Beautiful Wooden House Designs Inspiration

1546 – Wood is a strong, durable and easily formed material. Therefore, many houses are made of wood. The wooden house has always been proven strong and durable, so that it can last a long time. Besides being strong and durable, wood material also looks elegant, classic and aesthetic. Choosing wood as your home material is a good choice, but you also have to pay attention to the aesthetic value so that your home is beautiful and comfortable. Therefore, this time we will discuss various beautiful home designs derived from wood.

Beautiful Wooden House Designs

In the following we will discuss some home designs that you can try to use. You can use wood for almost any home design. You can use wood in part or in full. What are these designs? Let’s discuss them one by one.

Modern Wooden House

modern wooden house

Owning a wooden house is not an obstacle to making your home a modern design. You can use your wood with a combination of concrete to make your home more sturdy and look modern. That way you bring the impression of luxury and aesthetics. Add glass to the window so that your home is comfortable and not stiff. You can use this design on a large and luxurious home or a simple minimalist home.

One With Nature

natura; wooden house

Wood is a natural material. Wood is a strong material and can also be formed into whatever we want. You can make your house made of wood and place it with lots of trees. You can feel the natural yet comfortable atmosphere in your home. Moreover, if your home away from city noise. You can be comfortable in resting or doing activities inside the house.

Elegant Black Wooden House

black wooden house

The next design is for those of you who like elegant black. Not only the natural color of wood that you can use for your home, you can also use other colors like black and other colors. The black color gives an elegant and classy impression. Especially if you use wood for your home, you give a classic and natural impression to your home. You can use black completely or if you want something different, use a touch of white, brown or other colors on the exterior of your home.

Contemporary Wooden House

contemporary wooden house

The final design that we will discuss is contemporary wooden house design. This one wooden house design is very unique, you can find it with various shapes, such as triangles, trapezoid, square and a combination of all three. You can even build contemporary style houses on flat or uneven surfaces. Using a contemporary style gives an impression of elegance and character. You can build this stylish house beautifully, but do not let you lose the functional value of your home by building excess decoration.

Those are some wood house design inspiration that you can apply for your home. You can combine wood with various types of materials such as concrete, brick and iron. You can explore the design as you wish. Combine it with other materials or you want your house to be made of wood, it depends on your taste. Hopefully this article is useful for you.


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