10 Best Storage Solutions for Small Kitchens


As the world is getting bigger, the spaces are getting smaller. For most average residents, getting a spacious kitchen is a far fetched dream. The proportion of affordability and the size of the kitchen often work in reverse. But, with a smart interior design solutions provider, you can find simple hacks to make the most of the space you get. With extra space, you can pick the amazing choices available in the best furniture stores online.

Smaller furniture would help in the space looking bigger

Try skimping on the fancy breakfast table. If you downsize the furniture, then you can store a lot more things in the kitchen. One of the easiest tricks you can try is using a straight up table against the wall. If you go for a full moon or a full round table instead of a half moon, then you will end up wasting a lot more space than usual.

Add a smaller nesting table too

When you explore best furniture stores online, you will come across nesting tables of various sizes. Adding a smaller nesting table to the cabinets will help you organize your storage space even more. They get easily pulled out and can be folded when you are cooking an elaborate meal. Most interior designs solutions providers have a host of nesting tables available as options.

Add shelves to countertops

For most people who have opted for countertops, that entire space goes for a waste. This space is especially valuable in kitchens which are extremely small sized. You can simply go for small shelves under the countertops. This will help you keep little spices and coffees kept right in your reach. You can check out the different online furniture marketplaces to get an ideal countertop with the right shelf.

Double up the purpose of your windows for storage

If you want to add a little more funkiness to your kitchen, then you can choose your windows. You can hang pots and pans right in front of your window panes and use that space completely. When it comes to a small kitchen, every space should be used with utmost precision. Doubling up the windows for ventilation and storage is surely one of the most unconventional storage solutions for small kitchens.

Use a magnetic rack for knives

One of the smartest storage ways is to squeeze in your cutlery and put it on the walls. You can install a magnetic knife strip, which can either be running horizontally or even vertically. So, you do not really require a huge wall space to install a rack. You can dedicate the different corners for knives, spoons, and forks. This way all your cutlery will be sorted.

Go for toe kick drawers

Toekick drawers are one of the most revolutionary products offered by interior design solutions providers. Whatever space you find, you can add toekick drawers there. Irrespective of how big or small space is, a fitting toe kick drawer will have a lot of space. You can use them for pantry items, a stack of pans or even simple linens. It is also an ideal way to transform small spaces which are lying unused in your kitchen.

Add a pantry between the studs

Your kitchen shelves and doors have studs. If you do not have enough space in the kitchen, then you can simply add small jars which are magnetic to these studs. They will stick through in the spaces below. These spaces can be used to store condiments, dry snacks or even sugar, tea and coffee. It looks very fancy also and it adds to the convenience as well.

Do not waste the inside of the doors

One of the most underrated spaces in a kitchen is the shelf doors. Right from pantry doors to cabinet doors, the inside space should be used. So you can store hanging cups or even bulletin boards to make the most of the space.

Use the space between the fridge and the wall

To keep space clean and tidy, people end up skipping the space between walls and a fridge. But for kitchens that have small storage, this particular space can be used smartly. You can use it to store a simple vegetable rack or even a rack that has cutlery.

Utilize the space between cabinets and the supporting walls

Much like the fridge, you can also use the space between supporting walls and cabinets too. There is quite a lot of space between walls and cabinets. You can make hooks and hang spoons and ladles here. Similarly, you can also put hooks to hang napkins or towels as well. This will help in utilizing the space to the maximum.

With all these simple hacks, you will feel that you have ample space and enough opportunities for storage.


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