19 Kitchen Window Designs and Their Functions


Davidrayhomes.com – A window is an optional element in a house and building. This element becomes a secondary need to get healthy air circulation even though some windows are fixed and you can’t open them. Some people install a window in every room, such as a kitchen. This cooking place is getting smoky or smelly after cooking. Then, it needs fresh air through the open window. Here, are window designs for the kitchen. Read on the 19 Kitchen Window Designs and Their Functions below!

  1. Wooden Double-Wing Windows

The first design is a wooden double-wing window. This idea uses a wood frame as an ordinary window. You can design this window near the sink and kitchen bar. It is useful to have some windows along the countertop. Also, some fixed windows will add various designs to this kitchen.

Wooden Double-Wing Windows

This window has double wings. So, you can open it by swinging the wings outwards. It is interesting to install a window curtain or blind if you have an east-facing window. Also, this window needs regular cleaning to remove all water sparks or specks of dirt from kitchen activities.

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  1. End Vent Sliding Windows

It is a simple kitchen window. An end vent sliding window is stunning for a small area. You can open the window by sliding the glass screen in one direction. Look at this idea. This horizontal space looks stunning with the small sliding window. Also, it won’t open too large as it gets a small horizontal shape.

End Vent Sliding Windows

Moreover, this kitchen window isn’t decluttering the interior. It still has space for a kitchen cabinet above it. The cabinet also has a horizontal shape that fits the narrow space. Then, look at this kitchen interior. It is neat with light color and additional sunlight from the kitchen window.

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  1. Casement Windows for Kitchen

A casement window has more than one hinge. It usually has one or two wings in one frame. This kitchen window is another ordinary design. You can open this window by pushing the wings outside. This idea has four single windows for the kitchen.

Casement Windows for Kitchen

The vertical window is simple. It won’t declutter the kitchen wall design. Every window is useful for every area. There are windows for a sink, countertop, plant, and decoration. You can open all windows at one time or just open a certain window.

  1. Rustic Single-Hung Window for Kitchen

Rustic is a popular design for home interiors and exteriors. You will find wood elements when using a Rustic interior. This is a Rustic window for the kitchen. It uses a single-hung design as use can see in its Rustic design. This kitchen window looks classic with a dark trellis on it.

Rustic Single-Hung Window for Kitchen

You can open this Rustic classic window by sliding it vertically. The lower wing will slide up and get fresh air circulation for a sink. This kitchen window is suitable for a classic window interior. Moreover, the glass screen of this kitchen is optional. You can choose whether it is textural and blurry or clear as a common screen.

  1. Awning Window with Three Hinges

This window kitchen is interesting. You can open this window by swinging it outwards from the bottom. The hinges are on top of the window. Thus, you will see it like a little canopy in front of your kitchen. This window will improve the fresh air in your kitchen.

Awning Window with Three Hinges

Some people use this window to get a large view from the window. Also, you get weather protection by opening this window. This window will also add a little privacy as it opens wide outwards. Look at this kitchen. The white countertop reflects bright sunlight that makes the interior more alive.

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  1. Two Pairs of Swing Windows for the Greenhouse Kitchen

It is an interesting kitchen. This room looks like a little greenhouse. There are two pairs of swing windows. The windows are large and dominate the kitchen walls. It looks stunning with black frames and dark glass.

Two Pairs of Swing Windows for the Greenhouse Kitchen

Then, look up to the ceiling. This kitchen gets a skylight with the same design. The dark glass and frames are stunning to invite sunlight. Thus, this room is useful to thrive on some herbs or kitchen plants. You can show off the kitchen interior by installing this window design.

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  1. Fixed Casement Windows along the Backsplash

Let’s see this decorative window. You can’t open the fixed window because the main function is decoration. Besides, this window can dominate the kitchen wall. It is a beneficial element to install in a small kitchen. This kitchen window can be the kitchen backsplash as well.

Fixed Casement Windows along the Backsplash

Besides, ensure that it gets a nice view outside. Maybe your kitchen is facing the beautiful backyard, then this kitchen window can be a nice choice. Moreover, it is better to install an additional window for ventilation. Also, you can choose to add some ventilation holes on the wall or window.

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  1. A Gorgeous Folded Window

The folding window is a classic design. It looks like a design of folding doors. The folding windows are stunning for a large kitchen. This design has a white folding window along the kitchen countertop. It folds up on one side and looks like a group of window frames.

A Gorgeous Folded Window

This design is suitable for a large kitchen. You can open one folding window to improve the fresh air. Besides, this folding window fits this kitchen interior. The white color is perfect to reflect sunlight. You can custom this window that fits your kitchen length. Despite that, it may look a bit cluttered in a narrow kitchen and block the sunlight in its folding side.

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  1. A Pair of Simple Windows with Arch

This is a simple and classic window design for the kitchen. The single window is a common design for any room as well. This window kitchen emerges the classic impression of its design. As a decorative element, this window is quite attractive. It has an arch line on the top frame.

A Pair of Simple Windows with Arch

The arch brings out the classic accent. Also, this kitchen window has a large frame for every glass screen. It is more stunning to paint this window as a kitchen wall. Then, you can decorate it with flowers or herbs near the window. As a kitchen window, it is helpful to remove smell and reduce heat when opening this window.

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  1. Single Wing Window with Blinds

A single-wing window is another common design. This window is part of a single wing. Both are white and have the same design. This window design is stunning for a minimalist kitchen. Also, you can paint the window frame with the same color as its wall.

Single Wing Window with Blinds

Besides, this kitchen window has a blind. It is useful to protect the kitchen from exposure to sunlight. You can install blinds with various thicknesses. It is stunning to match the blind with window frames. The warm brown color is beautiful for these white windows.

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  1. Kitchen Window with Cafe Shutters

The kitchen window is one of the attractive accents in this room. Thus, you need to choose the right design. Maybe you will love this window design. It is a window with a cafe shutter on the bottom. The cafe shutter can be larger as you want to custom.

Kitchen Window with Cafe Shutters

This cafe shutter is useful to control lighting from outside. It creates a bit of privacy for you. Moreover, it adds more space for window features. Some people use this cafe shutter for bay windows. You can install this element to complete your kitchen window as well.

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  1. Jalousie Windows for Kitchen

Jalousie window looks like a cafe shutter design. This window design has a different shutter position. The shutter is downward and you can lift it by the controller. This window design is popular for an old house. Also, it is an alternative to installing a window with a bit of privacy and ventilation.

Jalousie Windows for Kitchen

You can open the shutter lightly to open it wide. This window will allow the air circulation to change slowly. It is suitable for a kitchen with good ventilation. Then, this window is an additional ventilation. Besides, the jalousie window is also functional for the bathroom and bedroom.

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  1. Bay Windows as A Greenhouse

A bay window shape will remind you of a fairytale castle. This window is quite popular with a seating area. As a kitchen window, this bay window is functional as a greenhouse. It improves sunlight through its glass screen. Also, this place gets enough sunlight to grow plants.

Bay Windows as A Greenhouse

You can thrive on some herbs in this bay window. Also, you will have an extra space to put some stuff. It will increase the opening area for your kitchen white cooking meals. Besides that, this is extending outside, and may need to redesign your kitchen or add another element to create a bay.

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  1. Bifold Windows for A Large View

A bifold window is another design of a folding window. This design connects your kitchen with exterior spaces. You can open both Bifold windows to the left and right. It will open wide the window and offer a large view. Also, you can open one Bifold window if you want to get adequate air circulation for the sink.

Bifold Windows for A Large View

Furthermore, this kitchen window is stunning for a house with a nice view from this cooking room. The bifold kitchen window will provide a large view and the folding frames won’t declutter it. Moreover, you can put a green plant near this window. Also, it looks more stunning if you paint these window frames in white.

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  1. Sliding Windows With A Skylight

This kitchen has two designs of windows. The sliding window is simple to brighten the sink area. It is a horizontal window with transparent glass. This design is simple and provides a space for a kitchen cabinet. It improves brightness without narrowing the space with the window frame.

Sliding Windows With A Skylight

As an alternative to more windows, this kitchen has a skylight. It is quite long and brightens almost all kitchen areas. This skylight is helpful to reduce dark spaces that have no windows. This skylight is useful to grow some indoor plants. Despite that, this skylight should be thick and can’t damage the kitchen appliances during exposure to sunlight.

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  1. A Permanent Glass Screen with Corner Windows

It is a permanent glass window for the kitchen. This glass is quite large to provide an outdoor view. Also, there are corner windows that look stunning. It brings fresh air when you open it. This window has an L design that exposes almost all kitchen sides.

A Permanent Glass Screen with Corner Windows

Look at the window frame. It uses wood materials with shiny wooden paints. You can match the frame with the kitchen wall as well. This kitchen has a homey design with white tiles and a wood cabinet. It looks warm with wood materials that dominate this room.

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  1. Multiple Vertical Windows

Some room designers make an interesting kitchen window with multiple windows. It is a nice way to fill the wall with an eye-catching accent. Look at this kitchen. There are multiple vertical windows with the same design and color. These windows look stunning and replace the wall.

Multiple Vertical Windows

Thus, you can open a certain window if you want to. Every window has two wings. So, it will get a wider view and more air into the room. Moreover, this kitchen has some pendant lights. There is also a nice interior design with black and white colors.

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  1. Large Glass Screen for A Fixed Window

It is a fixed kitchen window. This window has a large view from the cooking room. Look at this idea. The glass window is a live-view that replaces the kitchen wall or backsplash. It improves brightness in this room throughout the day. Otherwise, it provides a dark view at night.

Large Glass Screen for A Fixed Window

Besides, there are some lights on the ceiling that spot this window. It may help you to see through the darkness outside. You can install this window if you prefer a fixed window to the functional one. If you have this window, you may need another window, decorating a larger room, or installing kitchen ventilation, especially when you cook lots of smelly foods.

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  1. A Large Window as An Alternative Kitchen Wall

It is another fixed window for the kitchen. This design is stunning because it has a nice view. The large window takes up all spaces on the wall. Thus, it is an alternative for kitchen wall design as well. The black frame is the only accent on this window. You can see everything in the outside through this large window.

A Large Window as An Alternative Kitchen Wall

Furthermore, this kitchen has a stunning interior. There are black and white accents in this room. This room is quite large and clean. There are some green plants on the countertop. It is better to put indoor plants that can absorb the smell.

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Thus are 19 Kitchen Window Designs and Their Functions. Some windows have different functions. For example, there is a cafe shutter window that provides privacy and brightness. Also, there is a fixed window that can’t help with air circulation. You can choose a kitchen window that fits your need. Hopefully, this post will inspire you to find the best one!


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