a tablecloth in a plaid or a black-and-white checkered pattern. You could utilize your summer tablecloth by layering a darker color underneath. As you’re gathering for a breakfast of pumpkin pancakes, use chunky woven placemats for your plates. A centerpiece of fall flowers will complete the look.

Fireplace Glow Up

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, use it to its full advantage. As one of the focal points of the room, decorating this spot alone will really boost your fall decor. Embellish the mantle with tiny pumpkins, accessories of amber or wood, decorative lanterns, or accents in dark rich colors or matte finishings. Even if you have a gas fireplace, include a basket of logs. You could also have a basket of fall blankets to have handy for fireside chats.

Statement Wreath

Get into the spirit of fall with a statement wreath. Wreaths are always inviting, and they aren’t just a Christmas accessory. You can find them made up of fall elements such as twigs, foliage, pine cones, acorns, twigs, etc. If you’re feeling crafty you can even make your own. Wheat-inspired wreaths are elegant and bring in gorgeous texture. Hang inside, outside, or both.

It’s easy to make the transition from summer to fall. Integrate an element here and there until you’re happy with the look. In the end, don’t get rid of your new beloved fall pieces. Keep them around to decorate with as the next fall season rolls around.


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