19 Types of Stoves to Adjust Your Needs in the Kitchen


Davidrayhomes.com – The kitchen is a must-have room in every house. By using a stove, the dweller can cook meals in the kitchen. This kitchen appliance has various types of fuel to produce heat. The stove uses wood, gas, coal, or electricity as the primary fuel. Besides, some people choose a certain stove that adjusts to their needs. Also, the design of the stove can bring a different style to a kitchen. Here, we have some types of the stove in the kitchen. Let’s get to the 19 Types of Stoves to Adjust Your Needs in the Kitchen!

  1. Electric Stove

The electric stove is a popular type of stove. It brings modernity into the kitchen. This kitchen appliance is safe and easy to use. Also, the electric stove is convenient. It uses electricity to produce heat.

Electric Stove

This stove is durable. It delivers precise temperature control. Moreover, the electric stove doesn’t make your kitchen as hot as a gas stove. Also, it is easy to clean an electric stove than a gas stove. Despite this, the electric stove needs constant electricity during your cooking time.

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  1. Induction Stove

The induction stove is made of a coil, like regular stoves. Also, it uses electricity, like the electric stove. Besides, the induction stove needs electromagnets to produce heat. This element is important to heat the stove quickly. Thus, the induction stove is safe for energy and cost-saving.

Induction Stove

Besides, the induction stove has a smooth top. It looks like an ordinary electric stove if you see it at a glance. The induction stove will be a nice option to get less burn hazard. Also, you can clean them easily by using a smooth cloth. It also has precise temperature control to fulfill your need.

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  1. Wood Burning Stove

It is a traditional stove that you may see in rural areas. As the name, a wood-burning stove requires wood as a fuel source. The naturally burning wood will produce heat in the pan. Besides, you need to stock the firewood in your kitchen. Also, you may need some papers to start the fire on firewood.

Wood Burning Stove

This stove is special. Some people use this stove to get more delicious food. Despite this, the smoke from burning wood can irritate your eyes, if the burn pot is not closed properly. Besides, the wood-burning stove will produce ashes. You need to take ashes from the stove. Also, it will leave an ashes mark in your kitchen.

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  1. Gas Stove

A gas stove is another popular stove. Most people use this stove to cook at home, in restaurants, or in street food stalls. The gas stove uses natural gas, syngas, or propane. It generates heat in the pan. Some stoves get a powerful flame to heat the cook quickly.

Gas Stove

Moreover, you can wait a few minutes before cooking. Due to their powerful flames, it is better to prepare the ingredients first. Then, you can start cooking after turning off the gas stove. Despite this, the gas stove will heat the air around it. Also, some gas stoves need a stabilizer to ensure the gas and connector are safe.

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  1. Pellet Stove

Pellet Stove is a traditional stove, like a wood-burning stove. It needs firewood or biomass pellets for the fuel source. The flame from this stove is consistent and controllable. It has a metal top as the burner. Some pellet stoves have pan support and some are none.

Pellet Stove

In the past era, people use a pellet stove to cook. Nowadays, a pellet stove is multifunctional, like becoming a fireplace or room heater. To heat this stove, you need firewood. Moreover, the pellet stove produces fewer ashes than the wood-burning stove. This stock will give significant heat for you to cook foods traditionally.

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  1. Portable Stove

A portable stove is a good choice for a traveler. Most people like to bring a portable stove for camping, backpacking, and picnicking. It will be useful for cooking or heating activity in a remote places. This stove has a small and simple design. It has 2-3 elements.

Portable Stove

There is a burner, a fuel tank, and a pan support. This versatile stove is a low-maintenance appliance. It has a self-sealing fuel canister. The stove connects to a refillable fuel bottle. You can use this stove if you want to cook on a mountain, on a beach, or in a forest.

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  1. Oil Stove

It is a traditional design stove. Like the wood-burning stove and pellet stove, the oil stove brings a classic nuance to the kitchen. It is also known as a primus stove. The oil stove requires oil as the fuel source. Also, it is a great combination of air and oil. Besides, this stove has a standard push button, so it is easy to use.

Oil Stove

Besides, the oil stove has higher heat retention than steel. It is because the oil stove is made of cast iron. Moreover, this stove can connect to a new oil tank without a pump. You can operate this stove easily. An oil stove is a durable appliance with efficiency for years to come.

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  1. Dual Fuel Stove

A dual Fuel Stove is a combination of a gas stovetop and an electric oven. That’s why this stove requires two fuel sources. The dual-fuel stove has two types of flames. The gas and electricity fuel sources will create a nice combination to cook meals.

Dual Fuel Stove

Furthermore, this stove is versatile because it has two cooking options. Moreover, the dual-fuel stove will add precision temperatures to the oven. The gas fuel on the cooktop will work properly in a power outage. When the electricity is off, you can cook by using the gas stove.

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  1. Freestanding Stove

A Freestanding stove is a versatile kitchen appliance. It is a popular choice for an interesting kitchen appliance. This stove can fit in any place as a cooker, room heater, or fireplace. Also, it can stand alone without cabinets or walls. Thus, you can install it without worrying to clutter the room.

Freestanding Stove

The freestanding stove has an oven and burners. It is easy to put in any place, like a narrow spot. This stove is easy to use. It looks like a pellet stove, but it is a removable object. Moreover, the freestanding stove is cheap and convenient.

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  1. Slide-In Stove

Slide-in stove has a slightly protruding top. This stove can be put between kitchen cabinets and other kitchen appliances. Also, the Slide-In stove can bring a seamless and built-in look. Most Slide-In stoves resemble ordinary electric stoves. Look at the design.

Slide-In Stove

This stove has a support on the countertop. It is useful to prevent foods to spill on it. Also, the Slide-In stove has a sleeker look that a freestanding stove. You can install this stove between the cabinet in your kitchen. Then, the kitchen knobs are in the front and make it looks stylish.

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  1. Electric Smooth Top Stove

A smooth-top stove is an electric stove. Like the name, it has a flat and smooth surface. The smooth-top stove can produce heat quickly. The coil element is a good conductor for this stove. Some people call it a glass-top stove because the coil is beneath the glass sheet.

Electric Smooth Top Stove

The electric smooth-top stove is a nice choice for a clean design. Also, it is less costly to install in your home. Since this stove uses electricity, you don’t need a gas line. The smooth top stove is easy to clean. With its sleek look, this stove will create a cool design.

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  1. Commercial Style

This is a commercial style. It is also known as Pro-style. The commercial-style stove has high BTU burners. It has built-in griddles. You will see the stunning elements, like big knobs and grates.

Commercial Style

Like a professional stove, it has an expanded size than the ordinary stove. Some designs offer more burners, so you can cook multiple menus on this stove. Also, every burner has high-heat flames. Thus, it will cook your food quicker.

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  1. Electric Coil Stove

A coil stove is a good heater. This stove is made of metal tubes. It will be a nice choice for cooking quicker than an ordinary electrical stove. This electrical coil stove has a spiral pattern. It will turn orange when the flames heat it.

Electric Coil Stove

It will stay cool, even though it produces powerful flames. This stove is a nice choice to conduct heat. Besides, the electrical coil stove is easy to clean. You can use a smooth cloth for cleaning the food spills. The smooth-top stove will be a nice appliance to complete your need.

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  1. Ranges

The range is a stove with an oven. This stove uses gas and electricity to produce flames. It is a useful appliance to install in a kitchen. This stove consists of many ovens in a line. So, you can use it to cook multiple menus.


It can be a nice option for a home bakery or a home with a big family. Range stoves will consume lots of space. So, you need a spacious room for a range stove. Despite this, range stove offers a great benefit to cooking food with 6-10 burners at the same time.

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  1. Downdraft Stove

A downdraft stove is a simple stove. It integrates the ventilation system on the top. This is a brilliant design to avoid an overheating stove. The Downdraft stove can capture smoke and grease particles. Also, it reduces odors on the countertop.

Downdraft Stove

This stove is useful to pull the fumes down the tube and vent. Like the electric stove, the Downdraft stove is easy to clean. Use a smooth cloth to wipe the surface. This stove is cheaper than other stoves. Despite this, the Downdraft stove requires a spacious kitchen.

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  1. Two Burner Stoves

It is a stove with two burners. This design can be any kind of stove. There is an electric and gas stove. The two burners are useful to cook with double pans at the same time. So, you can use the time to cook efficiently.

Two Burner Stoves

Besides, two burner stoves are easy to install in any kitchen. It has a medium size, so it fits a narrow kitchen as well. Two burner stoves are useful for a big family and a small family. You can choose this stove if you want to need an efficient design.

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  1. Four Burner Stoves

This is the next stove with four burners. The four-burner stoves are the twice version of 2 burner stoves. It is a popular stove to install in many houses. The four burners are efficient to save time and energy. Moreover, this stove has a different gas line.

Four Burner Stoves

The four-burner stoves will take up a lot of space. It needs a large space to create a better countertop. Besides, this stove has a durable element. Despite this, when one burner is broken, you can use another burner. So, you don’t need to buy a new stove.

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  1. Six Burner Stoves

Let’s see the next multiple burner stoves. These are the six-burner stoves. The six heaters are functional to cook more dishes than the previous one. This stove is large and big. So, it requires a larger space in your kitchen.

Six Burner Stoves

Moreover, you can use this stove to cook six different meals. Like the previous type, this stove is easy to clean, but it will take more time than an ordinary stove. Besides, this stove can be a heater after cooking, if you use all the burners. It will take time to be cool again. Despite this, you need to be careful when using this stove.

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  1. Stove with LED Display

It is a modern stove. The stove with an LED display will help you to monitor the heat. Look at the design. This stove has a sleek appearance. Also, it offers distinctive functions. For example, this stove can track your meals.

Stove with LED Display

The LED display will start to work when you cook the meals. Even, you can start to set the timer when you cook. You will know when your food is ready. This stove is a great choice for a modern kitchen. Despite this, the stove with LED display is expensive, but the feature is worthy it.

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Thus are the 19 Types of Stoves to Adjust Your Needs in the Kitchen . Every stove has pros and cons. You need to determine the features of the stove before installing it in your kitchen. It is a must-have to do, so you know what you need in the kitchen. Apart from that, you can also choose the various stoves that we have discussed according to your kitchen interior style. Hopefully, this article is helpful to find the best stove. good luck!


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