20 Classic Bed Frame Ideas : Elevate The Vintage Accent in Your Home


Davidrayhomes.com – In a house, the room you create needs to pay attention to its functional and aesthetic values. For example, you can create a bedroom, living room, bathroom, or dining room in your home. A bedroom is a must-have room in every house. It is a comfy room to take a rest. Thus, the bedroom needs an interesting design for the dweller to feel happy. The main item in the bedroom décor is the bed. Some people like to use a bed frame in their bedroom. It is an essential thing to protect the bed. Here, we have 20 Classic Bed Frame Ideas: Elevate The Vintage Accent in Your Home. Let’s see the ideas below!

  1. French Style Bed Frame

A bed frame is a necessary thing in the bedroom. It creates a certain impression for the bedding area. Thus, this french bed frame will change the atmosphere in your bedroom. It has white. The French style is identical to the headboard and the footboard. There is an aesthetic carved pattern. Also, the headboard has big size. It looks expensive and classic.

French Style Bed Frame

Moreover, the bedding is beautiful. This bed has a tidy look. It is stunning to use the blue bed cover. Then, there are some pillows with different pillow covers. Also, a white neckroll will complete the decoration. Besides, this french bed frame has an underneath. You can install some laces to cover this part.

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  1. Gorgeous Wooden Bed Frame

The bedroom style in the past is gorgeous. It has a vintage characteristic from the furniture options. Here, we have a wooden bed frame with a big headboard. The headboard is made of comfy material. It stands between the wooden pole. Meanwhile, the footboard is simple. You will see the short poles on the footboard.

Gorgeous Wooden Bed Frame

Moreover, this bed frame is identical to the wooden patterns. It has a simple molding pattern on the footboard. Besides, this bed frame is simple. It doesn’t need laces beneath the bed. Also, you can’t install a net on the bed. The poles are too short and won’t fit the net.

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  1. Best Beige Color for Classic Bed Frame

The vintage bedroom has neutral colors. Some old people like to use white, beige, and brown colors. Let’s see this example. This bedroom has a beige theme for the bed frame. It is a wooden bed frame with a comfy fiber headboard.

Best Beige Color for Classic Bed Frame

Furthermore, the decoration in this room is gorgeous. It uses the same theme. Look at the beige carpet. It fits well with the bed frame color. Also, the wall paint is clear. You can hang some paintings on the wall. In addition, the bedside table is simple. It is a small cabinet with some decorations.

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  1. Cozy Bed Frame from Iron

The common materials in the classic bedroom are wood and iron. You will find an aesthetic iron bed frame in the farmhouse bedroom. It uses iron material and has various shapes. In this idea, we see the aesthetic shape of this iron bed frame. It looks thin and small.

Cozy Bed Frame from Iron

Furthermore, this bedroom has a shabby chic décor. There are aesthetic ornaments in this room. The bed cover is stunning with a floral design. Also, this bedroom uses wooden flooring. Those decorations are perfect to create a farmhouse bedroom.

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  1. Master Bedroom with Vintage Bed Frame

Some houses have a master bedroom. It is the main room for taking a rest. Some master bedrooms have a great design. It uses an eccentric bed frame. You can look at this idea. This master bedroom has a luxurious classic bed frame. The bed frame has four twisted poles. It looks classic.

Master Bedroom with Vintage Bed Frame

Moreover, the glossy impression of the bed frame is stunning. Thus, the grey bed cover is beautiful to decorate the bed. Those are perfect to elevate an antique style. Besides, this bedroom has a small bench near the footboard. It is an additional item to add classic accents. The floral design can bring a vintage style to this bedroom.

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  1. Cubical Bed Frame with White Net

The wooden material is functional for every design. It is useful to make some furniture, such as bed frames. The wooden bed frame in this idea is simple. It has a cubical style. The bed poles are useful to connect the wooden planks. Then, there is a white net on the top.

Cubical Bed Frame with White Net

Besides, this bed frame is multifunctional. You can make it a simple bed frame. Also, you can use the net to cover the bed. Those are brilliant ideas to protect you from a mosquito. Moreover, the decoration on this bed is simple. It has a white bed cover and some white pillows. Meanwhile, the bedside tables are stunning on both sides.

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  1. Black Iron Bed Frame

The farmhouse interior is a popular style to emerge a classic impression. It is a vintage décor that uses old furniture. You can see the antique bed frame in this idea. This is a black iron frame. It has a simple headboard and footboard to load the bed. Also, it fits any bedroom.

Black Iron Bed Frame

Furthermore, it is a nice idea to use the white theme for the bedding set. First, take the white bed cover and white blanket. Then, arrange the colorful pillows against the headboard. In addition, put a dark green neck roll on your bed. Also, install a brown carpet to elevate the classic atmosphere in your bedroom.

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  1. British Colonial Bed Frame

The wooden furniture is interesting. It fits any room and interior design. If you want something new in your bedroom, you can try to install this bed frame. It is a wooden bed frame with a British colonial interior. The bed frame is stunning and luxurious. Every pole has a carved pattern. Also, the footboard and headboard are classic.

British Colonial Bed Frame

Moreover, this bed frame has a cubical shape. It is functional to add a large net to your bed. Besides, this luxurious bed frame has an interesting décor. The interior design in this room is gorgeous. There are two wooden chairs near the window. Also, the carpet consists of two layers. The first layer is a simple carpet. Meanwhile, the second layer is made of animal print.

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  1. Dark Wooden Bed Frame with Laces

Creating a vintage atmosphere in a room is not easy. You need to balance some elements in the room. There are room colors, furniture, and lighting that will transform the interior. Thus, we give an idea for you. It is a simple classic bedroom. The bed uses a wooden frame and white laces. The laces are functional to declutter the underneath.

Dark Wooden Bed Frame with Laces

Furthermore, there is a tidy bedding set. The white pillows and blanket are well-arranged. Besides, this room has calming wall paint. You will feel a classic atmosphere from the wall color and orange lighting. The lighting has the right brightness to shine in your bedroom.

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  1. Simple Bed Frame

Having a simple interior is efficient for your home design. Some people love a simple décor because it brings a calming impression. Let’s see this simple bedroom. It has a simple bed frame. This wooden frame has small feet. Even, it doesn’t have a footboard. The simple design will reduce the clutter impression in a room.

Simple Bed Frame

Thus, it can boost your mood. This bedroom has a nice bedding set. The white bed cover is stunning to have the floral pillows on it. Moreover, there is a monochrome comforter on the edge of the bed. This bed looks perfect on an aesthetic rug.

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  1. Wooden Bed Frame with Storage

The old furniture has many functions. Some designers put a necessary detail in that furniture. For example, this classic bed frame has storage on the footboard. It is a brilliant idea to cut the cost. So, you don’t need to buy a bedroom trunk or cabinet on the footboard.

Wooden Bed Frame with Storage

Moreover, this bed frame is stunning. It can be a focal point in your bedroom. It has a low footboard and a high headboard. This design is important to declutter the interior. Also, the bedding set is matching the bed frame. There is a geometrical bed cover. It looks stunning with a beige blanket and white pillows.

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  1. Bed Frame with Curvy Headboard

The eccentric furniture is characteristic of old designs. You may find some eccentric furniture from the Art Deco style and Farmhouse style. Both are stunning with strange designs. Here, we have a wooden bed frame idea. It has a curvy headboard. This is the common design from the luxurious farmhouse design. It looks stunning to put against the white wall.

Bed Frame with Curvy Headboard

This bed frame has a natural color. It looks like raw wood, but you can let it be. Then, focus on the bedding set. This area is important to get a tidy design. There is a white bed cover. It has white and blue patterns. The blue pillows are stunning to create a fresh accent on the bed.

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  1. Geometrical Master Bed Frame

The master bedroom doesn’t need a luxurious design. Even, you can put simple furniture in this room. Let’s see this idea. There is a geometrical bed frame. It has no footboard and only a high headboard. This bed frame is interesting to put on a white comfy rug. Also, the bedding set is simple. The bed cover and pillows are white. It looks natural and calming.

Geometrical Master Bed Frame

Moreover, this bedroom has a nice decoration. There are two orange lamps on both sides. This bedroom has fewer decorations. The bedside tables are simple. It loads the necessary things, such as a small plant, a clock, and books. In addition, you can install a ceiling fan with a classic design.

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  1. Carved Poles for Classic Bed Frame

The farmhouse design is a classic design from Scandinavian. It uses white shades for the main theme. You will find the farmhouse accents in this idea. It uses a wooden bed frame. This frame is stunning with carved poles. Those poles are attractive and functional.

Carved Poles for Classic Bed Frame

Even, you can install a white net on the bed frame. It will transform your bedroom décor. Moreover, this bed frame can load a big bed. Also, it is stunning to put some decorations on it. There are two lace pillows, a white blanket, a woven comforter, and a woven neck roll. In addition, you can use a raw carpet to give an accent on the floor.

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  1. Aesthetic Headboard for A Classic Bedroom

The vintage bedroom will drag you back to the past. It is a nice décor to transform your room. Let’s see this classic bedroom. It is a large room with a single bed. The bed frame is stunning and classic. It is a dark wooden frame with a carved headboard.  Also, this bed frame can represent the popular frame in the past, especially for the luxurious bedroom.

Aesthetic Headboard for A Classic Bedroom

Besides, this bed frame is attractive to put in a semi-modern room. There is a blue and white carpet. Then, you will see a luxurious bench against the footboard. Next to the bed, there is a bedside table and a long curtain. Those modern accents are stunning to decorate this bed frame.

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  1. Best Iron Bed Frame for Farmhouse Design

The iron furniture is elegant to elevate the Industrial design and classic impression. This bed frame has a traditional style. Besides, it can bring an Industrial element to this room. We have some iron bed frame ideas in this article. This idea has some differences. There is a traditional carpet. Then, the grey bedside table is attractive to complete the traditional style.

Best Iron Bed Frame for Farmhouse Design

Moreover, this bed frame is stunning to load the white bed. Then, there are orange pillows and striped lines for a comforter. Furthermore, there is a leaning mirror in the corner. Also, there is a traditional standing lamp near the bed. This bedroom is simple. You can adapt this bed frame idea to redecorate your bedroom.

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  1. Shabby Chic Style

A large bedroom will fit any furniture. The biggest piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed. Thus, you can take your favorite bed size in this bedroom. If you want to make a change, you can try to use a wooden bed frame. Let’s see the bed frame in this idea. It is a traditional bed frame with a shabby chic interior.  It has a big headboard like a throne. Meanwhile, the footboard is the lower version.

Shabby Chic Style

This bed frame will decorate your large bedroom. Also, it won’t make your room feels smaller. Moreover, there is a long duvet on the bed. So, it will cover the half frame. Furthermore, this bedroom has some wooden furniture, such as a side table and two cabinets. Those pieces of furniture are attractive to decorate your classic bedroom.

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  1. Decorating Bed Frame with White Net

The traditional bedroom has some classic furniture. You will see them like antique collections. Here, we have an example. There are an old bed frame and a cabinet in this idea. The bed frame has a cubical shape. It uses raw materials from wood. Even, the wood has no perish or paint.

Decorating Bed Frame with White Net

Besides, this bed frame has two nets on the top. Those transparent fabrics are useful to protect you from mosquitoes. Moreover, there is a white lace near the window. You will see a beautiful standing lamp in the corner. Besides, this spot is beneficial to provide natural light from the outside.

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  1. Grey Iron Frame for Classic Impression

Do you like old furniture? Those are treasures in home design nowadays. We will show this idea to you. It is an iron bed frame. Maybe you ever see this bed frame at home. This bed has an identical design with a railing footboard and headboard. It uses a spring bed to load on this frame.

Grey Iron Frame for Classic Impression

Besides, this bed frame is stunning to put in any room. Even, the modern bedroom is attractive to use this bed frame.  Then, you need to redecorate the room with classic accents. For example, install a decorative rug on your wooden floor. Then, add a small cabinet near the bed. Also, arrange the decorative pillows on your bed.

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  1. Geometrical Headboard for Wooden Bed Frame

The classic design has the characteristic to use geometrical accents. You will discover it from the old design, such as an Art Deco style. It uses bold colors and geometrical lines. Let’s see this idea. The bed frame is made of wood. It has a dark brown color and a geometrical line. Besides, the headboard and footboard have carved patterns.

Geometrical Headboard for Wooden Bed Frame

Those patterns are classic. Next to the bed, there is a small cabinet. It has three drawers. This traditional accent is stunning to put against the white wall. Moreover, there is a white chair beside the cabinet. Thus, this bedroom can elevate the traditional atmosphere.

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Thus our discussion of 20 Classic Bed Frame Ideas: Elevate The Vintage Accent in Your Home. The dark wood bed frame is the last idea in this article. Many types of bed frames to redecorate your bedroom. The bed frame will protect you from the cold floor, dusty walls, and small animals on the floor. Also, a certain bed frame is useful to install a mosquito net. Hopefully, this article will inspire you to use a classic bed frame. You will love this traditional bed frame. Happy decorating!


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