20 Bedroom Essential Ideas That You’ll Love to Invest


Davidrayhomes.com – A bedroom is a must-have room in every house. The dwellers need a bedroom for resting. Thus, it is important to design the best bedroom with some essentials. These things will make a comfortable bedroom and a beautiful design. Here, are 20 Essential Bedroom Ideas That You’ll Love to Invest in. You can choose various ideas that we will discuss according to your expression in creating a bedroom. Apart from that, you can also create various styles and designs that are comfortable and beautiful for the interior you create. This will give you a pleasant atmosphere for your bedroom. For that, let’s discuss it!

  1. Bed Frame

The first to consider is a bed frame. It brings a different feeling when having a bed frame vs without a bed frame. A bed frame is functional for most people. They will sleep safely and never feel the cold floors while sleeping.

Bed Frame

Moreover, many bed frames have aesthetic designs. For instance, a bed frame with curvy feet will bring a classic impression. Also, it looks dramatic with a sleeping net. Besides that, there is also a bed frame without poles. It is simpler for a minimalist design.

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  1. Mattress

The next essential is a mattress. This thing will bring a comfortable bed. You can choose a thick mattress with a soft texture for the best experience. Besides, ensure that the mattress fits your bed frame. If you don’t use a bed frame, add a thin rug on the floor before putting your mattress.


Many types of mattresses are in various sizes. Before going to the store, observe your bedroom, then measure the area for the mattress with a ruler. Ensure that your mattress isn’t too big or blocking the bedroom traffic. Moreover, choose a durable mattress so you can use it for years.

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  1. Sheets

After having a mattress, you need to cover it with sheets. The sheet is a functional layer that transforms the bedroom design. It looks interesting to choose an attractive pattern for the bedroom sheet. You can even bring a different nuance through the sheet’s patterns.


Moreover, the bedroom sheet is a simple protection for your mattress. Choose a comfortable sheet with a soft texture. Besides, you can pick a white sheet for versatile use. It is a neutral color for any colorful accent. Also, you can always cover it with a blanket and change the bed impression.

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  1. Pillow

A pillow is a must-have thing in a bedroom. You can sleep well without a pillow. This bedroom essential has a soft texture and comfy usage. It is important to get the most comfortable pillow because it affects your health.


Besides, a pillow can be a decorative thing as well. You can choose an attractive pillow. Many pillows with different sizes and patterns. Sometimes, people like to use a white pillow. Then, they decorate it with pillowcases or the like.

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  1. Throw Pillows

Do you like a decorative pillow? Having some throw pillows on a bed will change the decoration. It is interesting to put some decorative pillows with different shapes. Also, throw pillows have various colors. You can add them to make pop-up accents.

Throw Pillows

Besides, it is more impressive if you have different shapes of throw pillows. Botanical or animal shapes are attractive for your bed. Sometimes, you can pick them in the same color shades. Also, it looks striking to make a monochrome decoration with throw pillows.

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  1. Pillow Cases

It is another idea for your new bedroom. A pillow case is an important essential for bedroom pillows. It brings a different impression by its color, pattern, and shape. A pillowcase should fit the pillow. Thus, ensure to pick the best size and color for your pillows.

Pillow Cases

Furthermore, you can customize the design. It looks cute to use your design for bedroom pillows. Many pillowcases you will find in the store. Pick the ones that fit your bed. For instance, find pillowcases with the same colors as your bed sheet or blanket.

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  1. Comforter

A comforter is a bedroom essential for decoration. This layer has various designs and colors. It enlivens the bed with an interesting pattern. A bedroom comforter is a common layer in a hotel bed. It is an additional cloth near the footboard.


If you have a white bed sheet or white blanket, then it fits any comforter. It is stunning to add a comforter with contrasting colors. Besides that, a comforter will make your bed layer heavier. Ensure that you want to use it before having a comforter.

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  1. Blanket

A blanket is an important thing to protect you from cold. Also, a blanket will sweeten the bed sheet. This bedroom essential is one of the most-have things. Some stores sell a bedroom set that consists of a blanket, pillowcase, and bed sheet. You will have them in the same design.


Besides that, you can buy a different blanket. Pick the most comfortable blanket with a soft texture. Also, ensure it fits your bed size. Moreover, many designs of blankets like botanical or animal patterns.

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  1. Side Table

Some bedrooms need a side table. It is a bedroom essential to put some things. If you like to read books before sleeping, then add a side table to save your book. Also, it is functional to load other things like a glass of water, alarm clock, smartphone, etc.

Side Table

Many side tables offer attractive designs. Choose a side table that connects to your bedroom interior. There are designs like classic, industrial, and minimalist for side tables. It is okay to have a small side table as it won’t bedroom the traffic.

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  1. Bed Lamp/Desk Lamp

The next thing is a desk lamp. It is functional as a bed lamp as well. You need this light for a better sight while reading a book at night. Some people prefer to use a desk lamp when doing activities in bed and before they fall asleep.

Bed Lamp/Desk Lamp

The desk lamp has a cute design with various lights. Choose a yellow-orange light for a calming ambiance. It brings a dramatic and romantic impression at night. Besides that, you can replace it with a wall lamp. It has various designs to decorate your bed area.

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  1. Ceiling Light

It is another lighting in the bedroom. A ceiling light has a different function. It has a spreading light that reaches all sides. Thus, you can turn on the ceiling light while you look for something in the closet. Also, it helps you to get the best lighting to lighten your bedroom.

Ceiling Light

Moreover, a ceiling light is similar to a chandelier. You can use a chandelier in your bedroom as well. Besides that, some people have a few small lamps on the ceiling. They make better lighting for every corner.

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  1. Alarm Clock

An alarm clock is an optional thing. This bedroom essential can be a decorative thing as well. Many designs of alarm clocks will attract your eyes. For example, an analog alarm clock is one of the simple designs.

Alarm Clock

Otherwise, you can choose a striking alarm clock with light. Sometimes, you can’t use your phone to check the phone clock so it will help you. The analog alarm clock will show the time every day. Thus, you can check it whenever you wake up.

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  1. A Long Mirror

A mirror in the bedroom will change the impression. It reflects the interior and makes it look spacious. The long mirror can be your choice for this idea. Put a long mirror on the wall. Then, ensure that it gets a few lights for the best reflection.

A Long Mirror

Besides, you will need this mirror for dressing as well. Thus, put it near your closet or the window. Moreover, make it more attractive with simple decorations. You can add a string lamp along the mirror’s frame and put an ornamental plant next to it.

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  1. Rug

A bedroom rug is a beneficial thing. You can add a rug to sweeten the bedroom floor. It offers a comfortable texture when stepping on it. Also, it makes your bedroom look neat. Moreover, there are big and small rugs for bedroom decor.


If you want a bed rug, then choose a big one. Besides, use a small rug if you prefer to decorate a small area. Moreover, find an interesting design to fit your bedroom interior. There are animal or floral patterns for your bedroom rugs.

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  1. Baskets

A bedroom is a private room. Some people need storage like baskets or boxes to put their things. You can use that storage to load something like a basket for dirty clothes. Also, it is useful for loading a thick blanket or a bedroom sheet before laundering.


Furthermore, a wicker basket is one of the popular baskets for the bedroom. It has a natural look. Also, the wicker basket has good ventilation for dirty clothes. Thus, you can put this basket for bedroom decor. Moreover, some baskets have a seal to cover them perfectly.

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  1. Shelves

The wall shelves are essential for some bedrooms. This decor is functional for loading books, plants, or decorative things. You can show off your ornaments or photos on shelves. It looks attractive to arrange them based on size or color.


Moreover, it can be an alternative for extra storage. Also, you can get these things easily from the shelves. This bedroom essential is a nice item to install. Besides, the shelves are more aesthetic with colors or patterns.

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  1. Window Curtains

Some bedrooms have windows. It is beneficial to get fresh air and warm sunlight. You can open it in the morning and feel a fresh breeze. Besides that, it needs a nice curtain to add privacy. Also, the curtain will protect you from extreme sunlight during hot seasons.

Window Curtains

Find an interesting curtain with a calming color. For example, choose colors like white, blue, yellow, soft brown, and soft green for an interesting ambiance. Also, pick the curtain with a thick layer for better privacy. It is okay to install a single curtain or twin curtains.

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  1. Indoor Plants

An indoor plant is a green accent for the interior. You can use some plants for a better atmosphere. Grow indoor plants near the window sill or wherever they get enough sunlight. They look attractive to put on wall shelves.

Indoor Plants

Moreover, indoor plants fit well on any bedroom design. In addition, you can add a group of flowers in a vase. Then, put it on the table. Besides, some plants can produce a nice fragrance. Also, ensure they get enough nutrients for indoor living.

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  1. Wall Decor

The wall decor is the easiest way to enliven an atmosphere. Many types of wall decor that you can install in your bedroom. There are macrames, photos, paintings, and others. Before installing any decor, find the best place to put them on a wall.

Wall Decor

You can add a big painting above the headboard. Also, it looks striking to put them in a large space. Ensure that it won’t declutter any decoration on your wall. Besides, you can replace it by using an interesting wallpaper.

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  1. Candles

Candles are optional for the bedroom. It isn’t too popular for decoration. Some candles are stunning when you have them at night. If you like having candles in the bedroom, choose the electric candles. This type is saved for decoration.


Otherwise, if you need a scented candle, you need a traditional one. It is functional to make your bedroom smell good. Also, an orange-yellow light will bring a warm impression. This candle is beneficial for some usages.

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That’s our discussion about 20 Bedroom Essential Ideas That You’ll Love to Invest in. You can put them on your notes before redecorating your bedroom. The most essential things are a mattress, pillow, and blanket. Then, you can add other things to make a comfortable bedroom. Moreover, you can also choose and combine various bedroom essential ideas that we have discussed in this article. Hopefully, this post is useful for you to redecorate your bedroom. Happy decorating!



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