Inspiring Summer Patio Décor Ideas


Have a fun and open patio space and don’t know what to do with it? Don’t worry, because we’ve got your back! With these easy patio ideas, you’ll be able to make it a summer haven.

The patio outside your house is an extension of your home. Would you not want to make it functional, beautiful and memorable ne incorporating some cool patio décor ideas? Whether your patio happens to be an intimate section of your backyard or a multi-level space, it is definitely an area where you can flaunt your style and personality. Family, friends and neighbours alike, like to hang out on the patio when the sun is out and it’s a warm pleasant day. It is hence important to make that space more inviting and comfortable. With just a few simple tips, your patio will turn into a place which everyone would love to visit. Take into account these outdoor patio decorating ideas when planning to decorate the outdoor home space. To save a few dimes from your pocket, try and buy outdoor furniture online.

Vertical Gardens

Contrary to many popular beliefs, greenery doesn’t necessarily have to be beneath your feet. Look for modern planting solutions in a range of sizes and shape like interesting wall mounted planters and fill them up with fully blossomed beautiful flowers which will give a burst of colour to your otherwise dull patio. Bright coloured flowers and plants are a good way to make your guests feel welcomed and invited at your home.

Ambient Lighting

Multiple strings of twinkling lights can add a rather fun touch to your daily life especially if you’re having a family get together or celebration. Coloured twinkling lights can also add a starry effect to your patio if you’re having a party there or just trying to make a cosy space for your and your partner. In simple words, you can never go wrong with lights or any kind.

Add a Rug

Remember, if a décor item is suited for the indoors doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to stay there. There are multi-functional indoor-outdoor rug options in a variety of patterns, colours and sizes that will not only spruce up the décor of your patio but also help define the space like a dining area or a lounging area if your have a much larger patio. But the best part of it all is that, outdoor rugs are often made up of durable polypropylene which is a good choice for areas with a higher foot traffic. The rug can then be vacuumed or even hosed down when it comes to cleaning. Home decor accessories as such add a depth and personality to the space.

A Hint of Colour

It is easy to add bold hues to your patio by investing in weatherproof pillows to outdoor furnishings If it is possible, change your pillows occasionally to break the monotony. Get pillows which have bright colours and are light, those which give a richer feel during spring and summer and invest in deeper coloured cushion covers for when it is winter season and the weather changes with the temperature. You can also go in for furniture pieces like chaise lounges, stools and chairs which are available in bright colours.

Beverage Bar

During summer or spring season when the weather is comparatively fair and clear, you can have parties in the patio instead of being cooped up in the house on such a pleasant day. To entertain your guests, you will need a beverage bar of sorts which can hold your wine and whiskey glasses coupled with alcoholic beverages which you can have laid out on a roll away cart. This cart is very handy as it can be moved around on the patio, isn’t too chunky and is portable as well. The portable beverage bar can be placed at any corner of the patio and still be as functional and aesthetic. Now all you need is some people to come over and have an outdoor party.

Grilling Bonanza

Because you’re going to be spending much of your time outside during the summer season, why not take advantage of it and make a grilling station in your patio and throw some brunch or lunch parties. All you’ll need is a traditional or electronic grill, seating arrangement (preferably not fixated and too heavy) and people to party with. Your patio can be the ‘it’ place for hanging out and having some fun summer get togethers.

So what are you waiting for? Get on with transforming your patio now!


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