Indoor Ornamental Plants You Should Know To Make You Home Fresher

1270 – The plant is an organism that has various form, color, stem, leaves, and roots. Some plants have a special function as an ornament to display for home interior and exterior. For the home interior, some ornamental plants have special treatment and some are easy to be planted. Ornamental plants have various kinds such as ornamental trees, small ornamental plants, flowering plants, etc. Besides, the ornamental plant has a function to purify the air and create a fresher impression for the room interior.

The ornamental plants should be an attractive plant and easy to grow in a room interior. To put the ornamental plant in your room, you should know what kind of ornamental plant you can take into your room. Here, we have listed some ornamental plants for you. Let’s discuss about this.

Large Indoor Ornamental Plants

The large ornamental plant is commonly used as a decorative plant in the large area in a home interior. It is dominated by green leaves and it can stand steadily no more than 2 meters. A proportional high of ornamental little tree is catchy to be a green space to deal with the boredom in the room.

  • Monstera


Maybe some of you have ever seen this kind of plant on the internet or in the real life. Monstera has many types that you can choose. At least you can find 48 species such as Philodendron Monstera Deliciosa, Monstera Adansonii, Monstera Variegata, Monstera Pinnatipartita, and many more. Monstera has unique leaves that look full of holes. To take care of this plant, you should plant this monstera in fertile soil and give enough fertilizer to keep the lighter leaves. It is better to put it in a place with less sunlight and water it once a day.


Besides, the Monstera can moisturize your room naturally and it will balance the atmosphere. The glossy leaves of the Monstera plant can take the dusk in the room, so the air will be clean. For notes, you have to keep these leaves away from kids and pets because it is poisonous. If it is hard for you to find the kind of monstera plant you want, you can take a look into your room first. Monstera Deliciosa is one of the popular plants to grow indoors. If you want to hang it over the room, you can choose Monstera Adansonii.

  • Fiddle-leaf Fig Tree

Fiddle-leaf Fig Tree

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree or Ficus Lyrata is an original plant from West Africa. It is one of Ficus species that can be an ornamental plant. This plant is a green indoor plant that is used as ornamental plants. Even though it has a higher appearance than a common ornamental plant, but this plant has a fresh impression. Its green leaf in an oval form is attractive to display. Ficus engages in various types based on the form, they can be creeping-vines ficus, shrub-like ficus, woody trees, etc. This plant can grow indoor and outdoor depends on the kind of Ficus plants.

Fiddle-leaf Fig Tree

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree is a popular plant to put in the room. Its big green leaves have an elegant form and strict texture. The stem of this plant is long and tiny. You can put this plant in a room that has enough sunlight. To take care of this plant, make sure that the room has tropical temperatures with enough water and sunlight to avoid excessive fallen leaves.

  • Areca Palm

Areca Palm

This plant has a botanical name, Dypsis lutescens, or as known as Areca Palm. This kind of palm is an original palm tree from Madagascar. Areca Palm has green stems and evergreen leaves that almost similar to coconut leaves. This plant can live in a cold temperature because its leaves will dry if you put it on a high temperature. It is like other plants, this plant needs enough water and fertilizer, so you can water it daily. To have this plant for the room interior is a nice choice because it can be the greenery accent in the room. You can put this plant in the corner of the room.

  • ZZ Plants

ZZ Plants

This plant has a unique name. Zamioculcas Zamiifolia or also known as the nickname ZZ Plant is an original plant from Africa. This plant consists of leaves, stem, and root. ZZ Plant has shiny glossy leaves. Even though this plant can live in dry temperature, but you should water it when the soil is too dry. ZZ Plant prefers good humidity. This plant is commonly put in the interior of a workspace or a living room.

Small Indoor Ornamental Plants

For a decorative purpose, small ornamental plants will grant your wish. Some flowering plants are the right choice for a home interior. It has a beautiful form and various colors. As an ornament, a small ornamental plant is more than just a plant to display. The colorful ornamental plant gives positive vibes and spreads an extra natural scent in the room. You must try to put this beautiful and cute ornamental plant in your room to create an attractive focal point.

  • Roses


Everyone knows this kind of flower. Rose is a beautiful flower that has a fresh fragrant. It has various kinds of colors such as red rose, white rose, yellow rose, pink rose, and many more. Each color has a unique function as an ornamental flowering plant. It is not difficult to grow this flower as an indoor plant, especially for decorative purposes.


Put the roses in fertile soil and water it daily. To thrive this plant well, you can put it under the sunlight in your room for no more than 6 hours. Roses can grow it a mini vase if you prefer small roses, then put it on the coffee table in the living room, bedroom, or any other room that needs an attractive accent.

  • Orchid


This flower can grow in hydroponic media. Orchid has many types, and one of them is orchid for an indoor plant. Some types of orchid as indoor plants are Oncidium Orchid, Pansy Orchid, Moth Orchid, and the simple Spirit Orchid. Orchid has a unique shape, the petals have many colors, and some types have patterns on its petals. You can use fertile soil or coconut fiber to replace the soil. It grows well under indirect sunlight and cold temperature, especially for Spirit Orchid. The existence of an orchid in a room makes the interior look charming and fresh.

  • Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is a plant that has no stem. It has thorn leaves. Even though it sounds dangerous, but Aloe Vera has myriad functions. Its leaves contain gels that can be used as traditional herbs, cosmetics, and foods. Besides, Aloe Vera has an attractive shape to use as an ornamental plant. You must be careful with the thorn, so you may choose a safe place to put it away from kids and pets. To take care of this plant, water it sparingly because it doesn’t need much water, and keep it to get the sunlight.

  • Cactus


Another sharp ornamental plant is the Cactus. This plant has been a popular plant that can be used as an ornamental plant. Cactus has various types such as Star Cactus, Feather Cactus, Barrel Cactus, Old Lady Cactus, Christmas Cactus, and many more. Cactus can grow in dry temperature and needs less water rather than another plant. Cactus is also an ornamental plant that can absorb air pollution in the interior of your home. You can put this plant on your windowsill to get the sunlight and be an aesthetic focal point. Cactus is a unique plant that easy to grow for a beginner planter to create an interesting accent in a room.

  • Marigold


Marigold is a beautiful flower. It has various colors such as orange marigold, yellow marigold, red marigold, and gold marigold. Marigold has a cheerful impression if you put it as an ornamental indoor plant. When this flower blooms, the flower will be a beautiful dominant part of this plant rather than its leaves. This flower is easy to grow indoor because you can use minimum space to put in on a little vase. To take care of this plant, you need to fertilize it regularly and water it daily to keep the soil damp, and don’t forget to put it near the direct sunlight in the room.

  • Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum or Peace lily has a meaningful name with the word “peace”. It has meaning to bring peace in a room. It is a tropical plant from the US and the South East. As a beautiful plant, Peace Lily can be used as an ornamental plant. Usually, this flower is catchy to put near the white wall or in the corner of the living room. Peace Lily can grow indoor. You need to keep the soil fertile and water it once in three days. If the plant sags, it indicates that it needs water.


That is our discussion about Indoor Ornamental Plants You Should Know To Make You Home Fresher. An indoor ornamental plant is an attractive ornament for an additional display. Some indoor ornamental plants are easy to grow and some are hard to maintain. The treatment to take care of an indoor plant sometimes needs routine care such as paying attention to their need for sunlight, water, and humidity. Even though some indoor plants require extra attention, but it will give you a nice bang slap on the eyes if you take it as an ornamental plant. Chose the indoor ornamental plant that suits your room size and temperature, then this plant may thrive well and make your room more interesting. Happy gardening.


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