Five Characteristics of Industrial Design You Need to Know

2428 – Industrial design today is not something new. At first the use of industrial style was a function of the factory, old buildings and warehouses became a comfortable place to use. Making a former factory or old building requires adequate skills and creativity. But now the industrial style does not have to use a former factory or old building, you can decorate your home using the industrial style as you wish. You simply use the interior and tools needed to make it happen.

Characteristics of Industrial Design

To realize the industrial-style house that you want, you must know what are the characteristics that make the house can be called an industrial style or not. In the following we will discuss the characteristics of industiral style houses and how to apply them. Let us discuss.

Upcycle and Recycle Material

Upcycle and Recycle Material

The first feature we will discuss is the use of upcycle and recycle materials in industrial-style home interiors. You can use modified used items with new items so as to produce unique interior furniture. For example, you have a scrap metal or a used umbrella you can give it a new light bulb to make it a unique lamp. In addition to combining old and new goods, you can also use used items to make them suitable for use. For example, you create unique art from used items such as chairs, tables and other items.

Minimization of the Finishing Process

Minimization of the Finishing Process

The next characteristic of industrial-style houses is a minimal finishing process. For example, if you see an industrial-style house wall left the bricks visible because it is intentional. Unlike the other stylish houses that make their walls neat and paint them, the industrial style house walls are left as they are. This creates an impression that is worn, dull, left but still looks beautiful and elegant. Having a high work of art does not need to cost much effort and expense.

Identical to Monochrome

Identical to Monochrome

At a glance industrial style does not have many elements of color. Most of the interiors of industrial-style houses such as brick, iron and wood have a dark color tone. This makes the industrial home style has a monochrome color dominance. You can find a unique color dominance between brown, black and gray in this house.

Exposed Building

exposed industrial building

The next feature we discuss is that industrial-style houses have exposed buildings. What is meant by exposure is that parts of the building such as drains, power lines, ventilation and others appear as they are. This was raised to give the impression of a unique but aesthetic typical of an old factory or warehouse.

Unique Floor Elements

Industrial Floor Elements

The next feature you can find on a unique floor. If the industrial style does not use another white and clean like the house in general. You can use floors that look worn out like a cement or concrete floor. The floor gives a gloomy but beautiful atmosphere.

Thus some of the characteristics of industrial-style homes that you can apply to your home. You can use the tips above in accordance with the conditions of your home. Industrial-style home is indeed unique and much in demand today. If you are interested, it never hurts to try. Hopefully this article is useful.



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