Home Ideals: Impress Your Guest With Your Coffee Lounge



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Everyone loves fancy coffee shops right? They’re beautiful in design and the smell of fresh coffee gets you awake in a second.

But a coffee habit can really cost you. In reality, it makes a lot more sense to buy beans yourself, and set up your own coffee lounge. In the long term, it could save you thousands of dollars.

But it’s not necessarily the coffee but also the decor, the slightly noisy vibe, and the music that draws us to the coffee lounge.

So, what if you could recreate that coffee shop atmosphere, without ever taking a step outside your home?

First Things First

If you desperately need a cup of coffee the moment you wake up every morning,  set up the coffee space in your bedroom, closet or even your bathroom.

Try to program the machine to begin brewing as soon as the alarm clock sounds and have your hot cup of coffee waiting for you between the snooze button or while in the shower.

Normally, it is easiest to make this method feasible if you have extra space to spare, but even a limited vanity area do the job pretty well.

Don’t Think Twice About Having Pink Walls

While some associate pink with a dull color pattern for a 70s shower room, the specific light pink tone will be enough to help in reflecting the light coming inside your home while being warmer than a typical white wall.

Besides, a light pink tone will also look beautiful with the natural wood frame of a big mirror.

Coffee Cabinet

If you have the needed space, or if you are planning a change, you may want to think about adding a specific cabinet to store your espresso machine, coffee maker, mugs, cups, as well as other items.

This helps bring your coffee shop home without needing to open it up for 24 hours. Just close the cabinet, and no one will interfere with you, and your caffeine craving.

A simple slide-out drawer can also provide easy access to your coffee maker, while a pot filler allows you to add water without the need for you to go to your kitchen sink.

Add a Bookshelf

To some, the primary attraction of a coffee shop is less about coffee intake and more about the cozy ambiance.

If you’re a bookworm, add some s storage for magazines or books in your coffee shop. It is not very expensive, can be an attractive part of your home kitchen.

Make it a Center of Attraction

If you are a coffee fan who’s spent some money on a special espresso machine or coffee maker, then show it off in your kitchen. It can make a great centerpiece and talking point for guests.

Additionally, a rounded cabinet will also be ideal for storing mugs, beans, along with other items, but there should be no reason for you to hide the machine itself.

Make It A Fine Space For Relaxing

Who wants a congested space for relaxing? Keep your coffee haven a relaxing one by keeping the area clean and organized.


Without a doubt, there is something about the atmosphere of a coffee shop that appeals to us, encouraging us to come time and time again. But, frequent coffee shop visits can quickly poke holes in your wallet.

On the bright side, if you have the needed space, then you can set one up  in your home, and not have to deal with the significant amount of money that’s wasted at the coffee shop on a daily basis.



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