10 Stylish Living Room Coffee Table Ideas to Know


Davidrayhomes.com – To have a stylish living room we should consider its coffee table since that could be the most crucial part besides considering the chair itself as already written before. Everyone wants to have a stylish home that is why we would like to share the idea of selecting a coffee table.

Why Coffee Table Is Important?

Some people may ask why we have to have a stylish coffee table for our living room? If you come on this concept then it’s not about the decoration itself. There are many factors to consider in order to create the concept. We choose the coffee table as one of the important factors because it would be the common thing to be viewed for both our guests or family members.

Things to Consider

There are many things we have to do consideration before placing a coffee table. It is not about the stylish concept itself but it should be matched with other decorations if we want to create a stylish living room. FYI, we would like to share the most important things where you can see them down below!


Everyone knows shape should be chosen properly. We must know our room size. If you have a small room then you would need a smaller coffee table but make sure that the function must be thought instead of the design itself. We recommend you choose a round coffee table. Why? To those who love to invite people to their home. They will stay in our living room and choosing a round coffee table will significantly save your space for sure. Under these circumstances, we can place the other decoration such as indoor plant or something else.


Color selection is also the most essential thing if we would like to create a stylish living room. There are many concepts to be known but the color should represent our design. We suggest you to add a white or bright color to your coffee table. We have stated before when we wrote about stylish living room chairs that they can use pastel or dark color. That is why the round coffee table must use bright colors to lift up the idea.


After deciding which shape and color to be implemented. Materials should not be left because what is the purpose of having a beautiful home that is out of the woods. Recommended materials to be used are steel and maybe either pine or oak wood. Those materials would be long-lasting. For the top, we can cover it with 0.8-1 inch glass to increase its aesthetic.


Lastly, we must think about its accent. Do not take it hard, we just need to match it with our chair set and also flooring style. The best accent to use is the Scandinavian accent. It would be easy to find out and the most important thing about its simplicity which creates a stylish concept.

Why Choosing Stylish Concept for Coffee Table?

Actually, there are many concepts we can choose such as Scandinavian, Bohemian, Monochrome, Victorian, and others. However, our choice would be fallen to the stylish concept because this one is also suitable for young people. Maybe the old one should close the door at this moment. Anyway, just kidding! Even oldies can also have this concept idea to impress everyone who visits our living room and most important if our home looks cool then we are going to be younger.

Coffee Table Ideas

Choosing a coffee table should be correct. Do not choose if they won’t fit your design. Anyway, we would like to share 10 stylish coffee tables where you can choose them based on your desire.


What would come to your mind about industrial? It could look a rigid concept but if we combine it properly such as with a stylish Scandinavian sofa it would be something new where it looks great!

Industrial Coffee Table


If you are looking to combine both elegance and stylish then we recommend you to take a look at the design below. We are sure that you would love it so much since it looks cool from many sides.

Elegant Coffee Table

Gold Stylish

Just like the first concept, it is also combined with a Scandinavian idea where use carpet as the flooring style then creating an extra ambiance by placing a gold stylish coffee table there. Adding some ornament is genius! We love it.

Gold Stylish Coffee Table

Lava Stone Coffee Table

If you take a look at the image below. It would amaze you for sure. It looks like a lava stone where actually uses wooden material and is coated with matte gloss where this one could be said as a masterpiece. The art really strengthens its concept.

Lava Stone Coffee Table

Matte Walnut

We said it was a matte walnut because of its shape and color. It looks simple but if we combine it with our wooden flooring then it would show both vintage and victorian concepts.

Matte Walnut Coffee Table

Modern Marble Style

There are two coffee tables there, the first one in the middle and the side for the second. The best part of this concept is to represent its elegance. We love marble on the top of the coffee table where it increases our room atmosphere to look both stylish and modern.

Modern Coffee Table

Nomad Round

Nomad design could be considered as the old one but if we choose the best sets that would be in a different zone where the usage of deep blue ocean color palette in the sofa really creates uniqueness then the coffee table also uses stripped accent where it looks same as the carpet itself.

Nomad Round Coffee Table

Oak Coffee Table

If you would like to find out a traditional concept where it looks stylish then you must take a look at the concept below where it would certainly make our living room look stylish than before. Using pastel color on the sofa also increases its focal point where the coffee table would be the main char of this idea.

Oak Coffee Table


Everyone loves the Scandinavian idea. This one could not be missed on every home decor ideas since it look beautiful. However, we would like to describe the square coffee table on the image below where it uses white color to represent its beautifulness where it would be the main view.

Scandinavian Coffee Table

Stylish Tempered

Lastly, a tempered coffee table where it looks stylish from many sides. Placing this one would be something beneficial for us since the price is also affordable and it is easy to buy at any furniture store. This one also represents the masculine concept where it would be great for the man who would like to redesign their living room to increase its style.

Tempered Glass Coffee Table

The last part of all, we can choose various coffee tables as our desire but it must fit both our room and needs. We cannot choose out of the concept since that would be the hardest part to fix it. As we have stated before, there are four elements to be considered which are the shape, color, material, and accent. Hopefully, this stylish living room coffee table could be your reference while designing yours.

You can also write to us if you have a home decor idea such as this one. It would be our pleasure to publish your content. If you can extend this stylish living room idea then shout us a message on the write for us page.


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