Where Do You Put a Magnetic Key Holder?


The magnetic key holder is one of the most convenient tools for the most frequent key looking people. This is one of the most convenient ways to hide or organize your spare key both in the car and home. you won’t have to worry about locking yourself out or getting late for the office when you forget your car keys at home.

So, you’ll have a sigh of relief with this handy tool. But then the question arises where do you put a magnetic key holder? Obviously, you will need a safe and secure place to put it so that no one else finds it. Rest assured no one will ever think about checking it there, so your spare key will be safe and sound.

What is a magnetic Key holder?

We have all been there where we couldn’t find our precious key after hours of searching even though it right in front of us. The spare key seems to hide itself. Key holder can save you from that hour of work. So let’s talk about what this magnetic key holder is and how it works.

A magnetic key holder is an object that holds your key. You keep it near your door to neatly keep your keys. Or you can use it to put away any spear key for need. It has a magnetic field. So you can attach it with any metal and iron object.

Best Place to Put a magnetic key holder?

Now you might think that keeping a spare key outside of your car can be dangerous. Someone might find it and steal your car. Or if you keep a spare house key outside of your house can increase the chances of your robbery. But if you put it in a magnetic key holder and stash it somewhere safe then the case is different altogether.

Let’s assume, my house is on the 15th floor of my apartment and the car is always parked down at the garage. So I tend to remember that I forgot the car keys once I am near the car. Keeping a spare key attached to the inside of the bumper helped me on those occasions.

With that said, where should you put that magnetic key holder? What will be the safest option? Let’s find out.


1.Behind the front side of the license plate

This is one of my favorite spots to put the key holder. When I first bought it I used to keep it there and for a long time, I kept it there.

The front license plate is a strong magnetic field and the place you are putting the key holder is hidden perfectly. A normal key holder should remain attached to it depending on the size of your bumper and license plate holder’s depth.

But in case you are looking for something vigorous, you will find a license plate spare key conceal container on the market. You need to first attach the hidden container with your vehicle and then attach the rare license plate to the hidden container.

Obviously, you shouldn’t put your main key there. Just the spare one. Using an enclosed container is not a safe option but at least you can drive your car if you forget the main key at home or somewhere else.

2. Inside of the bumper

This is another good hiding spot. I am currently using this spot. If you have a bumper that is made out of metal then this is definitely a good option to hide your magnetic key holder.

Many new cars don’t have a metal bumper but if you are a person like me who drives one of these old car models then you can give it a go.

3. Inside the Glass Cap

Many people may think that it is a good idea to hide the magnetic key holder inside the glass cap. And to keep it securely attached you have to use duct tape.

The place is easily accessible. If someone tries to rob your car he would find the key there in no time. So if you ask me then I will say that I would rather get locked out of the car than to use this spot as my secret key holding spot.


4. Tire Wall

But nowadays cars are mostly made out of plastic and you will rarely find any metal on the wall of the tire to put your magnetic key holder.

I remember seeing my father use this spot as his go-to spare key hiding place. But let me tell you after buying the new car he was not pleased when it didn’t have any metal spot at the tire wall. He raved about it for days.

So if you find a chunk of metal there then you can stick it but otherwise, this spot is not for you.

Final Words

There are many other places where you can place it. You can make a flat key and keep it in your wallet or you can give your keys to someone trusted for safekeeping. But if you ask me where do you put a magnetic key holder then I would recommend you the above-mentioned options.

Just to be safe here is a pro tip. Switch the place every now and then. Keeping the key holder at the same place can be risky sometimes. So do that. And you will rip the benefit like many others.


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