7 Elegant Home Color Inspirations


Davidrayhomes.com – The exterior color of the house is very important, because the exterior is the look of your home that is first seen. The color of your house and what you reflect. If you want to create elegant exterior colors, you can follow some inspirational elegant home colors that you can try. Let us discuss.


The first color that we will discuss is white. This color, besides being neutral, also gives an elegant and modern impression to your home. With this color also makes your house look clean and beautiful. Use paint that has good quality and stain resistance to get the best results. You can also combine this color with other color accents such as gray or black.


Gray color suitable for use in your home. This color makes your home look elegant. This calm and neutral color, in addition to giving the impression of elegance in your home also gives a modern impression. You can combine gray with white so your home looks beautiful and modern.


Using blue makes the color of your house has more character. Blue is rarely used by many people as the exterior color of their homes because this color is not a basic color. But the use of blue on the exterior of your home can make your house look more modern and classy too. The right home design will also make your home more elegant.


Beige color gives the impression of a modern but natural color. This color is suitable for those of you who have a modern home but want to look natural and calm. This color is suitable for minimalist homes, luxury and traditional homes. By using this color, you have a house that looks different from other houses. Or you could say the color of your house has character. To add a natural impression to your home, you can add grass to your yard. You can also add some plant exterior decoration to your yard. More beautiful, right?


In addition to beige color, green also has its own character when applied to your home. You can use this color in your house entirely or in large part with other color combinations. You can use lighter colors as a combination for your green house. That way your house has a unique character and looks elegant.


The yellow color of the house is suitable for you who want to make your house look clean like using white, but it looks more cheerful. By using this color your home will look more pleasant and elegant. However, bright color characters like this need care to clean your house’s paint if it’s dirty. For that use paint with good quality and dirt resistant.

Light Blue

In addition to white and yellow, bright colors that we can use to make our homes look more elegant are light blue. This color looks calm and bright, but still elegant to use for any model home. You can use the method of caring for house paint for the yellow and white colors that have been mentioned. You should pay more attention to the cleanliness of house paint with bright colors. This is so that your house always looks clean and not dirty.


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