Tips in Styling Your Sofa


The living room is the most visible area of your home. The way you decorate it will show your personality to every visitor who walks through the door. The modest sofa is perhaps the most significant object in this space.

Here are some easy sofa styling ideas to get you started.

Begin with a Strong Foundation

Styling a sofa is similar to creating a work of art. Sure, your sofa may appear to be a work of art, but it’s just a blank canvas ready to be filled with a few cushions and throws.

But, it’s pointless to spend money on lovely cushions or luxurious throws if the sofa they’ll be decorating isn’t one you like. If the basis of your soft furniture arrangement already seems like it’s about to fall apart, it’s time to switch to something a little more up your alley. Choosing a neutral piece, such as a classic 3-seater sofa, will provide you with the ideal foundation for your styling journey.

Cushions & Throws

Cushions have an addictive quality; no matter how many you have, there always appears to be room for more. In addition, cushions are a low-maintenance way to give your living space that sought a ‘cozy vibe.’

Then there’s the matter of throws. Throws come in many forms, sizes, and textures, and a well-draped throw can take your sofa decor to the next level. They’re not only for keeping toasty in the winter while binge-watching Netflix.

The Right Number

Rotation, rather than hoarding, is the key to a perfectly balanced sofa. Too many throws or cushions will not only take up valuable seating space. But they will also give the impression of clutter and make your actual sofa invisible. Several strong cushion collections do not need to be displayed simultaneously. There is a considerable difference between eclectic and overdone. The goal is an effortless style rather than a soft furnishing addict. On the other side, a single cushion on a large sectional sofa might make the room feel empty and unfinished.

An odd number of furnishings, such as three cushions and a single throw, work nicely for a more casual and relaxed air. You can achieve a more formal or traditional environment by using symmetry to position pillows and throws. For example, if you have guests coming over for dinner, place your furniture on each end of the sofa to create a formal atmosphere. On the other hand, if you’re having a casual weekend barbecue with friends, group the cushions to one side of the couch for an instant relaxing vibe.

Keeping it Complementary

What better way to welcome the cooler months than by giving your sofa a makeover? Changing out a handful of cushions to be on trend is a lot less expensive than buying new furniture every season – and it’s also much better for the environment. Take inspiration from the colors and textures of autumn by using a thick linen throw in reddy-orange tones or adding autumn greens.

However, the color and material of your sofa should be the primary consideration when selecting cushions and throws. A wrong cushion choice can make your couch feel detached from the rest of the area, just like an ivory dress can make pale skin look entirely washed out.

The idea is to pick a tone, texture, or theme to connect the entire area rather than matching colors to a tee. Take ideas from the room’s current furniture and décor — a tan leather cushion may look lovely in the showroom. Still, it will get lost in the sea of leather when you bring it home to your brown leather sofa.

The beauty of most sofas is that their single block of color serves as an excellent foundation for layering textures and patterns and generating depth. Choose a variety of pillows and throws with different elements to add visual interest. For example, pair a round densely woven cushion with a light linen throw or a rectangle velvet number with a pair of smooth cotton cushions. The possibilities for mixing and matching are boundless, from Mongolian lambswool to gleaming sequin – take in mind the size of your sofa. On a huge couch, an oversized cushion may seem spectacular. Still, it will overshadow a smaller design, making the area feel weird and disproportioned.

Looking at the Bigger Picture

Sofas aren’t used on their own; they’re part of a larger picture: the living room. This means that when styling your couch, you need to think about the surroundings as well. For example, the floor lamp on which you read your favorite book, the side table where you place your cup of tea, and the statement art just behind the sofa. They all contribute to the flawlessly decorated sofa. Rather than allowing each piece to compete for attention, use complementary decor to unify the space.


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