5 Unique Bedside Table Design Ideas for Your Bedroom


Davidrayhomes.com – The bedroom is a place to rest and enjoy your time. Everyone has their preferences for the interior design of their respective bedrooms. Some like a bedroom with a lot of furniture, there is also someone who prefers a minimalist bedroom with some furniture. Nevertheless, there is furniture that almost everyone has for their bedroom, which is a small table beside the bed. Almost everyone has a table beside their bed. The table beside the bed has a function to put things that must be near us when we sleep like water, glasses, cellphones, and you can also put a light sleep there.

5 Unique Bedside Table Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

The bedside table is very beneficial. However, to use this table for your bedroom you should also pay attention to the interior style you are using. There are many table designs that you can use for your bedroom, but not all of them are suitable for your bedroom style. With a design that does not fit will make your room make it weird. In this article, we will discuss unique table designs for the bedside. With the right design, you will get a beautiful bedroom and has character. Let’s discuss what table we can apply to decorate your bedroom.

Wooden Table Design

Wooden Bedside Table Design

The first design that you can use for your bedside bed is a table made of wood. Wood materials give the impression of a classic and elegant for your bedroom. Using furniture from wood also gives a natural touch in your bedroom. This is suitable for those of you who want to use industrial, modern and Scandinavian style.

Wooden Bedside Table

Besides the table made of wood has a strong character and durable to be used as furniture. Because the material is durable, it’s no wonder that a lot of furniture made of wood can be decades old to become antiques. Antique wooden tables give a vintage feel to your bedroom. By using wood, you get many benefits in terms of functional and aesthetic.

Iron Table Design

iron table

The next design is using material that is in great demand for room furniture. Using iron for your bedside table is a wise choice. That is because the iron material is easy to be formed by the design you want. With the ease of making designs and the many variations of iron table designs, we can find many choices in the market.

iron table bedroom

You can find table designs ranging from the simplest to the most unique ones. Using a table with iron suitable for you who want to provide industrial design for your bedroom. Do not forget to also apply complementary decorations such as white walls or walls with visible bricks.

Wooden and Iron Design

wooden and iron

Besides using one of wood or iron. You can use both of them as unique and beautiful tables. The combination of these two durable and strong materials makes your bedside table have the right combination of materials. With the addition of a decorative lamp to make your bedroom beautiful and aesthetic.

wooden Iron Bedside Table interior

You can use the iron material for the table legs, while the wood material is suitable for you to use for the table body. With so natural and modern blend into one unique furniture. You can use table designs made of these two materials for all types of interior styles. That way the atmosphere of your bedroom becomes more beautiful and pleasant.

Unique Table from Glass

glass table

The next table design that you can use for your bedside is a glass table. You can use glass to make your desk look elegant and luxurious. By using metal legs and glass table body, this unique table is strong and durable. But you must be careful in placing things on your glass table. Items on the table that are too heavy will break the glass. You can use ornamental plants or lights to make the decoration more beautiful.

glass table

You can also design your glass table with unique shelves so that you can put your things on the shelves. This helps you reduce the risk of glass breaking due to overload. That way the design of the table beside your bed is unique and functional. You can use this glass table design for minimalist and industrial interior styles, but if you want to use it for a luxurious style it is also suitable.

Open-Shelf Table

Open-Shelf table

The last design we discussed is the design of the bedside table with the form of a shelf. By using a shelf, you can store your items easily. When you wake up to use your things it’s also easy. By using a shelf, you can store your favorite books, alarm clocks, and much more. With your needs kept beside your bed makes your life easier.

Open-Shelf table

You can use the shelf design for your desk by sticking it to the wall near your bed or using it as a shelf in general. It depends on your needs in your bedroom. You can use it by sticking to the wall if your bedroom is minimalist. But if you have a large enough bedroom, you can use it beside your bed. You can use the open-shelf table as book-shelf so you can read your favorite books and make your time in the bedroom more enjoyable.

Thus 5 Unique Bedside Table Design Ideas for Your Bedroom. By using a desk at your bedside makes you more comfortable in your bedroom. That is because the function of the table beside the bed helps you put your needs when you wake up. With the right design will beautify your bedroom. Hopefully, this article is useful to you.


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