5 Tips to Keep Your Items Damage-Free During a Move


Organizing and making a new home appealing and cozy is the top priority of many homeowners after a big move. Whether they have a large or small house, homeowners will be looking for ideas and inspiration to design their new home.

Many people who have recently moved, though, will use most of the furniture, fixtures, and other items they brought with them to design their new house. Because of this, it is important that all the items they will move stay safe and damage-free throughout the relocation process.

If you will be moving soon and will be using all your current home items to design and decorate your new place, you have to make sure that they are all packed and transported properly so that they will maintain their quality and can be used again.

Investing in professional packing and moving services is a good way to ensure this. But if you will be packing all your items or entrust only the specialized ones to your movers, follow the tips below to keep them safe and damage-free during the move:

1. Have good-quality packing supplies available at hand

Your move won’t go smoothly if you don’t get all the materials you need for packing all your belongings.

To properly protect all your items during the move, make sure you have and use these packing materials:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Unprinted, soft packing paper
  • Strong or specially-designed moving boxes
  • Foam packing peanuts
  • Moving blankets or furniture pads
  • Plastic furniture wrap

2. Pack small fragile items properly

When packing fine china, vases, framed pictures, and other decorative items, make sure they are wrapped properly. Use bubble wrap or packing paper or both to cover and protect each item completely.

Pack these items in sturdy boxes to keep them intact and safe during the move. Make sure you put the heavier and bigger ones at the bottom and the smaller, lighter ones on top. Put foam packing peanuts or pellets in the boxes which will help keep them from shifting and breaking while they are being transported.

Lastly, put a moving blanket or old, unused beddings on top of the items before sealing the box. Don’t forget to mark these boxes “Fragile” and “Handle with Care” as well.

3. Place corner protectors on large mirrors and framed art pieces and photos

If you have lots of big mirrors and picture frames, it would be best to buy special packing kits for these fixtures. These kits come with foam corner protectors essential in preventing them from breaking.

Simply put the corners on the edges of your mirrors and frames and cover them with bubble wrap or packing paper. Next, put these items in boxes that are just the right size for them.

In case you have many framed artworks and photographs, start packing them early so that you can take your time to do this task properly.

4. Disassemble furniture and other large decorative items if possible

If your glass, coffee, and dining tables can be dismantled, do so. In addition, remove the legs from your couch and take the mirror off the dresser. Take out any parts from large fixtures, especially the breakable ones, that could be damaged when loading, unloading, or during transit.

Make sure you protect these small parts by wrapping them in bubble wrap or packing paper. Additionally, label them properly so that you know where they go.

5. Cover all furniture with pads or moving blankets

Your furniture pieces will be the key design items in your new home. As such, it is important that you ensure they arrive in your new home free from any damage.

To prepare your furniture for the move, clean them first. Make sure they are completely dry before you cover them.

Next, use moving blankets (also known as “furniture pads”) to cover your furniture. These packing supplies will ensure your leather, wood, and metal furniture pieces will be protected from scuffs, tears, and other types of damages. These blankets will keep the furniture clean as well.

When all your furniture and décor items are clean, intact, and free from any damage, you will have an easier time organizing and decorating your new home. And within the next few weeks, you will have a well-designed and beautiful house, one that you can proudly call your home.


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