18 Creative Sink Station Ideas for Your Kitchen Interior


Davidrayhomes.com – The kitchen is an important room to cook a meal. Most people like to design their kitchens with multifunctional decor. The sink or basin is one of the essential parts of the kitchen. It is useful to clean vegetables before cooking a meal. Also, people can wash their plates and kitchen appliances in the sink. Many sink designs will help you to prepare meals in the kitchen. Here, let’s see the 18 Creative Sink Station Ideas for Your Kitchen Interior in this article.

  1. Sink Station with Two Faucets

The first idea is a sink with two faucets. This sink is large and has a wire filter. So, it can load more things when you clean the kitchen appliances. Two people can wash the vegetables together. Thus, it is more efficient to install it in a house with a big family.

Sink Station with Two Faucets

Moreover, this sink is useful to load a vegetable drainer. Look at this sink design. It keeps the vegetables clean without touching the bottom. The wire is removable, so you can take it off at any time. This sink station will complete your kitchen countertop.

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  1. Professional Design for Kitchen Sink

The sink has diverse designs. It offers different models and sizes. This long basin is perfect for a big kitchen. This sink has a long basin with many items. It even has two faucets. If you see it in detail, this basin consists of two sink stations for two people.

Professional Design for Kitchen Sink

There are a few drainers, cutting boards, and baskets. Also, it has a large countertop, as you can see the dinner chairs across the sink. Moreover, this kitchen countertop has multiple kitchen knives. This sink is perfect for an open space kitchen with a big kitchen island.

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  1. Additional Drainer for Kitchen Sink

The large basin can get any useful item. For example, this large basin gets an additional basin with a drainer. This basin is smaller and has a drainage hole. You can open up the hole after using it as a container.

Additional Drainer for Kitchen Sink

The water will flow to the lower part. This small basin is easy to move, so it won’t stuck forever. Moreover, this sink has a simple holder for knives. In addition, put a sponge case above the basin. You can install it under the faucet.

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  1. Cutting Board and Drainer on the Sink

Let’s see this ordinary kitchen sink. This sink is interesting with a clean line and geometrical shape. Its metallic frame creates a contrast to black accents. The black faucet is a perfect match. Moreover, the white countertop will make them stunning.

Cutting Board and Drainer on the Sink

Besides, this kitchen sink is interesting to load a black drainer. It fits the sink’s size. So, you can keep it there to dry the wet cups. Moreover, there is a cutting board too. This wooden item covers another side. Both are useful to put on your kitchen sink.

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  1. A Single Basin for Sink

This sink is interesting for any kitchen countertop. It has a black color and looks elegant for this white countertop. The black metallic will reflect light perfectly. Also, it has a black faucet and drainer. You can remove the drainer after using it.

A Single Basin for Sink

This kitchen sink has a grid. So, it will protect the bottom of the basin from any scratch. Instead of using a drainer to wash vegetables, you can use the grid. It won’t touch the bottom, so it keeps vegetables clean.

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  1. Modern Sink for All-in-one Kit

Having a narrow sink won’t limit you to get a complete design. This kitchen sink is narrow, but it gets a drainer and a cutting board. Both items fit well because they have a narrow size as well. This kitchen sink is suitable for a small countertop.

Modern Sink for All-in-one Kit

Besides, you can design it to be more interesting. Add a grid to protect your basin. You can put the kitchenware on it, before washing them. Moreover, this kitchen sink won’t declutter the countertop. You can it neat by removing the drainer and cutting board after using it.

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  1. Double Basins for More Needs

There is a kitchen sink with double basins. The silver color is elegant to decorate a black countertop. These interesting basins are useful for different needs. You can use one as a vegetable drainer and another for washing dirty kitchenware.

Double Basins for More Needs

Besides, this kitchen sink has a movable faucet. So, it fits the two basins. In addition, it has a small faucet to load the washing liquid. This design will keep it neat and simple. Even though this sink almost fits the countertop’s size, it looks stunning there.

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  1. SIlver Sink with Removable Grid

Using a stainless steel grid is useful. It protects your basin’s bottom and keeps it clean. Also, the grid can be your functional filter for washing vegetables or fruits. Sometimes, you don’t need to use a basket.

SIlver Sink with Removable Grid

The removable grid won’t declutter the design. It will take a few centimeters for installation. You can choose the grid with the same design as your basin. The grid should adjust the drainage hole. So, ensure to see the basin model before paying the grid.

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  1. Kitchen Sink with Basket and Drainer

It is a useful sink. There are a basket and a drainer. The drainer can load a few plates. Also, you can put the wet cups after washing them. This drainer can load any things. In addition, this is removable, then you can take them off the sink.

Kitchen Sink with Basket and Drainer

Besides, there is a small basket on another side. It can load small fruits when washing them, like grapes. The small holes are useful to filter the water. Moreover, you can use it for another purpose. For example, it can load a washing sponge.

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  1. Undermount Sink for Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a common material for the sink. It won’t get rusty and is water resistant. This sink is durable, so you can save on your money. Look at this design. It is an under-mount sink with a drainer.

Undermount Sink for Stainless Steel

You can use this sink easily. The large basin is useful to wash your kitchen appliances. Then, put them on the drainer, while you clean the other plates. Moreover, it will keep the kitchen countertop clean. The under-mount sink is a nice sink station for a simple homeowner.

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  1. Sink with Drain Basket and Sponge Case

It is another useful sink design. The basin is large and has two shapes. The large area is useful as a drainer. Meanwhile, the narrower part can hold the sponge case. It will be your favorite sink station, even though the washing area is narrower.

Sink with Drain Basket and Sponge Case

This drainer can load more plates than the previous idea. Also, it has a sponge case, so you can put the sponge after using it. The drainage holes in this case will drain your sponge. It will prevent fungus or bacteria. Both the drainer and sponge case are removable, so you don’t need to worry.

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  1. Additional Basket for Two Basins

The sink design is various. So, people can choose one to adjust their needs. This is a sink with two basins. It has two drainages too. The one basin is useful to clean vegetables and other ingredients. Meanwhile, another is useful as a washing basin.

Additional Basket for Two Basins

This design can fill two needs in your kitchen. Then, put an additional basket between them. See this simple basket. It drains the vegetable and holds a brush. This additional item is versatile. You can move it after using the sink.

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  1. Low Divider for Two Basins

Nowadays, many people install a sink with two basins. This sink has large with two separate basins. So, they can use them for 2 different activities. Also, this sink is easy to clean. The stainless steel material is durable.

Low Divider for Two Basins

Moreover, this sink has a low divider. It separates the basins in the middle. Besides, this sink has a clean line and won’t declutter the kitchen interior. The metallic color from stainless steel is perfect to match the black countertop. In addition, it has a nice faucet from the same material.

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  1. Rectangular Basin for Drop-in Sink

The basin’s size is important to create an impression. The geometrical basin is interesting to create a clean line. This basin design will tell you how. Their rectangular shape fits the black countertop. The contrast shade between metallic and black will bring a distinct line.

Rectangular Basin for Drop-in Sink

Meanwhile, this sink has an additional drainer. You can put wet plates and cups on it. Then, remove it from the basin after using it. Like other sinks, it has a drainage hole on the bottom. You need to clean it regularly, so it won’t spread odor.

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  1. Multifunctional Drainer on Two Basins

The two basins are multifunctional. You can use them for different needs. For example, use the first basin as the washing container. Clean the dirty kitchen appliances in this sink. Also, use the faucet that belongs to this basin.

Multifunctional Drainer on Two Basins

Then, another basin is useful as a drainer. Choose a multifunctional drainer with more wire. This idea has at least two drainers. The other is for plates and cups. Then the smaller one will load the tableware, like spoons, knives for eating, forks, etc.

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  1. Add Two Sponge Cases

Some people use a sponge to clean dirty kitchenware. This sponge needs a case to drain them. If you put it in liquid water, it will absorb the water. Also, it may spread bacteria. Thus, add a sponge case for your sink.

Add Two Sponge Cases

This design is simple and you can even add a pair of cases. The sponge case will drain it and let it get fresh air. The best spot to install a sponge case is near the window. Exposure to sunlight will keep them dry and clean. So, decorate the sponge case location to complete your sink station.

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  1. Double Sinks with Grids

The useful sink is the one with multifunctional items. This idea will be your next choice. It is a sink with two basins. Every basin has a grid that looks like a stainless steel filter. This sink grid is useful to protect the bottom.

Double Sinks with Grids

Also, you can clean the vegetable on their surface. So, you don’t need any vegetable baskets. Despite this, you need to keep this grid clean by removing it after use. Then, clean the grid by brushing it thoroughly. Also, clean the basin regularly for sanitary.

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  1. Drop-in Sink with Additional Accent

A drop-in sink is also known as a top-mount sink. The installation of the drop-in sink is from above the countertop. So, they have a frame that covers the surface. Many people choose this sink because it is easy to install. Also, it has various designs to offer.

Drop-in Sink with Additional Accent

This drop-in sink has an additional drainer. This stainless steel basket is useful to drain vegetables. So, you can put it down before washing the vegetables inside it. Moreover, this sink has another space for a wooden cutting board. Both items are helpful for a cooking activity.

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Thus are 18 Creative Sink Station Ideas for Your Kitchen Interior. Every design has a unique style. This sink station at least has an additional item. There are a drainer, basket, sponge case, and cutting board. You can install the best sink that fits your kitchen. Then, create a sink station by installing a few multifunctional items. Hopefully, this article will help you to design an interesting sink station.


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