The 5 Best Contemporary Elevator Designs for Luxury Homes


The demand for elevators in high-end homes has escalated in the last few decades. People love to embellish their luxury homes with distinctive and appealing things, and lately, lifts or elevators have gained high popularity amongst the elite.

Besides serving the purpose of aesthetics and utility, elevators are becoming a symbol of style and extravagance. A glance at these top five contemporary elevator designs to enhance the lavishness of your exclusive homes.

Round Glass Lift

Beautify your homes with this signature-style elevator design that has an aesthetic appeal and statement of class. As the name suggests, these lifts have round glass with curved doors that makes them more appealing. It is best suited for the placement between curved stairways.

Square Full Glass Lift

You can embellish your luxury homes with a fully laminated square full glass lift that comes with a glass ceiling, glass floor, and glass doors. It would be a great choice for those who prefer making a style statement. As per S&D Lifts “service lifts can be installed in a variety of environments”.  There are various options when it comes to selecting the type of glass for the Square full glass lift. You may choose from colored glass, textured glass, or low-iron glass based on the interiors of your home.

Birdcage or Wrought Iron Lift

The elite class people who have fixed on vintage style living would love the Birdcage style elevators. They are also known as wrought iron elevators on account of their vintage appeal and design. The design of the Birdcage lift resembles the vintage legacy designs that were introduced in the early 20th century.

You would get the feel of antique elements like open lattice-work, domelike shape of elevator ceiling, and steel frame. Beautifying your homes with this lift would take you back to the era where the usage of lifts or elevators was limited to the commercial industry. The design of this elevator is bound to leave your guests amazed.

Antique Lifts

If you fall into the category of those elites who have an interest in both traditional and modern designs, then consider decorating your homes with antique lift designs. These elevators have the look and feel of both – the modern world and the vintage world.

The design would resemble something vintage, but it would be loaded with modern-day safety features. You can have the best of both worlds with the help of modern technology. One of the best things about antique lifts is that these elevators can take you back and forth in time with a mixture of modern and traditional design and add a hint of elegance to your luxury homes.

Custom Design Lifts

Some people prefer revamping the entire homes on their own, including the design of the lifts. With the advent of modern technological inventions, it is now possible to custom design lifts for your homes.

You can sync the design of the lifts with your luxury home interiors. It not only adds style to your homes but also becomes a signature statement of your elite residence. Embellishing your homes with a custom design lift has become quite a trend amongst the elites of the 21st century.


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