17 Types of Cactus to Bring The Desert Atmosphere to Your Bedroom


Davidrayhomes.com – There are many ornamental plants that you can use in the interior of your bedroom. You can use flowering and flowerless ornamental plants according to your creativity. In addition, you can also create a beautiful display in a natural concept using the plants you want. For example, you can create a natural desert look using a cactus plant. The Cactus is a type of succulent plant. It has tick stems to save minerals. These plants can live in a hot place. Even some cacti thrive well in a desert. Cactus has many species. It looks attractive to decorate the interior, like a bedroom. For that, let’s discuss 17 Types of Cactus to Bring The Desert Atmosphere to Your Bedroom!

  1. Fairy Castle Cactus

The fairy castle cactus is named after its appearance which looks like a castle. This cactus can grow more than 2 meters. Like succulent plants, this cactus loves high exposure to sunlight. You can take it into your bedroom and put it on the window sill.

Fairy Castle Cactus

The fairy castle cactus needs plenty of water. It requires well-draining soil. Then you can thrive it in potting mix with perlite. Also, it needs drainage holes on the bottom of the vase. If you want to fertilize this plant, make sure that it is a spring or summer season.

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  1. Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus is an attractive cactus to grow indoors. It will bloom the beautiful flowers during the spring, fall, and winter seasons. This cactus needs regular watering, like 2-3 weeks in an intense amount. Also, make sure that the soil is completely dry between the watering.

Christmas Cactus

This plant looks stunning to decorate your bedroom. It can bring the desert atmosphere with its beautiful flowers. In the spring season, you can prune this plant to grow more flowers. Besides, you can grow new Christmas cactus plants from the cutting stems.

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  1. Golden Barrel Cactus

The golden barrel cactus is an amazing cactus with yellow fibers. This cactus looks like a ball cactus. Its beautiful golden crown will bring an outdoor impression to your bedroom. Like other cacti, the golden barrel cactus requires a sunny location.

Golden Barrel Cactus

Furthermore, you can take this plant into your window sill in the bedroom. It loves the well-draining soil while enjoying the fresh water. You can water this plant every 2 weeks. Also, it is essential to put some perlite on the topsoil.

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  1. Star Cactus

Star cactus is a slow-growing succulent. This plant looks like a star. You can take this cactus to add a desert plant to your bedroom. Since it is a slow-growing plant, it will thrive well even in a small pot. Thus, it can simplify the interior of your bedroom.

Star Cactus

The star cactus fits well to put in any space. Even it is stunning to decorate a small space in your bedroom. For decorating, you can put it on a simple table. Then, it requires water when the soil is dry. Thus, watering this plant every 2 weeks.

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  1. Rickrack Cactus

Rickrack cactus is a leafy cactus. Its stems look like creeping leaves. Thus, this cactus is stunning to be your hanging plant. You can hang it near the window where it will get bright indirect sunlight. Also, you can rotate the pot to let all sides get enough nutrients.

Rickrack Cactus

For caring for this plant, you need regular watering every 2 weeks. Also, it doesn’t need a special fertilizer, because it thrives well in potting mix. To stimulate a massive growing plant, you can prune the stems when it gets too long.

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  1. Moon Cactus

The Moon cactus is a combination of some cacti. You will see a strange look from the top cactus. Some people like to slice a cactus stem, then stick another cactus on it. This cactus looks like a moon. Also, it can grow well even if it has two plants.

Moon Cactus

This cactus is stunning to decorate your bedroom. You can put it on your bedside table or the window sill. For caring for this cactus, you need potting mix with well-draining materials like perlite and peat moss. Also, do regular watering to maintain the humidity in the soil during the hot temperature.

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  1. Bunny Ears Cactus

Bunny ears cactus is an attractive types of cactus. It loves direct sunlight and can tolerate shady places. Even you can grow this plant in bright indirect sunlight, near the window. The bunny ear cactus brings an outdoor impression more real. You will see its beautiful thorny stems.

Bunny Ears Cactus

Also, it is easy to grow bunny ear cactus indoors. You need a terra cotta pot with good drainage. Then, add perlite to the tops of the soil. It will keep the moisture in the soil. Before watering this cactus, check the soil if it gets dry. Then pour water slowly and let the soil dry between watering.

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  1. Feather Cactus

The feather cactus is a beautiful furry cactus. This cactus looks unique with its white crown. You can take this plant into your bedroom to add a winter-like atmosphere. Also, this cactus has a small size, that will fit any space.

Feather Cactus

For caring for its beautiful crown, you can manage the regular watering. Pour some water when the crown looks pale or the soil is dry. This cactus is a slow-growing plant, then you don’t need to repot this plant. It is also safe to put it in a hot location.

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  1. Blue Columnar Cactus

The blue columnar cactus is a tall plant. It is also known as the blue torch cactus. In nature, this plant loves full sun location. Thus, this plant will tolerate a high-temperature place. To grow it indoors, you need a sunny window. Thus, put it on your window sill or put it on a high-stand planter.

Blue Columnar Cactus

Moreover, it is easy to care for this plant. You don’t need special treatment, since it grows well in regular watering. For the medium, it thrives healthy in potting mix. You can add perlite or rock on the tops of the soil to keep humidity.

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  1. Old Lady Cactus

The old lady cactus is a beautiful succulent with pink flowers. It has a flowery crown that will attract attention. You can grow this plant indoors to upgrade your interior. The old lady cactus can grow in a small pot that fits its size.

Old Lady Cactus

Besides, this cactus can’t stand under the full sun. Thus, you need to put it a partial sun. To keep it healthy, water this plant every 2 weeks or when the soil dries. When repotting this plant, don’t water the new soil to help it adjust new medium.

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  1. Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly pear cactus is an easy-growing plant. This cactus can grow either indoors or outdoors. When you grow it outdoors, the plant will grow taller massively. It is also good to grow indoors as decorative plants in your bedroom.

Prickly Pear Cactus

This plant is easy to care for. You only need to water it when the soil gets dry. Also, it thrives well in potting mix, chicken manure, and other soil. To keep it moist, arrange some rocks on top of the soil and make sure that it has good drainage.

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  1. Easter Cactus

Easter cactus is a full sun plant. It loves exposure to sunlight but also tolerates partial sunlight. As an indoor plant, it looks attractive to put easter cactus on your table. You can take it as your bedroom plant. Then, pick the best planter to make it looks attractive.

Easter Cactus

Like other cacti, the easter cactus is rough resistant. It tolerates dry soil but requires water when the stems are withered. To keep it hydrated, put some rocks or perlite to hold the water in the soil. It needs regular watering every 2 weeks.

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  1. Bishop’s Cap Cactus

Bishops’ cap cactus is like a star cactus. This succulent loves well-draining soil. Thus, you need to provide it with potting mix and perlite. This plant loves bright indirect sunlight. Then, put it in a sunny location, like the window sill in your bedroom.

Bishop's Cap Cactus

For caring for this types of cactus, you need to check the top soil every 2 weeks. Despite this, watering time also depends on the climate. When the weather is hot, it needs more water. Otherwise, it needs fewer amount of water during the winter season.

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  1. Ladyfinger Cactus

Ladyfinger cactus has a unique appearance. It has lots of crowns. Also, the main stem has a finger-like shape. Since it is a small plant, you can take it into any room. Even the bedroom is perfect to grow this plant in partial sunlight.

Ladyfinger Cactus

This cactus loves humidity, then it requires some rocks to keep the soil moist. During the summer and spring seasons, it wants more water. Otherwise, you have to reduce the amount of water during the winter. Also, make sure that the pot has good drainage, so it won’t stay in the water.

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  1. Pencil Cactus

The pencil cactus is a massive growing plant. If you grow it outdoors, the pencil cactus can grow like a tree. Even the main stem will turn like wood. If you grow it indoors, it will grow more small leaves and young stems. This plant is stunning to add a desert-like atmosphere.

Pencil Cactus

For caring for this plant, check the top soil by pushing your finger. You can water it when the soil is dry. Also, it can’t stand in a soggy place. Thus, make sure that it gets dry between the watering. If you do good maintenance, this plant is growing healthily.

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  1. Parodia Cactus

Parodia cactus is a cute plant with a yellow flower. You will see its yellow crown is eccentric on its thorny stem. Like other succulents, this plant is dry resistant. Otherwise, it needs water to maintain its beautiful flower.

Parodia Cactus

Since this types of cactus is stunning, you can grow it as an indoor plant in your bedroom. It loves bright indirect sunlight. Also, you can make it looks attractive with some perlite and rocks on the topsoil. For the decorative purpose, put it in an attractive planter.

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  1. Domino Cactus

Domino cactus has an interesting shape to be your ornamental plant. It has many species to thrive indoors and outdoors. Since it is an ornamental plant, you will find it attractive with its round shape. Thus, it is stunning to upgrade your bedroom as a centerpiece on your bedside table.

Domino Cactus

This plant needs low humidity when the temperature is hot. Thus, watering this plant when the soil is dry. Also, give it less water when the temperature is cold. You can manage the humidity in the soil by having perlite on the soil surfaces.

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Thus our discussion of 17 Types of Cactus to Bring The Desert Atmosphere to Your Bedroom. You can use various types of cactus ideas above according to the interior style of the bedroom you have. Succulents are attractive to decorate your bedroom. Cactus is the best choice to find various ornamental plants. This plant tolerates high temperatures and has low-water resistance. Also, you can keep it healthy with minimum maintenance. Hopefully, this article will help you to find an interesting types of cactus to decorate your bedroom. Happy decorating!


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