Tropical Rattan And Wicker Bedroom Style For Relaxed Living


The bedroom is a place for us to relax and rest. And we need an atmosphere that makes us comfortable and quiet to be able to relax and rest. The atmosphere can be created by making the room decor in accordance with our wishes, either add a certain accent, change the layout or add furniture.

Tropical Interior Design Style

One style in the interior design is tropical style. Whether we actually live in a seaside paradise or just wish we did, we can pretend the tropics are just a step away by the way we decorate our home.

The tropical lifestyle is all about relaxed living, comfort, ease, and hospitality. Life is breezy, people are laid-back and friendly, and stress doesn’t seem to exist.

The feeling of living in the islands, a feeling which tropical style evokes. It makes you want to pull up a hammock, lie in the shade of a palm tree, and listen to the strains of a ukulele over the rhythmic ocean waves

Tropical interior design can involve the use of natural materials, such as wicker, rattan, bamboo and teak. Then again, many Hollywood Regency-style rooms filled with glossy furnishings go tropical with the help of fabrics featuring palm leaves, lattice prints and cane motifs.

Light and breezy spaces can be achieved with white or sea blue walls and linen curtains, while more ornate rooms may showcase silky drapes, luxurious pillows and potted palms in elegant planters.

To get the atmosphere The bright and windy room can be achieved by giving the walls white, blue sea, beige, yellow, green or bright colors. In addition to coloring your walls, you can also make your walls with wood or wood wallpaper. Things to add also to add a tropical atmosphere in your bedroom that is a plastic tree plant inside your bedroom. With the right arrangement and amount, the plastic tree plant will bring more tropical atmosphere.

Rattan And Wicker Furniture

In this case we will discuss the furniture and layout for your bedroom that will create a tropical atmosphere in your home by using furniture materials from rattan and wicker, which is the material, is one of the materials often used to create an atmosphere in your bedroom, both bedside accent table, armchair, accent cabinet, Headboard, Drawer Dresser, Mirror, Nightstand Drawer, etc

Why Using Rattan And Wicker Furniture

Why use furniture material rattan and wicker? Because basically rattan will give the impression and create a natural atmosphere in your bedroom. And bright colors will give the impression of tropical in your bedroom as well. Moreover in general, rattan is often used as outdoor furniture, so that in your heart and your mind and your eyes will arise suggestion that if you use material made from rattan and wicker will bring us to the outdoor atmosphere even though we are in indoor. And every sense you will bring to the enjoyment and comfort of being on the edge of the beach or river close to the trees and windy.

Material rattan and wicker is a very strong material that is resistant to various weather outside and flexible so easy to be formed in accordance with our wishes. Therefore the material rattan and wicker is often used for outdoor. With the advantages are very good again if used for indoor, because the absence of extreme weather then the furniture will be able to last longer. In addition, the advantages of using rattan and wicker material is a light weight and size is not as thick as using materials made of wood, so it will add to the atmosphere of the bedroom to feel simple and lightweight.

Tropical interior design with rattan and wicker furniture can be applied to your bedroom. We think you’ll agree when you see the images below:

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Image result for rattan bedroom furniture

Image result for rattan bedroom furniture

Image result for rattan bedroom furniture for tropical interior design

Image result for rattan bedroom furniture for tropical interior design

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Image result for rattan bedroom furniture for tropical interior design


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