Are you one of those campers who like travelling to far-flung areas, away from any amenities, and staying in a natural setting for a few days? While you can get by without most of your creature comforts, the shower is necessary for maintaining personal cleanliness. Therefore, unless you are camping near a freshwater stream where you can conveniently bathe, it is recommended that you bring a portable shower tent with you on your trip. But, before we get into the specifics of what you should think about when purchasing a shower tent, it’s vital first to define what a shower tent is. Simply put, it’s a portable bathroom that you can take with you everywhere you go while travelling. The many aspects to consider while purchasing a portable shower tent online are outlined below.

1. Material

The construction and design of a shower tent are the most significant factors to consider when purchasing one. To get the most out of your shower tent, you must choose the proper style when shopping online from companies like Joolca based on your demands. Given that your camping shower tents will be used outside, where they will be exposed to the weather, the material you choose has a significant impact on their performance, longevity, and even the level of seclusion they provide. Therefore, the most excellent option is to choose high-quality, long-lasting materials that can withstand constant outdoor use. Water-repellent fabrics also aid in keeping water out of the tent.

2. Size And Set Up

Shower tents for camping come in a variety of sizes. Choose a shower tent that is the right height for you, so you don’t have to crouch while using it. Shower tents that are large enough for two people to use simultaneously are also available, either in one compartment or in separate compartments.

In addition, the ideal shower tent should be simple to set up, install, and remove. As a result, before purchasing a tent, please find out how simple it is to set up and takedown. Shower tents that pop up and fold down quickly.

  • Storage

Its size and weight determine your shower tent’s storage capacity. Your demands and plans will determine whether you need one with a vast storage capacity or one with a smaller capacity. If you are travelling alone, a smaller one should enough; however, if you are travelling with others, larger ones should be chosen so that you do not have to go around looking for water every day.

Another factor to consider when deciding on storage is the nature of your trip and the weather in the location where you’ll be camping. For example, if you’re going to arid, scorching places where water is scarce, the shower tents with the most storage capacity are the way to go.

A suitable shower tent is determined by your travel needs as well as your budget. Because you cannot risk a broken or malfunctioning shower tent while camping, you must always put quality over cheap. Material, size and setup, and storage are some of the most crucial elements to keep in mind when purchasing a shower tent online from sites such as Joolca and many others.


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