Beautiful Small Living Room Design Inspiration

1815 – The living room is the main area in the house. Many interactions are carried out between individuals in the living room. Therefore, the living room is a vital part of the house. Having a small living room doesn’t mean you can’t get the design you want. You can use many designs for your small living room. The style of the living room reflects the character of the homeowner, lest the small living room give the impression that it is mediocre. This time we will discuss some small living room inspiration that you can use for your living room.

Beautiful Small Living Room Design

In the following we will discuss some beautiful living room styles. A beautiful living room gives the impression that you care about beauty, even though your living room is small. Let’s discuss what styles we can apply.

Bohemian Small Living Room

bohemian living room

A small living room does not limit you in expressing yourself. By using a bohemian style living room, you have a unique and aesthetic living room. You can use a variety of motifs and patterns for your living room. You can combine various patterns abstractly. This will attract attention and look beautiful if seen. Guests who visit will certainly be flattered to see your living room. A tip from you is to be careful when entering colors, don’t let the colors you mix don’t match and make them unsightly.

Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern

Mid-century style is a style that was popular in the 1940s. You can combine retro interior design with modern interior design in your living room. This gives a classic and modern impression on your living room. For those of you who like the retro style, you can also display your antique collection in your guest room. In addition, use warm colors on the walls of your living room.

Scandinavian Small Living Room

Scandinavian Small Living Room

Scandinavian has almost the same characteristics as a minimalist style that emphasizes beauty and functionality. Scandinavian style for your small living room is perfect because every aspect has a function. Your living room will look clean, simple and spacious. Use neutral colors like white, gray and beige. Also use natural light from outside and use simple furniture. This design is suitable for small living rooms because it gives the impression of a spacious and functional room. Do not forget the room will also look more beautiful and character.

Shabby Chic Design

Shabby Chic Design

The next design that we will discuss is Shabby chic that fits the feminine concept. Use simple and vintage decorations. Also use bright colors in the living room accent.
You can use wallpapers in your living room with floral patterns, patterns and so on. You can also use furniture with feminine accents. As a complement to your living room more beautiful, use ornamental plants. In addition to making your living room more beautiful, ornamental plants make your living room fresh.

Japanesse-Scandi Design


Combining Japanese and Scandinavian living room styles provides simplicity and high functionality. Japanesse-Scandi is a contemporary trend nowadays for small spaces, especially the living room. This design provides comfort and a pleasant impression. You can provide wood accents in the design of a living room like this. Japanesse-Scandi has the same main element; wood, so your living room looks natural and beautiful.

Similarly, several small living room designs that you can use to beautify your room. By using the right design, you can have your dream living room. Make your living room as comfortable and beautiful as possible. Do not let your living room be the most avoided place in your home. Hopefully this article is useful for you.


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