Must-Have Security Features for Your Home


When it comes to the safety of your loved ones and protecting your property, you can’t be too careful. Taking preventive measures such as investing in home security features can significantly reduce the risk to your family’s safety. There are many security measures on the market, and sometimes the choice can be overwhelming.

Read on for the lowdown on all the must-have security features for your home this year.

Alarm System

Alarm systems identify issues inside your home and communicate them to you in real-time. There are many variations on the market. All systems make a warning noise to alert everyone in the house. There are alarm systems that also alert the emergency services or a pre-agreed contact. Some alarm systems send custom notifications depending on the package that you have. You can have smoke alarms, security alarms or window and door alarms.

Video Surveillance

If you would like to have eyes in your home even when you aren’t there to monitor things, video surveillance could be an option. Whether you would like to watch over a pet or your children’s movements or perhaps you are out of the house a lot, and you would like a piece of mind, a camera system can help keep you informed. Most surveillance systems these days offer a streaming function meaning you can watch live from any smart device.

Smart Locks

These are somewhat similar to surveillance cameras in they allow you a level of control whilst you are away. You decide who can access your home. It also does away with the need to keep track of keys which can be helpful if you often lose or misplace yours. Instead of keys, there many options that you can upgrade to, such as a keypad, biometrics or simply your smartphone, all of which can be accessed remotely as smart locks. This feature is ideal for those with a bigger family who always have someone coming and going.

Remote Access

Do you get feelings of paranoia over whether you’ve locked the door or not? Do you often lose your keys after you’ve put the alarm on? A remote access system would enable you to arm or disarm an alarm and lock and unlock your door remotely. This type of home system allows authorized people to enter your home securely without you having to actually be there. You can retain control over your home wherever you are.

Electric Gates

These help to prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to your property. Most electric gates use an automated motor that requires power to operate, meaning that the gate remains securely in place in the event of a power failure.

Some gates have a warning device on them, meaning that a siren or light will go off if someone attempts to tamper with the gate. Security gates can be an important part of your home safety.

With remote access and gate intercoms, you can control all operating functions without being physically present. The installation of an electric gate isn’t nearly as costly or time-consuming as it used to be. Enlist the services of businesses like Texas Gate Repair, and rest easy knowing your home is safe and secure.

Lighting Control

With the right technology, you can set your lights to be triggered by certain events. For instance, exterior lights can be triggered by movement and activity to act as a deterrent. Or you can set your lights, both interior and exterior, onto a schedule to turn on at regular intervals during the day and night. Most people do this when they are planning to be away from their home for a vacation or a trip to give the illusion that it is still inhabited. You can programme lights to turn on in conjunction with other systems in the house; for example, if your fire alarm goes off, you can programme the lights to turn on and show a path to the nearest exit.

Motion Detectors

These can be fitted externally or internally. They react to motion and body heat, and they can trigger an alarm system or bright lights, making them a practical security feature against intruders. However, depending on the sensitivity, they can be set off by pets or even smaller things such as bugs.

Home Automation

If you want to integrate the different elements of your security system, home automation will allow you to do this. You can connect lights, locks, alarms, security gates, and video surveillance to one platform. It streamlines your security system and gives you total control from anywhere as long as you have internet access.

In Conclusion

A home security system has many benefits besides simply keeping your family and your property safe and secure. With the right system, you can have a piece of mind and be safe in the knowledge that you can check on your home and monitor what is going on from anywhere. A sound security system can be a stress reliever and allow you more mental capacity to deal with other issues in your everyday life.


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