Beautiful Balcony Inspiration in a Minimalist Home

2004 – The balcony becomes an important place for homes that have more than one floor. The balcony can replace the terrace to relax, gather and enjoy time with friends and family. Because of its unique and important function, having a comfortable and beautiful balcony would be everyone’s dream. Here we present some balcony inspiration that you can try to apply in your home.

Simple and Convenient

A simple and comfortable balcony makes the time you spend with your loved ones more comfortable. If you have a small family, you can just put a few chairs to use. You can also use a table to put things. You can also arrange it like in the picture. You can enjoy breakfast or dinner with your loved ones while enjoying the view of the hustle and bustle of the city from your balcony.

Warm with Lights

If you don’t want to decorate your balcony with a variety of furniture, you can easily make your balcony more beautiful by adding lights. By adding lights like the picture above and also the right lighting arrangements make your balcony more soothing, comfortable and warm. This balcony is suitable for those of you who want to enjoy your rest time while enjoying the atmosphere outside of your balcony. Just add a chair to relax and you’ve got a beautiful and comfortable balcony.

Relax and Enjoy

Besides adding lights to relax at night. You can also relax and make yourself comfortable on a balcony like this in the morning or evening. This balcony with a soft sofa and pillows is very comfortable for those of you who want to relax alone or together. Don’t forget to always clean the balcony like this. You can use plants for your balcony decoration, you can have a beautiful and green balcony.

Gather Together

Comfortable and beautiful balconies are a favorite area to gather if you have a minimalist home with a small living room. Use a circular layout to gather more exciting. Also use the table to put goods or food. You can enjoy time with your family or friends comfortably and pleasantly. With a balcony like this you can use it in the morning, evening and night.

Beautiful with Flowers

If you like gardening and caring for plants, you can use your balcony to plant and care for flowers and other plants. The advantage of using a balcony like this is the location of the balcony above makes it easier for plants to get sun exposure. In addition, the balcony is decorated with flowers to make the time you enjoy in your balcony more comfortable and fresh. You can gather and enjoy time with your family comfortably because of the air produced by fresh plants. Flowers also make the scenery more beautiful and attractive.

Modern Minimalist

You can also make your balcony a modern and minimalist balcony. No need a lot of furniture and a lot of decoration on your balcony. You can make it happen by using the main furniture sofa and carpet. That way you can get a minimalist and modern look. The elegant impression of the balcony like this makes your balcony become potogenic and unique.

Bohemian Style

The bohemian balcony design is very unique because a balcony like this is very expressive and also reflects the owner’s love for art. You can put anything on your balcony according to your taste. You can add string light so that the atmosphere becomes warmer. If you don’t want to use a table, you can use a carpet. The limit of the variety of furniture on your balcony is only your imagination and creativity.

Comfortable and Soothing

You can make your balcony comfortable and soothing for you personally. A small balcony that cannot be used by many people does not mean you cannot use your balcony. You can use a swing hanging chair like in the picture and also additional pillows to make it more comfortable. You can enjoy the morning and evening you enjoy the sunrise or sunset with a glass of coffee. You can relax and enjoy your time just for you with a balcony like this.

So that some balcony designs that you can try to apply to your home. If you have a balcony both small and large you should use it. You certainly do not want to leave space that should be useful, right? Hopefully this article is useful.


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