20 Rug Ideas for Kid Bedroom : Elevate A Cute Interior for Nursery


Davidrayhomes.com – The rug is an additional accent in a room. It brings a comfortable design, especially for a kid’s bedroom. There are many designs of rug bedrooms that you can choose for kids. Most are cute, attractive, and colorful. This simple thing will complete the kid’s bedroom interior. Also, you can mix and match this rug with previous designs too. Let us discuss 20 Rug Ideas for Kid Bedroom: Elevate A Cute Interior for Nursery!

  1. Fluffy Floral Rug

The first idea is a fluffy floral rug. This rug has a showy appearance as many kids love colorful accents. It is a small rug that fits the interior. Look at the bedroom theme. The neutral colors have soft browns and palette shades. It goes well with a colorful floral rug.

Fluffy Floral Rug

Besides, it is more stunning to add colorful accents near the rug. There are purplish tables and a soft pink chair near a pinkish couch. Also, you will see a white window seat and little toys. You can fill this kid’s bedroom with more accents on every side. Then, you will get a sweet bedroom.

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  1. Comfy Rug that Matches Bedding Style

This kid’s bedroom is attractive with a neutral theme. It is grey, soft brown, soft orange, and white. The rug design has the same palette as the bed. There are grey, brown, and other colors that make a rainbow-like design. This small rug is stunning to put beside the bed.

Comfy Rug that Matches Bedding Style

Besides, the bedding style is interesting with a neat design. The grey sheet makes a main accent on the bed. Then, there are pillows and animal dolls that make an attractive design. You can add a wall shelf to display cute things. Ensure that ornaments have neutral colors that fit the interior.

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  1. A Jungle Theme

Many people like the jungle theme. This place is identical to succulents, tropical plants, or animals. Look at this rug. It has an interesting design with a lion shape. The yellow-orange lion is quite striking for the patterned rug beneath it.

A Jungle Theme

Moreover, this rug is versatile. You can put it in any area in the kids’ bedroom. Besides, this cute rug can be an alternative to decorating the floor. It has a soft surface that brings a comfortable texture to the feet. Also, it won’t be a nuisance for any kid’s bedroom design.

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  1. A Rounded Rug with A Lion Design

It is one of the simple rugs for a kid’s bedroom. This thing has a round shape that fits any room’s size. Also, this lion head rug will bring a comfortable texture to the feet. Therefore, you can put it in a kid’s bedroom so they can play on the floor with a comfy layer.

A Rounded Rug with A Lion Design

Besides, this rug is easy to clean. It is made of soft fabrics like cotton and wool. Moreover, you can move this rug into a playground area. This rug will decorate the floor with cute colors and patterns. Thus, it makes a comfortable area on the floor.

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  1. Green Rug for Botanical Theme

Let’s try a botanical theme with green accents. A green rug is a fresh color for a kid’s bedroom. You can match it with other green accents. Look at this idea. The green pillow is striking on a white sheet. Also, it is a nice pair with a green-white blanket.

Green Rug for Botanical Theme

Moreover, this bed has a dark green rug. It gets the shape of a big leaf. The dark green shade is stunning to match the pillow. Besides, this rug is soft and safe for kids. It is comfortable for sitting on the little ones.

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  1. Classic Rug with Furry Textures

It is a cute little bedroom. This room has a jungle theme with some animal accents. There is a nice white wallpaper with lion, elephant, monkey, and bird pictures. Therefore, it is okay to let it bare and not put ornaments on the wall. Then, you don’t need to put wallpaper on other walls.

Classic Rug with Furry Textures

Moreover, this bedroom has got a nice, patterned rug. It has soft brown shades with some colors. This rug has a soft texture that makes it comfortable for kids. Besides, this bedroom has a stunning interior. It has some jungle accents like a giraffe item and animal dolls on the bed.

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  1. Animal Theme

Many kids like an animal theme for their room. This theme is a universal design with various accents. Look at this idea. It is a calm nursery bedroom. Most colors use earth-tone shades. The basic accent is the white wall as a background. Many orange and brown accents decorate this room.

Animal Theme

Besides, this nursery room has a cute rug. This floor accent is interesting with various patterns and colors. There are animals like lions, giraffes, elephants, and monkeys on the rug. Moreover, this rug is stunning to decorate a dark wooden floor. Also, the cute design will leave a cheerful impression in this kid’s bedroom.

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  1. A Cute Tiger Rug

Tigers are one of the common animals in kids’ bedrooms. It is an adorable animal with an attractive appearance. This kid’s room has a big rug with a tiger picture. It has identical orange-black striped lines. The background is neutral soft brown and clean white.

A Cute Tiger Rug

Besides, this rug makes a comfy floor for kids. The soft surface is safe for mats in their playing areas. Look at this interior. It has a catchy design with brown accents everywhere. The little green couch is a cute seat for kids. It has some cute pillows on it.

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  1. A Rounded Bohemian Rug

Bohemian design is a versatile design for any room, especially for a kid’s bedroom. This interior is stunning with Bohemian accents on every side. There is a wicker rug with a Bohemian design. The brown color is stunning for a brown wooden floor.

A Rounded Bohemian Rug

Moreover, this kid’s bedroom has interesting animal prints on the wall. Look at this idea. It has a big elephant picture on the cream wall. The lower part is green with animal prints as well. It is interesting to have a modern design for this stunning bedroom.

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  1. White Fluffy Rug to Match Interior

A fluffy rug is the first criterion for a kid’s bedroom rug. Many rugs like wool, cotton, and other fabrics are soft. You can feel the soft texture from its surface. Thus, it is okay to cover a playground area. Moreover, you can choose a big rug to cover a large area like this one.

10. White Fluffy Rug to Match Interior

Look at this idea. The bedroom has a stunning interior too. It is a versatile room for toddlers and babies. The white rug matches the brown interior. Besides, there are colorful accents on the bed like blankets, pillows, and dolls. Also, this room is more interesting with big sunny windows.

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  1. Dramatic Grass Accents for Kid’s Bedroom Rug

This is an attractive kid’s bedroom. It has a stunning grass rug. This item has rich green shades. There are deep to light green accents. Look at this rug. It has detailed accents like hairy soft surfaces. You can feel a different texture when touching the accents.

Dramatic Grass Accents for Kid's Bedroom Rug

Moreover, this rug is versatile as a floor seat. Also, it makes a comfortable playing mat for kids. This accent will decorate a plain brown floor. The wooden floor is more stunning with a green rug. It looks interesting to enliven a natural accent.

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  1. A Simple White Rug for Kid’s Room

This is a simple white rug for a kid’s bedroom. The plain white rug is stunning for every room. Look at this kid’s bedroom. The white rug is an additional accent in this bedroom. You can add another rug to complete this design. The main interior is a Bohemian design with brown accents.

A Simple White Rug for Kid's Room

Besides, there are white-brown paints on the wall. The brown part brings a neutral impression into the room. Also, this room has some Bohemian accents near the wall. There is a cute round mirror with a wicker frame. It matches a white wire bed frame. This kid’s bedroom looks stunning with a classic impression.

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  1. Colorful Rug to Match Fox’s Design

Colorful accents will enliven a cheerful impression. This kid’s bedroom is interesting with a half-moon shape. You can put it near the bed where it goes well. Moreover, it is attractive to match the wallpaper and the rug. Both use similar colors that bring a cohesive design.

Colorful Rug to Match Fox's Design

This colorful rug is a nice accent for a white bed. There is a small fox doll on the bed. Also, this bed uses polka dot patterns for blankets and pillow covers. Moreover, the warm brown accents are dazzling for this classic bed frame. Besides, this room has some ornaments that make a nice statement.

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  1. Brown Rug with Spiral Lines

This is another Bohemian rug for kids’ bedrooms. It has a warm design made from brown materials. This rug is made by a wicker technique. It is interesting to put this rug on this concrete floor. Look at this room’s interior. The warm terracotta wall is a warm accent for this kid’s bedroom.

Brown Rug with Spiral Lines

Moreover, this kid’s bedroom has white bedding with cute frames. The terracotta blanket has a warm accent in this room. Also, another wall has interesting botanical wallpaper. The garden pictures are stunning to enliven a natural nuance. In addition, you can put a wall ornament like a sunburst accent.

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  1. Comfortable Animal Rug

Let’s see another jungle-like bedroom. This kid’s bedroom has a stunning interior with animal accents and neutral colors. It even has two rugs that decorate the floor. The rounded brown rug is a nice layer for a striking lion rug. Both are eye-catching for this room.

Comfortable Animal Rug

Besides, this kid’s bedroom is stunning with some terracotta accents. There are white-terracotta pillows and blankets. Moreover, the animal wallpaper shows a big representation of jungle life. There are elephants, giraffes, birds, and some plants. Meanwhile, another wall is full of terracotta paint.

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  1. A Cute Lion Head Rug

This is a cute lion head rug. It has a round shape with lion head hairs. The rug is big, larger for this small bedroom floor. Thus, it looks interesting and fits well on the floor. Look at this interior. This room is ideal for teaching kids about animals. There are some figures like lion, tiger, giraffe pictures, and animal posters on the wall.

A Cute Lion Head Rug

Besides, this bedroom uses neutral shades that make a calm atmosphere. The green-white wall is interesting to enliven a natural theme. Moreover, the dim white light brings a warm nuance to this room. You can add other cute accents in this room like bed sheets and pillows with an animal theme.

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  1. Colorful Rug for Kid’s Room

It is another colorful rug for the kid’s bedroom. This rug can be your choice for an eye-catching accent. You can pick the most colorful rug for this striking bedroom. Look at this room. The wallpaper has a showy floral design. Many accents bring a cheerful atmosphere to this kid’s bedroom.

Colorful Rug for Kid's Room

Besides, the baby box has some colorful blankets. It enlivens a happy nuance that you can adopt to another nursery. Moreover, there is a showy rug that covers the floor. Next to the rug, you will find a colorful basket near a white cabinet. Despite all that, this kid’s bedroom is comfortable enough for any room.

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  1. Nursery with Jungle Theme

A jungle theme is a common design for kids’ bedrooms. A nursery can get an attractive jungle theme with some accents. There are giraffe figures in this room. You will see it stunning beside the baby box. The botanical bed sheet is interesting in white-green colors.

Nursery with Jungle Theme

Moreover, this bedroom has a simple rug in the middle of the room. This rug represents a neutral earth color with geometrical patterns. Besides, there are green accents on the wall like an ornament and a tree figure near the giraffe. In addition, install a yellow dim light to enliven a neutral ambiance.

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  1. Animal Print x Simple Rug

The animal print can be an alternative for a kid’s bedroom rug. Many rugs with animal shapes like lion, tiger, elephant, etc. This kid’s bedroom uses a simple rug with an animal shape. It is a lion or tiger shape with soft pinkish colors. It contrasts with the soft brown rug as the base.

Animal Print x Simple Rug

Besides, this kid’s bedroom is crowded with accent colors. You will see neutral palettes on the bed. Also, the bed frame is a part of the unique accents in this room. It is okay to add ornaments or string lights on this frame.

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  1. Kid’s Rug for A Playing Room

It is a large rug as a playing area. This rug is more like a thin carpet. You can move into any spot for kids to play. It has an animal theme with a bunch of pictures on it. Also, this rug is versatile for different role-plays. The kids can use it as a mattress with a cheerful theme.

Kid's Rug for A Playing Room

Moreover, this rug is easy to clean. It has no furry materials on its surface. Some rugs are easier to clean with a soft brush. This rug is better to clean weekly because you can do it for minutes. Besides, it is easy to save this rug in your cabinet. This thin rug will not take up lots of space.

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These are 20 Rug Ideas for Kid Bedroom : Elevate A Cute Interior for Nursery. Every rug has an attractive design. Also, they look interesting with different colors and shapes. Besides that, some rugs are easy to clean. Meanwhile, most rugs have a comfortable surface with soft materials. We hope this post will inspire you to get a rug in your kid’s bedroom. This item will make a comfy area to play. Happy decorating!


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