Amazing Bedroom Design Ideas for Kids


Decorating a room for your daughter or your son can always be a very intimidating process, especially if your do not have any concrete plans for the same. You need the room to not only look good, but also be vey functional, capature your child’s imagination and likes as well as dislikes.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, there is nothing to worry about, because we have curated a few tips which you as clever parents can use to design a bedroom for your kids especially if the space is much smaller.

Bunk Beds

The most efficient, space-saving and functional solution when it comes to save space in a room is to install bun beds. Bunk beds are an easy go-to for functional solutions. They can be tailor made and customized to the liking and the theme preferred by your child. The colour, structure and layout can also be figured out accordingly. Add a rope to the top bunk bed if you want the layout to be like that of an adventurous bed or add a ladder from the outside. Make sure that frame of the bed is sleek and contemporary so that it does not look too cluttered or stuffy.

Add bright and fun blankets to the bunk bed to make it kid friendly.

Frame it up

Hang up empty frames with glass in it on the walls of your kids so that when they make new drawings and artwork, they can easily put it up and display it for a bit till all the frames are filled up and till new ones are made by your child. This does not only act as a decorative element in the child’s room, but also acts as a functional element that allows one to display the drawings and artwork made.

Get Artistic

A good way to incorporate a large drawing for your child’s imagination to run wild is by painting either one wall of the room with chalkboard paint or if you want the entire room to be your child’s canvas painting all four walls with chalk paint. This way, you will not be worried about your toddler or young one scribbling on freshly or newly painted walls.

This will allow the child to express themselves with drawings and nurture the artistic side of the child. This element goes well with contemporary interior designs if that’s the direction you’re going in.


If the plan is to go in for a particle theme or design of wallpaper which is from a cartoon or a character that your child likes, try to limit it to just one wall. Reason being, if the wallpaper is too busy or too loud, it can end up making the already small space even smaller. Also, adding wallpaper to one wall will justify the décor purpose and still give you room to decorate the other walls in a different way.

Glow in the Dark

More often than not, a popular element in most kid’s room has to be glow in the dark celestial bodies on the ceiling of the room. Why not incorporate the same to your own kid’s room and extend it to the walls as well? This will give a surreal and mesmerizing feeling every time it’s dark in the room and make your kid feel like he’s in outer space. Isn’t this idea just out of the world?

Multi-functional Furniture

Invest in furniture that has more than one functions to it because you don’t want o cram up the space in the room installing furniture that has just one function to it. Go in for a small desk that doubles as a side table for the bed, or a short wardrobe without hanging space as kids don’t have that many clothes which need to be hung. Buy kids room furniture online to avail discounts and offers.


A décor hack to make any room or space look bigger than it actually is, you can add a big mirror to it. This hack not only reflects light, but also gives an illusion of the place looking bigger.

You can have a theme give to the frame of the mirror to make it more apt for your kid’s room.

These kid’s bedroom ideas to decorate a small room and very flexible and pocket friendly. So don’t hold yourself back and give your child’s bedroom a much needed makeover.


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