Beautiful Canopy Designs for Your Terrace

1712 – Canopies are part of the building field that serves to strengthen the frame and roof. Canopies are usually installed in front of houses or buildings. There are many types of canopies today with various designs and shapes. Generally made from wood, iron and steel.

Canopy Designs That You Can Apply in Your Home

The canopy serves as an additional roof for your home. In addition, the canopy can provide protection against all types of weather conditions that hit your home. However, along with the times, canopy has become a home decoration that has a functional and aesthetic value. Canopies are usually used as decorations for the porch. The right canopy and terrace can provide support for the beautiful architectural value of your home. In this article we will discuss some canopy designs that you can apply in your home. Let us discuss.

Wooden Canopy

wooden canopy for home

Canopy design using wood makes the house look natural but still has a modern and luxurious impression. You can make your patio have a wooden canopy like this. Besides being beautiful, wood is also famous for being strong and durable. Use wood with good quality. Also use wood coatings so that the wood is awed and protected from weathering early. You can add decoration in the form of lights and so on at night.

Galvalum Canopy

Galvalum Canopy for long term use

You can use canopy material made from galvalum for your home. Canopies made from this material have the main advantage that is long-term durability. Galvalum canopy is durable because this material is resistant to termites, rust and temperature changes. The concept of a minimalist home will also be more aesthetic using this type of canopy for the exterior of your home.

Iron and Metal Canopies

Iron and Metal Canopies

If you use the Galvalium canopy to get a minimalist impression, you use an iron and metal canopy to get a futuristic impression. In addition, iron and metal materials are also durable, strong and durable. This canopy made from base can also be formed into any model you want. The concept of the canopy that you planned can be more easily formed using iron and metal canopies.

Glass Canopy

Glass Canopy for relaxing

An aesthetic and classy architectural impression can be obtained by using a glass canopy. Glass material gives a clean impression. You can install this canopy using a strong iron frame. By using a glass canopy, your terrace becomes a suitable place to relax because you can still feel the sunlight. For that also use chairs and a relaxing table for your terrace. That way your terrace becomes comfortable, aesthetic and classy using this glass canopy.

Fiber Canopy

Fiber Canopy

You can make a bright terrace like using a glass canopy with a fiber canopy. Glass and fiber canopies continue sunlight into the terrace. However, less light is transmitted by fiber. This makes your terrace more shady but brighter. The benefits of using this canopy are so numerous because this material is leak-proof, cannot rust and when compared to glass material, this material is much lighter. Installation of fiber canopy when compared to glass canopy is also safer.

Vines Canopy

Vines Canopy

The vines for your patio canopy are suitable for those of you who often use your terrace to relax and relax with your loved ones. This canopy is unique and can give freshness to you. You can install various types of vines for your canopy. Unlike the previous material, this canopy needs to eat water and other nutrients.


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