Geometric Wall Paint Patterns Inspiration

2605 – Giving color paint to the walls of your home makes your walls colorful and makes your interior more beautiful. However, using paint for walls does not have to fill a wall of the same color. You can use geometric color patterns to create a unique impression on your wall.

Geometric Wall Paint Patterns

Giving a geometric color pattern on your wall makes your interior more attractive and beautiful. Geometric patterns are also suitable for you to use in any style. You can get interior walls that are not monotonous and beautiful but do not seem excessive. This article will discuss some of the geometric color pattern designs on the walls that you can use as inspiration or ideas in painting your home. Let us discuss.

Simple Angle

simple angle wall paint

The first geometric model that we discussed is the simplest motif. You can use two colors and combine them using one straight line from corner to corner. This makes the two colors separated by one simple line. Using this method gives the impression that your room is taller. This simple angular geometric pattern you can apply anywhere easily and cheaply.

Simple Pattern

 simple pattern wall paint

The next geometric pattern that we discuss is a simple pattern. You can use several circles combined with each other to form a unique pattern. This simple geometric pattern looks beautiful even though it is simple. This pattern is suitable for those of you who want a modern and minimalist style.

Striped Pattern

striped pattern wall paint

Simple line patterns make your space more beautiful and unique. Like the previous patterns, you don’t need to use a lot of colors. You only need black to give a simple line pattern to the white walls. With a striped pattern like this gives a far more interesting difference than ordinary plain paint. Simple motifs like this give a minimalist and modern impression to your room.

Rhombus Pattern

rhombus pattern wall paint

Having a wall with a rhombus pattern is indeed unique and beautiful. This pattern is quite popular among interior designers. The shape is simple and unique so that it can be used as a beautiful pattern. You can use this pattern with light or dark colored walls. That way the rhombus pattern will look beautiful and aesthetic in the interior of your home.

Honeycomb Pattern

Honeycomb pattern wall paint

The next geometric pattern is a honeycomb or hexagon shaped pattern. This pattern is quite popular for interior walls of houses. Hexagon shapes can form unique and beautiful patterns if arranged neatly. You can use a blend of contrasting colors to make the pattern more beautiful. This pattern gives a modern and beautiful feel to your room. You can apply this pattern to any room, from the guest room, dining room and others.

Blend Pattern

blend pattern

You can make your room unique and attractive by combining unique patterns. You can apply a combination of geometric patterns and some unique shapes. Your interior will look more unique and beautiful with a variety of shades and colors that you use. This beautiful and unique motif gives a character impression for your interior.

Color Gradation

Color Gradation

If you don’t want to use a pattern in your room. You can use color gradations from dark to light. You can use gradations in the form of dark lines to light lines with matching colors. That way your interior is more beautiful. Gradation is suitable for those of you who want to have a unique impression but like something simple.

Colorful Murals

Colorful Murals

You can also make colorful abstract geometric patterns in your room. This colorful geometric mural gives a striking and attractive impression. You can use it in the living room, dining room, or any other room you want. This mural gives the impression of courage and character. With this colorful mural, your home is not boring to look at.

So that is some inspiration for the design of geometric patterns for your room. You can adjust your room for what you paint. With a patterned paint unlike one color paint. Painting a wall with a pattern gives its own character to your room. Hopefully this article is useful for you.



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